Cd's bought in 2006.

  • 1. Johnny Cash: The complete sun recordings: B+
  • 2. The Strokes: First impressions of earth: A
  • 3. Chill Out Venezuela vol. 1: B
  • 4. Los Amigos Invisibles: Super pop Venezuela: B
  • 5. Andrew Bird: The Mysterious production of eggs: A-
  • 6. Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall: B+
  • 7. Andrew Bird's Bowl of fire: Oh The Grandeur: A
  • 8. Quasi: Hot Shit: B
  • 9. The Capitol Years: Jewelry Store. A+ (This rocks so hard)
  • 10. Cake: Comfort Eagle: B (I think this one is a grower)
  • 11. Repe: Grandes verdades de Repe: B
  • 12. Pastora: La Vida Moderna: B+
  • 13. Simon Diaz: Remixes: A+. ( A perfect marriage between electronica and Venezuela's greatest folk singer)
  • 14. Artic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I Am Not: A. (Best debut ever?)
  • 15. The Capitol Years: Let them drink: B+
  • 16. Los Paranoias: AAAH! ESTOS SON LOS PARANOIAS!: B+ (The Beatles are alive and well, and living in Venezuela)
  • 17. Tomates Frtitos: Molly: A. (Revised rating: gave it a second, a third, and some more listens, and now i can't enough of this cd).
  • 18. Prince: 3121: B+ (the begining of the album stinks of 80's, but is listenable, then Satisfied kicks it into high gear, the last 6 songs are great).
  • 19. El Bicho: II: A- (Flamenco fusion rocks)
  • 20. Chuck Norris: 11 Cuentos: B.
  • 21. Johnny Cash: American V: A hundred Highways: B.
  • 22. Outkast: Idlewild: A- .
  • 23. Billy Se fue: Nada es suficiente: B.
  • 24. Fito Paez: El mundo cabe en una canciĆ³n: B-.
  • 25. Johnny Cash: Live at Folsom Prison: A+.
  • 26. Nellie Mckey: Pretty Little Head: A.

Have you had a chance to listen to your recommended album yet?

Yes i did, i thought it was good but not great, but probably because i had really high expectations, i have to give it another listen.

Please comment to that page with your opinion. Thanks!

gald to hear your opinon of Artic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I Am Not, and i'd probably say yes, best debut ever.