Classes I Took - College [Fall 2007 Semester]

  1. LGST 205. Law of Marketing and Antitrust (Thanks to a hilariously eccentric professor, this should probably be more interesting than it sounds.)
  2. OPIM 290. Decision Processes (Basically economics plus psychology.)
  3. MKTG 235. Advertising Management (This class will probably be really cool.)
  4. CINE 223. Postwar Japanese Film and Art (Focused on Kurosawa, Ozu, and Mizoguchi, but with some contemporary directors towards the end of the semester.)
  5. CINE 062. Film and Video II (A class where I'll actually be out and about, making movies. No, I never took Film and Video I, but hopefully I won't be too far behind.)

In case you were wondering, the films we are watching in my Japanese film class are:

1. Rashomon
2. The Life of Oharu
3. Ugetsu
4. Late Spring
5. Tokyo Story
6. Stray Dog
7. Ikiru
8. The Seven Samurai
9. Tampopo
10. Princess Mononoke
11. Fireworks

I have already seen six of them (Rashomon, Ugetsu, Tokyo Story, Ikiru, The Seven Samurai, and Princess Mononoke).