• (in no particular that allowed?)
  • -a prayer for owen meany JOHN IRVING
  • -paddy clarke ha ha ha RODDY DOYLE
  • -written on the body JEANNETTE WINTERSON
  • -london fields MARTIN AMIS
  • -the handmaid's tale MARGARET ATWOOD
  • -the neverending story MICHAEL ENDE
  • -the phantom tollbooth NORTON JUSTER
  • -jane eyre CHARLOTTE BRONTE
  • -pride and prejudice JANE AUSTEN
  • -naked DAVID SEDARIS
  • -an unquiet mind KAY REDFIELD JAMISON
  • -the shining STEVEN KING
  • -borderliners PETER HOEG
  • -smilla's sense of snow PETER HOEG
  • -boy ROALD DAHL
  • -the witches ROALD DAHL
  • -the fountainhead AYN RAND (?)
  • -she's come undone WALLY LAMB
Author Comments: 

the reason i wanted to include TPT is that it's written by a teacher who works at my school (hampshire college, amherst MASS) not to mention the fact that it's great.
also, a small aside about's much better than the movie! if only for the fact that what was covered in the movie was only about 100 pages of the book and there are about 250 pages more to the story, catch my drift???

By "TNE" I assume you mean "TNS". I'm glad you have the good taste to include two of Stephen King's best. But Ayn Rand was a pseudo-philosopher and her cult is undeserved.

I agree about teh good taste in Stephen King, but The Stand was amazing, as were several of his others.

And can anyone say "The Dark Tower" series? Simply fantastic :)

didn't read either of those...but i'm not really that into steven king....i've only read 3: IT, the shining, and thinner....but i guess you would recommend the stand and "the dark tower" series? are you a diehard fan?

I don't know about "diehard" fan, but I am a great appreciater (is that a word?) of his work, most notably those two pieces.

It was great, The Shining I actually didn't like that much, and Thinner was an interesting idea.

I agree with what ender22d has said below about the dark tower, for the most part. The characters are richly drawn without being over the top. It's one of those stories that lets you put yourself in the mindset to believe in heroes and right versus wrong and all the things that don't work in today's society.

And the guy shoots really well =P

another Dark Tower fan myself: most compelling setting, most intreguing characters, and of course the "Second Coming" Yeatsian feel of it. Also the literary allusions.

that's too bad about her undeserved cult...BTW, i'm not a member...but i wonder, when is a cult "deserved?" i'm sure (if you read this) you'll have something to say...hmmm.
i just had a lot of fun reading the fountainhead for some reason...i guess i just didn't take it that seriously and only paid attention to the story which kept me interested. i know there are a lot of people out there who hate that book but i like to reread it from time to time...i think it's because Ellsworth Toohey is soooo to read about him.

You might find this article interesting. It is a bit heavy, but it is informative about Rand, cults in general, and Rand's cult. As this guy defines 'cult', a cult is never a good thing, and I find myself agreeing; so let me rephrase and say that I think Rand's popularity as a philosopher is undeserved. I haven't read her novels, only second-hand accounts of her philosophy. Okay, you're just saying you enjoyed reading one of her novels - fine - and you didn't take it too seriously - even finer, in my opinion.

Ooo. Michael Shermer. Very cool. He wrote Why People Believe Weird Things, which is on my forthcoming "To Read, But Not Yet in my Possession" list.

so glad to see Owen Meany up top (even tho it's in no particular order)...amazing book! i'm in the middle of A Widow for One Year, his latest. it's incredible. good choice, as is Roald Dahl (but i'd put James and the Giant Peach up, too). I am in complete agreement with the previous statements about ayn rand (her status being wholly undeserved). but i'm glad you liked the fountainhead. check out Anthem; it's another or her books that i don't agree with, but you might find it interesting....

...what do you think of "She's Come Undone", by Wally Lamb? He's got an uncanny ability to write in the female voice. It's definitely worth 2 or 3 reads.

thanks for reminding me about that one...i've read it twice and can't wait to read it again...i can't believe i forgot all about it. thanks again.