Books I Could See As Good Movie Ideas (Work in Progress)

  1. THE FALL DOWN ARTIST, by Thomas Lipinski: About a Pittsburgh-based private investigator named Carroll Dorsey who investigates accident claims by union mill workers in the aftermath of the decline of the steel industry around Pittsburgh. Takes places in the 1980s. Might be hard to film in Pittsburgh because several of the steel mills are torn down and new modern shopping malls are there now.
  2. PICCOLO, by James Baddock. An ambitious MI-5 player and his defensive female second investigate the deaths of scientists all working for the same defense company. As they probe deeper and beyond the realms of their jurisdiction and as more scientist begin to die, they begin to unravel a scandalous defense project codenamed Piccolo, that could dismantle British and American Intelligence Communities. A fun and suspenseful spy story with some good action. Could see Johnny Lee Miller in the lead.
  3. THE RED DEATH, by Walter Moseley: The Second installment of the Ezekial Rawlins private eye mysteries, in which Easy becomes involved in the Hollywood Red Scare of the 1950s. Denzel has reached his 50s now, but he might be able to make a comeback. Doubt it will be made since the first movie got a poor review and box office reaction
  4. FINN MAC COOL, By Morgan Llewellyn: The epic story of one of Ireland's biggest folk heroes, an ancient warrior-poet named Finn Mac Culhal during the reign of High King Cormac. Back in the Golden Age of Ireland.
  5. I, THE JURY, by Mickey Spillane: The pulp detective novel that introduced hard-as-nails P.I. Mike Hammer to the mystery literature world. I know there was already a movie made with Armand Assante as Mike Hammer, but a remake wouldn't hurt.
  6. CUBA LIBRE, by Elmore Leonard: An American Cowboy and a survivor of the U.S.S. Maine disaster become embroiled in the Spanish-American War, as seen from the side of Cuban rebels.
  7. THE ARCHER'S TALE, by Bernard Cornwell: The military adventures of an superb English bowman named Thomas of Hookton during the Thirty Years' War. Realistic miltary adventure with romantic elements
  8. CITY PRIMEVAL, by Elmore Leonard: A sharp Detriot City cop squares off with a psychotic killer in a cool, gritty cat and mouse game.
  9. PRONTO, by Elmore Leonard: An aging bagman becomes the target of the mob and the Feds who want him to testify under the witness protection program. Features a cowboy-like hero named Arlen who can shoot the eyes out of the devil. Cool, gritty crime novel.
  10. RISE TO REBELLION, by Jeff Shaara--chronicles the key moments and figures who stemmed the growing division between the American Colonial and Great Britain, to finally erupt in the rebellion. I would not get Ronald F. Maxwell to direct. He's good with battle scenes, but other elements in his films become boring. He does seems able to drawn some fine actors though.
  11. BUNKER HILL, by Howard Fast--Depicts the stage of the battle for the Charlestown Penisula, from the British Side and the American side. Highly critical and yet respectful of participants on both sides.
  12. 12. Death in a Steel City: The Third installment in the Carroll Dorsey-Shamus mystery series by Thomas Lipinski. About Carroll Dorsey, a former college basketball star, law school dropout, military police officer and Allegheny County Detective who explores and uproots the religious, social, and political underbelly of Pittsburgh, PA, an inland port in the southwestern part of the state. This time Carroll gets a job to investigate a case for the Pittsburgh Roman Catholic Archdiocese. Apart from that, dealing with pressures from a new, viciously ambitious District Attorney and the lingering health of his ex-politico father, former DA Martin Dorsey, with whom he has a strained relationship. Also, dealing with tensions from his younger girlfriend, an nurse at Mercy Hospital's hectic ER center.