Cities I´ve Visited (thanks Buber)

  • Canada
  • Vancouver, BC - 25 Years
  • BC - Queen Charlotte Islands (Massett, Skidegate, Port Clements), Harrison Hot Springs, Cultus Lake, Prince Rupert, Prince George, Barkerville, and many many other places we've stopped while camping.
  • Alberta - Edmonton (loads of times), Red Deer (a few times), Jasper (a few), Calgary (2 or 3 times)
  • Yukon - Whitehorse (one week)
  • USA
  • Alaska - Juneau
  • Washington State - Bellingham, Seattle
  • Oregon - Portland, various other small places while driving through
  • California - San Francisco, Anaheim, Solvang, many other places while driving through
  • Nevada - Las Vegas (twice)
  • New York - New York City
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Vallarta (2 weeks)
  • Tihuana (briefly)
  • Europe
  • Holland - Apeldoorn (twice), Deventer, Amsterdam (twice)
  • France - Lille, Nice, Paris
  • England - London (3 times), Manchester (where I'm currently living), Rugby (loads of times), Stratford upon Avon, Leeds, York, Windemere (Lake District), Edale (Peak District), Disley (in Greater Manchester)
  • Spain - Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona
  • Italy - Riomaggiore/Manarola/Vernazza/Corniglia/Monterosso al Mare, Bologna, Florence (twice), Pisa (twice), Rome (twice), Naples (twice), Brindisi, Venice
  • Greece - Corfu, Kefalonia (Sept 2004 for 7 days)
  • Austria - Vienna, Salzburg
  • Germany - Munich (twice, once for Oktoberfest) Nuremberg, Köln
  • Hungary - Budapest (5 days)
  • Ireland - Dublin (3 days)
  • Next up: probably back to Vancouver!!!

Paris is a magical city. Wonderful and many brilliant things to visit/see (while I'm not so sure about the Eiffel tower). Gonna be there (again) in november.

So far I've seen the train station. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn't stay in Paris. However, I have a friend who lives there now, and since I'm living a short plane-ride away for another year, I will make it there before Christmas at least. Enjoy your revisit!

Thanks, ditto for you! :-)

I hope that, this time, I'll get a chance to visit the Louvre, without having to wait hours and hours.

I advice you to be careful with wallets and bags in the Metro (and Metro stations).

Thanks for the warning. I've been extra careful ever since being robbed in Alicante.

I live near Rugby, but I'm up in Manchester most weekends, moatly Oldham and Bolton, where I'm rennovating a couple of houses.
From your list I've been to Nice, Rome (twice), Venice (three times), and Munich, plus Leeds, London, Stratford upon Avon and Rugby in the UK.
I'm going to Corfu in October.

Yesterday I was in Newton Heath and Oldham, and I stayed overnight (Friday) in Hull.

Interesting - my boyfriend's parents live in Rugby, and that's where he spent his teenage years, so we go down there fairly frequently for a visit. I actually lived there for a month and a half when I first moved to England, before moving up to South Manchester.

I really hope you enjoy Corfu! I've never been to the eastern islands in Greece, but the Ionian islands are beautiful.

Greece is fabulous. We went there on our honeymoon. we spent 3 days in Athens and did a 7 day cruise. On our cruise, we went to Santarini, Mikonos, Crete, Rhodes, Patmos, and Kusadasi. It was fabulous. Each island had its own character. Mikonos is a party island and is beautiful with all blue and white buildings. Crete had the old section with lots of history. Rhodes has the medeval city and then the ancient Greek city. Patmos is where the cave of the apostle is and the house of the virgin mary. Kusadasi, which is in Turkey, is home to Ephasus....some of the most incredible Greek ruins anywhere.

Sounds like you had quite a different Greek experience from mine. I understand the Ionian Islands are quite different, though in general I just love that each island (Ionian or otherwise) has its own character. Kefalonia was stunning, and very laid back. No party island, that one.