Chinese Zodiac Archetypes

  1. RAT
  2. The Chinese astrological cycle begins with the year of the Rat; consequently those born within this category like to be first, pioneers, at the forefront of the action. Because of this, they tend to see themselves as a cut above the others. Restless and inquisitive, they are are active, both physically and mentally, tending to lead busy lives. Challenge is essential to them for they love the thrill of living dangerously. With clairvoyance, intuition, perspicacity and an eye for detail, they are formidable problem solvers, finding workable solutions to the knottiest problems. Traveling is one of their favorite pastimes.

  3. [Metal] Born under the influence of the element Metal, this type of Rat is likely to be idealistic in thought, vivid in speech and actions and intensely emotional. He may cover up the intensity of his feelings by presenting himself as a happy and charming person, even though he is easily moved to jealousy, anger and selfishness.

  4. [Water] Under the influence of the element Water, this type of Rat is likely to be concerned with mental exercise and the intricacies of thought and the thinking process His insight is excellent and he relates well to people of all levels due to his accommodating and understanding nature. He is respected and able to promote his talents, although he is conservative and traditional, preferring to swim with the tide, rather than fight it.

  5. [Wood] Under the influence of the element Wood, he is a progressive, success oriented, amicable type of person, trying to explore everything and finding a good use for almost everything he comes across. He has a very good understanding of how the system works and he can make it work for himself. He has principles and knows what he wants, but can be flexible in order to achieve his goals.

  6. [Fire] Under the influence of the element Fire, he is chivalrous and dynamic, loving to get involved in all sorts of activities. He never tires of embarking on new campaigns of justice and better deals. He loves travel, fashionable clothes and is open, energetic and idealistic. However, he lacks a sense of diplomacy and may be too blunt for his own good.

  7. [Earth] Under the influence of the element Earth, he finds happiness and contentment in order, discipline and security. He matures early and strives to develop his positive traits and be recognized for his talents. He cares a good deal for his reputation but is warm and protective toward those he loves.

  8. OX
  9. The Ox works hard, patiently, and methodically, with original intelligence and reflective thought. These people enjoy helping others. Behind this tenacious, laboring, and self-sacrificing exterior lies an active mind. While their balance and strength inspire confidence, Oxen can seem rigid, obstinate, and slow. They impress others as leaders, fearing neither responsibility nor risk. However, sometimes they must labor long hours to accomplish little.

  10. [Metal] He is the type of person who will have strong clashes of will with people, even his superiors, who do not agree with his views. He expresses himself clearly, intensely and resolutely. He may not be affectionate, but has a strong sense of responsibility and can be relied upon to keep his word. He is tough and arrogant, with remarkable stamina.

  11. [Water] He is more realistic than idealistic. Patient, practical and ambitious, he possesses a shrewd mind and a keen sense of values. He makes his mark by working well with others and can steer his own course without difficulty, provided he does not get too rigid, or demand too much of others. Calm, patient, determined and methodical, he can concentrate on more than one thing and and simply wear out and wait out the opposition.

  12. [Wood] He is ethical and admired for his integrity, fairness and impartiality. He understands and operates well within a fixed social system. He has strong drives and will exploit his potentials to the utmost. He understands the importance of coexistence, is capable of teamwork and is likely to be corporate-minded.

  13. [Fire] He is drawn to power and importance, is materialistic and may have a superiority complex, tending to eliminate persons or things he considers useless or inappropriate without first assessing their true worth. He tends to overestimate his abilities and may exhibit little patience or consideration for the feelings of others.

  14. [Earth] He is enduring and faithful to his duties. He knows his limitations and realizes his imperfections early in life. He is practical, industrious and will shine in any career he chooses as he is prepared to pay the price demanded of success. He looks for security and stability and favors practical and worthy endeavors.

  15. TIGER
  16. The Tiger, the living symbol of strength and power, generally inspires fear and respect. Tigers' compelling dynamism, intense activity, independence and curiosity about others make them irresistible, persons of multiple charms; Tigers attract followers and admirers. The Tiger is courageous, active and self-assured, and makes an excellent leader and protector. However liberal-minded Tigers may be, they are passionate, rash, and resist the authority of others. Although they are selfish in the little things, they are capable of great generosity, even of altruism, in the larger. Tigers are men and women of action, thrust by destiny into the spotlight.

  17. [Metal] He is active, aggressive and passionate. While he may or may not be artistic, he will make sure he projects a glamorous image and noticeable personality. Self-centered and ostentatious, he is competitive and untiring when motivated appropriately. he is easily stirred by both good and bad influences and will act independently as he hates having his freedom curtailed.

  18. [Water] He is open-minded and inclined toward new ideas and experiences. He has a gift for seeing things objectively, is humane and an excellent judge of the truth, capable of relating to how others feel.

  19. [Wood] He is tolerant, democratic in his views and understands the importance of enlisting the cooperation of others in his advancement.His is affable and charming, but his loyalty is primarily to himself and he lacks self-discipline.

  20. [Fire] He finds it hard to contain his boundless energy and enthusiasm. He is always ready for action and movement. His energy gives him a dramatic theaticality as he does nothing by half-measures. He is independent, unconventional and thoroughly optimistic.

  21. [Earth] He is quiet and responsible, mature and sensible in outlook. He does not jump to hasty conclusions and upholds equality and justice and the search for truth. He is generally clear-headed and reasonable and rarely allows his emotions to cloud his vision.

  22. RABBIT
  23. The Rabbit is quick, clever and ambitious, but seldom finishes what he starts. He epitomizes gentleness, refinement and elegance. He prefers situations that are perfectly favorable according to his specific desires and will bypass all obstacles and persons he does not find suitable. As a result, he is rarely angry, hostile or aggressive.

  24. [Metal] Under the influence of the metal element will be sturdier physically and mentally than others of his sign. He has an unshakable faith in his own powers of observation and deduction and is usually convinced that he has all the answers to his problems. He assumes responsibility well and displays a good deal of initiative in his work. He is ambitious, but this will be carefully concealed through unemotional logic and intellect. He is a connoisseur, knowing how to live well, savoring the good things in life in a refined way. While frequently indifferent to the opinions of others, he is moved emotionally and physically by art, music and other forms of beauty.

  25. [Water] Under the influence of the element of Water, he is meditative and empathetic, with a fragile and emotional nature, unable to bear harassment or other unpleasantness. He possesses an excellent memory and may have the ability to transmit his ideas to others on an unconscious, mental level. He tends to be subjective and his perceptions are easily distorted by emotional issues. This makes him indecisive and prone to fall in with the dictates of others.

  26. [Wood] Under the influence of the Wood element, he will likely be generous and understanding, sometimes more than is good for him, tempting others to take advantage of him. He works well in large groups or companies where his diplomacy enables him to achieve success. His innate desire for group belonging may make him overly bureaucratic and indecisive.

  27. [Fire] Under the influence of the Fire element, he is demonstrative, fun loving and affectionate and has more strength of character than others of his sign. Easy and natural, people respond well to him and his ideas because he expresses himself well. Despite his outgoing nature, he abhors direct confrontation, preferring to use subtle means to achieve his goals.

  28. [Earth] Under the influence of the Earth element, he is serious and steadfast and has definite patterns of thought and well calculated moves. He is balanced and rational in personality, winning favor in the eyes of superiors. He tends to be introverted and materialistic, with personal well-being as a primary concern. He tends to be indifferent to the needs of others if they are not in line with his plans. Fortunately, he also possesses the humility of acknowledge and attempt to overcome his shortcomings.