• Great idea from jblack. Name them before they name you.
  • 1. Sailor Ripley-- Nicolas Cage, "Wild at Heart" jblack takes back the list
  • 2. Lemmy Caution-- Eddie Constantine, "Alphaville" dgeiser got close enough to impress me
  • 3. Marty DeBergi-- Rob Reiner, "This is Spinal Tap" dgeiser
  • 4. Rupert Pupkin-- Robert De Niro, King of Comedy" jblack
  • 5. Randy "Pink" Floyd-- Jason London, "Dazed and Confused" dgeiser
  • 6. Amber Waves -Julianne Moore, "Boogie Nights" sk
  • 7. Charlie Meadows-- John Goodman, "Barton Fink" Dave Mog
  • 8. Ned Nederlander -- Martin Short "The Three Amigos" sk
  • 9. Dorothy Michaels-- Dustin Hoffman, "Tootsie" oUwilmo
  • 10. Walter Sobchak-- John Goodman, "The Big Liebowski" oUwilmo
  • 11. Max Fischer-- Jason Schwartzman, "Rushmore" dgeiser
  • 12. JT Lancer-- To Berringer, "The Big Chill" sk
  • 13. Alabama (Whitman) Worley-- Patricia Arquette, "True Romance" dgeiiser takes over
  • 14. Jacob Singer--Tim Robbins, "Jacob's Ladder" dgeiser
  • 15. Jonathan Mardukas-- Charles Grodin, "Midnight Run" jblack et. all. Very impressive everyone
  • 16. Derek Smalls-- Harry Shearer, "This Is Spinal Tap" dgeiser
  • 17. Dave Bowman-- Keir Dullea, "2001/2010" dgeiser
  • 18. Stacy Hamilton-- Jennifer Jason Leigh, "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" good work jgandcag
  • 19. Benjamin Willard-- Martin Sheen, "Apocalypse Now" jgandcag
  • 20. Gordie LaChance-- Will Wheaton/Richard Dreyfuss, "Stand By Me" oUwilmo
  • 21. Edgar Frog -- Corey Felman, "The Lost Boys" timepiec
  • 22. Joel Goodson-- Tom Cruise, "Risky Business" oUwilmo picks up the pieces
  • 23. Frank Booth-- Dennis Hopper, "Blue Velvet" jblack
  • 24. Shelley Levene-- Jack Lemmon, "Glengary GlenRoss" jgandcag
  • 25. Marge Gunderson-- Frances McDormand, "Fargo" dgeiser w/ a little help
  • 26. Maxmillian Cohen
  • 27. Dr. Peter Venkman-- Bill Murray, "Ghosbusters" sk
  • 28. Max Schrek (three correct answers and films)--1. Willem Defoe, Shadow of the Vampire" buddy AND Christopher Walken in "Batman Returns" alsox4life
  • 29. Claire Quilty (two answers, two movies)-- the immortal Peter Sellers, "Lolita" dgeiser is a fountain of movie knowledge
  • 30. (The) Jesus Quintana-- John Turturro, "The Big Liebowski" seberg
  • 31. Cousin Avi-- Dennis Farina "Snatch" AAA
  • 32. Cousin Dell
  • 33. Agador -- Hank Aazari, "The Birdcage" bitterms
  • 34. Wooderson-- Matthew McCaunoghey(?), "Dazed and Confused jblack
  • 35. Chloe*
  • 36. Tangina*
  • 37. JJ Hunsecker - Burt Lancaster in "Sweet Smell of Success" alsox4life
  • 38. Atticus Finch -- Gregory Peck, "To Kill a Mockingbird" oUwilmo
  • 39. Joel Cairo-- Peter Lorre, but not from Casablanca
  • 40. Gen. Jack D. Ripper -- Sterling Hayden, "Dr. Strangelove" jblack
  • 41. Brian Slade -- Jonathan Rhys Meyers, "Velevet Goldmine" taryn
  • 42. Tyler Durden-- Brad Pitt/Edward Norton in "Fight Club" DaveMog
  • 43. Benjamin Braddock -- Dustin Hoffman, The Graduate jblack
  • 44. Don Birnam-- Ray Milland, "Lost Weekend" very impressive jgandcag
  • 45. Johnny Boy Cervello - Robert DeNiro in "Mean Streets"
  • 46. Bess McNeil -- Emily Watson, "Breaking the Waves nice one taryn
  • 47. Otto West
  • 48. Selma Yeskova-- Bjork, "Dancer in the Dark" AAA
  • 49. Danny Pope
  • 50. Raoul Duke -- Johnny Depp, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" oUwilmo
  • 51. Ned Racine - William Hurt in "Body Heat" alsox4life
  • 52. Cher Horowitz-- Alicia Silverstone, "Clueless" buddy
  • 53. Fad King
  • 54. 00 Spool
  • 55. Little Dutchy
  • 56. The Brother
  • 57. Mr. Pink -- Steve Buscemi, Resevoir Dogs oUwilmo
  • 58. Dignan -- Owen Wilson, "Bottle Rocket" oUwilmo
  • 59. Mary, Barry, Terri, Cheri, Cary, Jerry (six characters, one movie)
  • 60. Alias
  • *61. Marcello Clerici
  • 62. "Commander" Shears
  • 63. Corky St. Clair-- Christopher Guest, "Waiting for Guffman" AAA
  • 64. Enid Coleslaw
  • 65. Earl Copen
  • 66. Radio Rahim-- Bill Nunn, "Do the Right Thing" jgandcag
  • 67. Mr. Clean
  • 68. Sister Clodagh
  • 69. Delia Deitz - Catherine O'Hara in "Beetlejuice" alsox4life
  • 70. Franklin Hardesty (you don't need the actor's name, just the movie)
  • 71. Bunny Breckenridge-- Bill Murray, "Ed Wood" jgandcag
Author Comments: 

A couple movies are repeated, but with the current epidemic of Hollywood retreads, who will even notice. Since I just recently posted this list I'll hold off giving partial credit, but I promise to be more liberal if they don't get answered.

* If anyone gets these, I'll write them into my next script

On 04/03/01 at 4:51 PM, taryn wrote:
i have two:
#42 - Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Velvet Goldmine
#46 - Emily Watson in Breaking the Waves [ reply to taryn ]

6. Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights
12. Tom Berringer in The Big chill
27. Bill MUrray in Ghostbuster I & II

I can't remember the actors names for either of these, would have to check IMDB, but not sure if that's fair.
17. 2001/2010?
26. Pi?

Is 25 from Fargo?

#38 is Willem Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampire (for one of the answers)
#31 is from Snatch

Is 30. John Tuturro in Big Lebowski?

My Character Game is being abused. I love it!! Here we go bro'.
1. Nic Cage from Wild At Heart
4. Bobby DeNiro from the awseome King Og Comedy
15. Charles Grodin from Midnight Run
23. Dennis Hopper from Blue Velvet
34. Matt McCaunoghey from Dazed and Confused.
Let me know if you want actors and movies for answers so I can steal about half of these other ones people have already guessed at.

1. Sailor Ripley - Nicolas Cage in Wild At Heart
2. Lemmy Caution - ? in Alphaville
3. Marty DeBergi - Rob Reiner in This Is Spinal Tap
4. Rupert Pupkin - Robert DeNiro in The King of Comedy
5. Randy Floyd - Jason London in Dazed and Confused
6. Amber Waves - Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights
11. Max Fischer - Jason Schwartzman in Rushmore
13. Alabama Worley - Patricia Arquette in True Romance
14. Jacob Singer - Tim Robbins in Jacob's Ladder
16. Derek Smalls - Harry Shearer in This Is Spinal Tap
17. Dave Bowman - Keir Dullea in 2001: A Space Odyssey
25. Marge Gunderson - Frances McDorman in Fargo
27. Peter Venkman - Dan Ackroyd in Ghostbusters
29. Claire Quilty - Peter Sellers in Lolita
34. Wooderson - Matthew McCaughney in Dazed and Confused

Ok...#9Dustin Hoffman-Tootsie
#10John Goodman-Big Lebowski
#20Will Wheaton/Richard Dreyfuss-stand By Me
#22Tom Cruise-Risky Business

7 I think is John Goodman in "Barton Fink"
15 Charles Grodin in "Midnight Run"
42 Brad Pitt/Edward Norton in "Fight Club"

#52 is Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

i have two:
#42 - Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Velvet Goldmine
#46 - Emily Watson in Breaking the Waves

Woohoo! I know the movie & the actor!
33. Hank Azaria - The Birdcage

#38 Gregory Peck-to kill a mockinbird
#50 johnny depp-fear and loathing in las vegas
#57 steve buscemi-resevoir dogs
#58 owen c. wilson-bottle rocket

#40 is Sterling Hayden from dr. Strangelove
#43 is Dustin Hoffman from The Graduate

8. Martin Short..3 Amigos
60. Bob Dylan...Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid.

8. Ned Nederlander - Martin Short in The Three Amigos
19. Benjamin Willard - ? in Ben and Willard :-)
37. JJ Hunsecker - Paul Newman in The Hudsucker Proxy
38. Atticus Finch - Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird
43. Benjamin Braddock - Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate
50. Raoul Duke - Bill Murray in Where The Buffalo Roam
57. Mr. Pink - Steve Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs
58. Dignan - Owen Wilson in Bottle Rocket

Dude, isn't my guess at 37 correct?

Don't know how I missed this one first time.
39. Peter Lorre....The Maltese Falcon

41 = Jonathan Rhyss-Meyers from "Velvet Goldmine", so popular among my friends it's been nicknamed VG
43= Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate"
57 = Steve Buscemi in "Reservoir Dogs"
58 = Owen Wilson in "Bottle Rockets"
and BTW, finally posted your correct guess in my lyric quiz. I love Belle and Sebastian!

31. Dennis Farina - Snatch
48. Bjork - Dancer in the Dark
63. Christopher Guest - Waiting for Guffman

#21 - Corey Feldman, The Lost Boys

#69 is Catherine O'Hara in Beetlejuice.

18. Is Jennifer Jason Leigh from Fast Times
19. is Captain Benjamin Willard Martin Sheen Apocalypse Now
24. Is Jack Lemmon in Glengary GlenRoss
32. I think is From To Kill a Mockingbird but I have no idea who played him
39. Is Peter Lorre from Casablanca
44. Ray Milland Lost Weekend
51. Robert Duvall in True Grit???
66. is Bill Nunn in Do the Right Thing
71. Bill Murray in Ed Wood

I think I know some more but I think I will let the names float in my head for a while

28 is also Christopher Walken in Batman Returns
37 is Burt Lancaster in Sweet Smell of Success
45 is Robert DeNiro in Mean Streets
51 is William Hurt in Body Heat
69 is Catherine O'Hara in Beetlejuice