Celebrities Sighted Since Moving to LA

  • Sissy Spacek (4 Apr 2006) - Spoken to at work (Bed Bath & Beyond) - she was buying a garbage can.
  • Andrew Keegan (11 Apr 2006) - Spoken to at work - he was buying a KitchenAid blender. Not 100% sure it was him.
  • Ricki Lake (13 May 2006) - Spoken to at work - She was buying many items (apparently she shops at our store often) and I was the cashier. She was really nice and was helping me bag her stuff. Also she was way shorter and skinnier than I would have expected.
  • David Hasselhoff (7 Jul 2006) - Spotted at BB&B. He was wearing a cast on one arm.
  • Frank Stallone (8 Aug 2006) - Spoken to at BB&B - I helped him purchase a Cuisinart food processor and talked to him about juicers.