Brunettes will tear us apart again: a nine-song "cold wave" starter kit

  • "She's lost control" Joy Division (UK)
  • "Alice" Sisters of Mercy (UK)
  • "Bela Lugosi's dead" Bauhaus (Germany)
  • "Being boiled (slow version)" The Human League (UK)
  • "Requiem" Killing Joke (UK)
  • "Cars" Gary Numan (UK)
  • "Fade to Grey" Visage (UK)
  • "Lena" Twee Belgen (Belgium)
  • "Ein jahr es geht voran" Fehlfarben (Germany)
  • "Cheree" Suicide (USA)
Author Comments: 

Ushered in by the widespread use of synthesizers and drum machines combined with the social content and rage of punk rock, and a forerunner of the goth movement, cold wave hit its peak from 78 to 81 in UK and continental Europe (mostly Germany) then softly disintegrated into the more consumer-friendly world of "FM new wave".