Classes I'm Taking [Spring 2004]

  • Italian 102 - Elementary Italian (4 credits)
  • Anthropology 107 - Introduction to Archaeology (3 credits)
  • American Studies 117 - Introduction to American Studies (3 credits)
  • Sociology 113 - Critical Problems in Modern Society (3 credits)
  • Sages 113 - Visions of Landscape (3 credits) This course will examine the characteristics which identify the concept of "place," better known as "landscape" in the history of Western and East Asian cultures. It will emphasize the recognition of basic East Asian modes of pictorial and literary expression both to challenge traditionally held western points of view and as a vehicle to stimulate students' engagement in grasping new modes of visual and cognitive perception. Using readings, slide lectures, discussion, and weekly visits to the Cleveland Museum of Art galleries, it will introduce the various ways in which artists have sought to comprehend and then portray the world around him/her. This seminar seeks to introduce students to non-western appearances and cultural values, challenging them to evaluate their own traditions and beliefs using primarily the faculty of looking closely. This is typically an undeveloped, challenging, and exciting experience, especially when the student has easy access to actual paintings. They can better analyze for themselves "what is there" in relation to what has been written about it using their own experience, and emerging analytical skill.
Author Comments: 

I'm not an artist, but I am creative and I have not been feeling that here, so I'm really excited about my SAGES class. I've spent some time at the Cleveland Museum of Art since I got here, and I was actually impressed with it. It's not the Smithsonian I'm so spoiled by, of course, but I was there for 3 hours my first visit and didn't see nearly everything. The course is taught by the former curator of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Also, oceanography... I already have credit for both biology and chemistry from Advanced Placement exams, so I don't even have to take a science. I kind of felt like I should, though, so I decided to go for one that sounded fun.

[EDIT: 01/05 - dropped Oceanography and added Sociology a week before classes begin. My Italian teacher lets us out of class late, and there's no way I'll be able to get to the oceanography class on the other side of campus in 5 minutes. Not a big loss, I suspect.]

Sociology can either be fascinating or boring, depending on the teacher and material covered. I'm hoping for the former!

This sounds like a very intriguing semester.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Intriguing, eh? Well, I can think of many worse adjectives, so I guess that's alright.
I would feel much more comfortable with my transfer applications if I was taking a science class, but I'm pretty happy with my schedule. Hopefully I still will be after classes start!