Books/Graphic Novels That Were Adapted WRONG[a slightly humourous review]

  • 5.Hellboy
  • Actually, I'm not very mad at this one, in particular. I am a Hellboy fan[I wear a BRPD backpack and own 4-6 volumes], but I guess that makes my hatred stronger. But, the first one was.... good, stupid fun. It was a film where you ate a ridiculous amount of popcorn, and felt bad about yourself afterwards, but thought "Y'know, that was totally worth it. But the PURE RETARDED sequel was........................ well, pure retarded. You came out of that just feeling bad about yourself. OK, Guillermo Del Toro, you have failed me. Remember, buddy, stick to THE COMIC. THAT WAS WRITTEN BY [much smarter than hollywood writers] GRAPHIC NOVEL WRITERS. at least the first[awesome] one was [loosely] based on Volume 1. God......
  • 4. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • In a sad attempt at turning this series of dark comedies into the "big family event of the holiday season", Nickelodeon casted Jim Carrey [for every good role, he ruins something else] as Count Olaf, completely screwed it up chronologically[end of the first book is.... after the end of the third book?], the attempt at multi-costume-screwball-typical-Jim-Carrey formula, and.....[worst of all, considering the series' own, questionable, bleak ending] the taped-on "nothing bad here!" happy ending. The sad bit is, as hard as it tries to be bad[and it is if you compare to the book], it's quite good.
  • 3. X-Men
  • I can already hear gasps, but this franchise [right of opinion] SSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!The first one had good art direction, interesting ideas and some alright action, but was sorta "meh". The second was... everything that the first was, but.... well, to quote Multiplicity, "Every copy is a little less bright than the other" Then 3..... I'll let the nerds take this one.
  • 2. Charlotte's Web
  • Yet again, Nickelodeon epic-failed trying to make a family-friendly, light-hearted comedy out of a family-friendly, light-hearted something else. First it was black comedy turned Jim Carrey vehicle Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, then upbeat drama to CGI talking animal comedy a'la Babe having been beaten with a stick for several hours. I truly hate Nickelodeon Studios, for ruining one of my favorite series [Events] then one of my childhood memories[Charlotte's Web] Please note the stereotypical[i believe it was, but then again I found Madagascar 2 incredibly offensive] spider.
  • 1. Coraline
  • I am a little uninformed on this one, because I haven't seen it yet, but my view from the ads is.... well, this is an extreme case of good movie/unfaithful to the book syndrome. Neil Gaiman's book is dark, gloomy and read-it-in-an-hour short. I say the film should follow suit. How to make this faithful: Switch it from G to 14A. Make it slightly less than typical mainstream running time. Give a Burton-esque makeover. Oh wait, they already did that. GET RID OF THE PASTEL COLOURS. Honestly, brightness could kill this if they don't do it right. Give it a rat poison-coating of dread and surrealism to it. And then, you could have possibly made one of the greatest films ever.
Author Comments: 

Yes, I do have an odd fascination with children's movies. Oh, and if Watchmen turns out like these, I am going to FREAK OUT.

This is the trailer Gaimen liked (according to his blog). I think it better conveys the feel of the movie.

I saw it, and I've got to say, they did it pretty well. They did lighten it up a bit(as I guessed), but less than I expected. I was also right about it being GREAT..... But it was too long.

And they actually did all the things they said! Only problem is all the additions to the book... But it was excellent. [a new favorite of mine]

Nice, glad you liked it! I thought it was terrific as well.