Brunettes undressed : seven dark-haired adult magazines models worthy of mention

  1. Kitana Baker the 2003 Playboy Model of the year has since appeared in various skits in WWE and of course is a catfight girl for a famous beer brand
  2. Masuimi Max this exotic beauty with an incredible talent for uncovering flesh and breathing fire at the same time can only go on to bigger and better things in her young career
  3. Bettie Page she quite simply pioneered the art of pin-up fifty years ago and introduced the dominatrix look to an unsuspecting world
  4. Angel Boris this former small-breasted Playmate known to dye her hair reddish colours has provided the steamiest sex scene of Beverly Hills 90210
  5. Carmella de Cesare the 2003 Playmate of the year has been showing off her curves in public lately as a WWE DivaSearch finalist
  6. Aria Giovanni this gorgeous former Penthouse Pet boasts a massive online following but has yet to succesfully leave her mark on mainstream parts of show-business
  7. Lisa Boyle successfully turned nude modeling fame into a mainstream flow of movie appearances including small parts in Bad Boys and Face/0ff

Thank you for providing pic links elsewhere, but if any list needs image links, it's this one :-)

yes, but it wouldn't be very family-friendly... let's keep Listology a safe site for all ages and you can do your own researches about these seven beautiful women

fair enough.

Did you see Masuimi Max on Fear Factor?

Nope, for the good reason that I don't have access to american TV but I guess it must have been very nice... what kind of stupid Fear factor stunt did she have to do ?

Ah, Masumi Max...How I love thee and the forever wonderful Bettie Paige.

Thank you for sharing that :)