Books that can tell you alot about the people that buy them.

  • Mac's for dummies.
  • iMac's for dummies.
  • Idiot's Guide to America Online.
  • Study Guides for MCSE.
  • NT 4 for dummies.
Author Comments: 

As an IT Professional, I do alot of book buying, especially at Barnes and noble, Borders, etc, and I always have to snicker a bit when I see people at checkout with the books listed above.

If you need Dummy book for a Mac, then, you need a bullet to the cranium.

AOL/Idiot almost seem to go hand in hand.

MCSE = Must Consult Sombody else. =)

NT4/dummy go hand in hand.

I may painting with a broad stroke, but, such is life. =)