books i really want to read

  • american psycho (bret easton ellis)
  • high fidelity (nick hornby)
  • wonder boys (michael chabon)
  • any of bell hooks' work
  • the virgin suicides (jeffrey eugenides)
  • girl (blake nelson)
  • user (blake nelson)
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okay, so it's short. ;) help me make it longer?

and hey, can anyone tell me anything about girl or user? i saw parts of the movie of girl, not realizing it was a book, and was intrigued by it.

(last update: 5.10)

hey chicky, it's barbieOO (forgot password though) i,too, would like to read HIGH FIDELITY...have you seen the movie yet? if so, what did you think? i'm also curious about what your take is on books made into movies....should you read the book first if you haven't already? does it really matter? or is it better to see the book and movie as separate works....just checking...i want to see the film HIGH FIDELITY but haven't got the chance yet...hmmm.

i finally saw high fidelity today, and it made me *so* happy. i totally can't place my finger on why....but it's *such* a cute little film.

as far as books made into movies is concerned, honestly? i've never actually read a book of a movie before i saw the movie. so i can't say whether or not reading the book first works better than the other way around. i actually generally avoid literary adaptations, but it seems like lately i've been seeing a *lot* of them....i just haven't read the books yet. the only one i can think of right now that i both saw the movie and read the book of is foxfire, and i didn't like the book as much as the movie, but i think that's cause i *really* liked the movie, and the book seemed much different. i don't know. i think it's a better idea to see the book and movie as separate entities. :)

but yes. definitely see high fidelity. ;)

hey chicky!

i'm actually reading HIGH FIDELITY right now and loving it! i'm going to try and see it at pleasant st theatre with my friend sometime soon....i hope this doesn't freak you out but i think i noticed you go to smith?

jenhowel (a great listology buff) and i both go to hampshire...weird....ok. hope i didn't freak you out...

--byebye, barbieOONA (that's actually supposed to be my screename here but it wouldn't fit...)


chicky: did you get a chance to read american psycho yet??? i still want to talk to SOMEONE about it but it doesn't seem like anyone wants to...even though jim posted that message about discussing one responded....aargh. so when/if you read it...tell me and we can discuss...:)

hee. i do go to smith, indeedy......and just saw it at pleasant st saturday. *weird*. ;)

i haven't read either high fidelity or american psycho yet.....finals time....much stress.....actually on (what is hopefully) the tail-end of an all-nighter right now (my own damn fault, besides; i had all weekend to write this paper and just have *not* been able to concentrate, and it's 10-12 pages due at 5 today and i haven't really technically started it yet....sigh), but both are on my self-imposed "summer reading" list....whether i actually get around to it is another story, i've been in the middle of bell hooks' all about love: new visions for about two months now....sigh. oh, well.

regardless, i swear i'll let you know when i read them....and, hope i don't weird *you* out, but do you have icq or aim? maybe we could chat in real time sometime, or you could email me, and maybe even next year we could become movie buddies or something? i dunno about you, but i can *never* find anyone who wants to see the movies i wanna see. <g> anyway, yeah. talk to you soon, babe. ~k

hi chicky...hope the paper got finished...check your email! :) barbieOONA