Celebrities I've Met

  • Billy Corgan - Met him briefly before the Zwan concert he thanked us for coming and hoped we enjoyed the show.
  • Lloyd Kaufman(twice) - The first time it was at a comic book convention, he stared at my boobs and told me to watch out for my friends because they were trouble. The second time was at a public screening of Tromeo and Juliet, he remembered my friends and I by name and jokingly said "crap you guys keep following me but sure is nice to see you."
  • Sid Haig -I gave him a candy bar he said thank you
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Lloyd Kaufmann IS C-R-A-Z-Y. I spoke extensively about him and his company with a former employee. The man is a raving lunatic.

As a fan of the man who's read both of his books and met him in person -- twice -- the above statement is so true that it smarts. Even Lloyd will tell you that he's a maniac most days. I'd like to think that the unflattering caricature he wrote himself in "Terror Firmer" (an egomaniacal blind bastard who can barely pee in the right place, let alone competently direct a movie) is, among other things, an excrement-smeared homage to "Stardust Memories". Or at least "Deconstructing Harry". (Considering the thematic material present in "Terror Firmer", I suppose a proper alternate title would be "Deconstructing Hairy". [ducks])

He is an odd little man, the weirdest thing is he kind of reminded me of my dad. A complete lunatic who is lovable and highly intelligent though he may not always show it.

I would love to meet the guy, i finished reading make your own damn movie 5 days ago, and even if it breaks the record for most footnotes in a book, its absolutely hilarious, informative and entretaining, i'm buying the other book too.

Yeah he is.

Cool you met Billy Corgan; I didn't meet him but saw him & snapped his pic @ the VH-1 Fashion Awards once. You have inadvertently linked to my website in your "comments" section on this list... but if you follow that link, then go to "concert list" you'll find a link to the VH-1 picture page with the pic I mean. ;)

The thing about Billy Corgan that shocked me is that he is so tall.