Books Read in 2008

  1. Seduce Me by Carly Phillips (1/3/08)
  2. Trick My Truck But Don't Mess With My Heart by LuAnn McLane (1/12/08) Must buy author, fun book and several snorts
  3. Primal Instincts by Jill Monroe (1/31/08)* B/great main story, secondary story should have been it's own story.
  4. One Love for Liv by Marianne Arkins (2/4/08)*
  5. Stud Finders Incorporated by Alexis Fleming (2/5/06) Great. Want to read more by her
  6. Give Me More by P.J. Mellor (2/7/08) So Funny!!
  7. Thigh High by Bonnie Edwards (2/14/08)* A/Gotta catch up on the rest of the Perdition House stories
  8. Her Cinderella Complex by Jenna Bayley Burke (2/21/08) *
  9. Tent for Two by Janice Maynard (3/3/08)
  10. Dead Over Heels by Mary Janice Davidson (3/3/08)* Can't wait for Undead and Unworthy now
  11. I Love Lacy by Lillian Feisty (3/4/08)* B/fun wish it was a little longer, mystery part solved pretty quickly
  12. Bella Signorina by Denyse Bridger (3/8/08)* very good
  13. Demon Envy by Erin Lynn (3/9/08) cute book
  14. Fortune's Deception by Karen Erickson (3/19/08)*
  15. Touching Lace by Anne Rainey (3/20/08)* A/I LOVED Nick
  16. What Happens In Vegas (3/20/08) very good
  17. A Stranger's Bed by Sophia Rae (3/26/08) excellent!!!
  18. Nothing Stays in Vegas by Moira McTark (4/1/08)* B/really good story
  19. Seeing Me by Elyssa Edwards (4/2/08)* B+ really enjoyed this. Hero does not have a name that allows the readers to visualize the hero they want.
  20. The Hot Line by Cathryn Fox (4/5/08)
  21. The Firefighter by Susan Lyons, PJ Mellor and Alyssa Brooks
  22. Byte Marks by Mardi Ballou (4/12/08)* Lite paranormal romance (no violence usually associated with vampire stories), erotic romance.
  23. She Blinded Me With Science.....Fiction by Kally Jo Surbeck (4/17/08)* C+ At first thought the story would be hokey, but the characters are well developed and there are several lol moments. Author did a good job with the Star Trek quotes at the beginning of each chapter and they went well with the "feel" of the chapter.
  24. Satisfaction Guaranteed by Isabelle Drake (4/15/08)* C+ Characters were good, I liked Jack's inner debate with himself when he was trying to decide if he should be honest.
  25. Carried Away (Logan Assents/Ryan Objects) by Kasey Michaels and Joan Hohl (4/22/08)
  26. Perfect Timing by Barbara Elsborg (5/2/08)* C+ This book was so funny (the first 1/3 had me laughing out loud many times). Fun book with British humor.
  27. Tasting Candy by Anne Rainey (5/3/08)* Well worth the wait. A
  28. To Do List by Lauren Dane (5/7/08)
  29. A Perfect Match by Shelley Bradley (5/14/08)*
  30. Reckless: A Red Hot Summer Story by Maya Banks (5/15/08)*C-
  31. Married by Morning by Shirley Jump (4/30/08)
  32. Really Something by Shirley Jump (4/20/08)
  33. From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris (5/17/08)
  34. Wicked Night Games by Kathleen Lawless (5/22/08)
  35. Pleasure Control by Cathryn Fox (5/23/08)
  36. Long, Slow Ride by Mardi Ballou (5/24/08)*C
  37. Wild & Hexy Vicki Lewis Thompson (5/26/08)*A
  38. Not Another Bad Date (6/1/08)*B-
  39. Tall Tales & Wedding Veils (6/8/08)*B+
  40. A Psychic Hitch by Bekki Lynn (6/09/08)
  41. Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife by Kate Hewitt (6/10/08)* C+
  42. Lovers At Last by Shelley Munro (6/14/08)*
  43. Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy (6/15/08)*
  44. A Handyman's Best Tool by Alexis Fleming (6/16/08)
  45. The Passion Minded Professor by Natasha Moore (6/20/08)*
  46. Satin Seduction by L.A. Day (6/21/08)*
  47. Trenton's Terms by Kelley Nyrae (6/22/08)
  48. Felicity Stripped Bare by Vanessa Jaye (6/24/08)*
  49. By Appointment Only by Janice Maynard (6/28/08)*
  50. Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy by Karen Kelley (7/3/08)*
  51. A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action by LuAnn McLane (7/8/08)*
  52. Pleasure Prolonged by Cathryn Fox (7/10/08)
  53. The Brass Bed by Jennifer Stevenson (7/13/08)*
  54. Driven (7/16/08)
  55. Red Hot and Royal by Susanna Carr (7/19/08)
  56. Mother of the Bride by Lynn Michaels (7/22/08)
  57. Pleasure Beach by PJ Mellor (7/25/08)
  58. Servicing Rafferty by Janie Mason (7/28/08)*
  59. Reckless Rewards by Cindy Lee (7/28/08)*
  60. What's a Ghoul to Do? Fangly, My Dear series by Mardi Ballou (8/1/08)*
  61. Kiss Me Again by Dee Tenorio (8/4/08)*
  62. Bonded by Ann Wesley Hardin (8/2/08)*
  63. Stripped Bare (Joker's Wild) by Lena Matthews (8/8/08)
  64. Forbidden Fruit by Anne Rainey (8/9/08)
  65. Bedside Manner by Sophia Rae (8/10/08)
  66. Hired Hands by Wendi Darlin (8/11/08)
  67. Betting Hearts by Dee Tenorio (8/14/08)
  68. Haley's Cabin by Anne Rainey (8/15/08)
  69. Kitchen Matches by Marianne Arkins (8/16/08)
  70. Born Again Virgin by Sami Lee (8/18/08)
  71. To Fat and Back by Beverly Rae (8/20/08)*
  72. Test Me by Dee Tenorio (8/30/08)*
  73. Model Behavior by Janie Mason (9/1/08)*
  74. Erotic Research by Mari Carr (9/3/08)
  75. Call Me: Joker's Wild by Lena Matthews (9/5/08)
  76. Photo Opportunity by Jess Dee (9/11/08)
  77. The Watson Brother's by Lori Foster (9/14/08)*
  78. Tequila Truth by Mari Carr (9/21/08)*
  79. Where There's a Will by Katriena Knights (9/28/08)*
  80. Ready or Not by Anara Bella (10/6/08)
  81. Reality Check by Elisa Adams (10/7/08)
  82. Kiss Me, Kate by Mari Carr (10/13/08)
  83. Ladies! Meed Red Hot Alaskan Men by Nancy Lindquist (10/15/08)
  84. Miss Lonely Hearts by Charlene Teglia (10/17/08)
  85. Tea for Two by Shelly Munro (10/19/08)
  86. Lady Lillian's Guide to Amazing Sex by Nancy Lindquist (10/30/08)
  87. The Catcher and the Lie by Rita Oberlies (11/1/08)*
  88. Flat-Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy (11/12/08)*
  89. Sun Stroked by Cathryn Fox (11/16/08)*
  90. Ready and Willing by Elizabeth Bevarly (11/22/08)*
  91. To All a Good Night by D. Kauffman, J. Shalvis & HK Dimon (11/24/08)
  92. Heating Up The Holidays by Jill Shalvis, Jacquie D'Alessandro and Jamie Sobrato (11/29/08)
  93. Forever Mine, Valentine by Vicki Lewis Thompson 11/30/08
  94. Some Girls Think Twice by Cathy Linz (12/9/08)*
  95. Drive Me Wild by P.J. Mellor (12/31/08)
  96. Double the Pleasure by Lori Foster et al (12/20/08)
  97. Swimming With the Fishes by Mary Janice Davidson (12/24/08)