Best Trance Music of 2003

  1. I've removed my earlier explanation, because it's terribly inaccurate, as is my little insult to techno (which is also quite a good genre, although very different from trance). The problem is, there are quite a large number of trance subgenres. The only elements really common to all trance songs are electronically generated beats, melodies, and sounds.
  2. Beyond that, it differs from genre to genre. The only thing that really unifies the style, and makes it entirely different from techno and house, is its general "vibe." House has an organic feel; it almost pretends it isn't electronic. Techno is the polar opposite: unlike house, it revels in technology, sounding deeply electronic, trying to sound like machines. Trance, however, is right in between. Entrancing and somewhat repetitive music is simply created using electronic elements, without real awareness of humanity (house) or machines (techno). Hence the ethereal sound.
  3. But why is it called trance? Well, "trance music" (not the genre name), is quite literally that: music meant to send the listener into a trance. Think of the super-repetitive tribal dumming music from the stone age. That was the earliest incidence of "trance music". Since early Trance Music (the EDM genre) was repetitive and meditative like the ancient concept, it was thus named after it. This early 90's genre was full of odd beats (but usually 4/4), acid lines; buzzing synths; repetitive, arpegiatted melodies; and a general ethereal feeling.
  4. However, since that time, that description has become more and more inaccurate. Around 1996, progressive trance came into being, which replaced this slow hypnosis with signature melodies and a "buildup-breakdown-anthem" structure. This was pulled to further and further extremes, eventually becoming the now familiar anthem trance (with a massive breakdown in the middle). Later, the "progression" element of trance was dropped, resulting in the instamelodies of epic trance (the melodies now somewhat emulate the original feeling of trance music: rather than putting the listener into an etheral hypnotic state, the melodies try to bring forth the feeling the listener is supposedly supposed to have in said state. In other words, modern Trance music is like telling someone about something, rather than letting them actually experience it). To make matters worse, another genre was introduced called Dutch trance, in which the buildups were added to epic again, the melodies further lengthened, and the breakdowns more than doubled. The ancient concept of trance music died there. To bring things to their ultimate low, at that same time trance created its worst hybrid: a combination style called scouse trance, made up of happy hardcore, hardstyle, epic trance, and eurodance was born, and quickly became the most popular style in the mainstream (think Special D).
  5. Luckily, all was not lost. You see, another genre of music existed all this time, outside of trance's community. This was known as "progressive house," which was basically 1996 trance mixed with house, minus the anthems (or containing minimal ones). This was quite a boring and pointless genre for a good while, but recently, thanks to artists like James Holden, melodic and entrancing elements were introduced again. The results: minimal trance, deep trance, tech-trance, break-trance, or "progressive trance 2".
  6. For a more in depth description:
  7. Wikipedia's trance music page
  8. I will label the tracks by genre:
  9. James Holden - A Break in the Clouds [PT2]
  10. Holden and Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) [PT2]
  11. Gabriel and Dresden Present Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes [PT2]
  12. Andain - Beautiful Things [PT2]
  13. Solid Globe - North Pole [AT]
  14. DJ Tiesto and Junkie XL (JXL) - Obsession [PT2]
  15. Young Parisans - U Write the Rules (Solarstone remix) [IT]
  16. Aalto - Rush (Super8 mix) [ET]
  17. Leama - Requiem for a Dream [AmbT]
  18. Gouryella - Ligaya [ET]
  19. System F - Spaceman [AT]
  20. Paul Van Dyk - Nothing But You [ET]
  21. Paul Van Dyk - Reflections [AT]
  22. Nu-NRG - Butterfly [AT]
  23. POS - Remember (Summer Sun) [AmbT]
  24. Rank 1 - It's Up to You [ET]
  25. Jurgen Vries - The Theme [AT]
  26. Three Drives - Air Traffic [AT]
  27. Indart, Colors, & Legaz - Remember the Past [TribT]
  28. Ayla - Liebe [ET]
  29. Dirt Devils - Music is Life [AT]
  30. Fluke - Zion [TribT]
  31. Alphazone - Rockin' [AT]
  32. Skin - Unfaithfulness (Tiesto mix) [ET/AT]
  33. Jurgen Vries - The Wilderness [AT]
  34. Telepopmusik - Just Breathe (ambient trance more - surprisingly, it was a hit in North America, considered one of the year's best songs) [AmbT]
  35. Solar Stone vs Scott Bond - The 3rd Earth [ET]
  36. Pulser - My Religion [AT]
  37. Fictivision vs. C-Quence - Symbols [AT]
  38. Chicane - Locking Down [IT]
  39. Flutlicht - The Fall [AT]
  40. Cosmic Gate - Human Beings [AT]
  41. Blank and Jones - A Forest [AT]
  42. 2 Players - Pitch and Shela [AT]
  43. Mr. Sam vs. Fred Baker Present As One - Forever Waiting [AT]
  44. The Roc Project ft Tina Arena - Never (Tiesto mix) [ET]
  45. DJ Cor Fjineman Ft. Jan Johnston - Venus (Meant to be your Lover) (Tiesto in Search of Sunrise remix) [ET]
  46. Delerium - After All [ET]
  47. Mauro Picotto - Back to Cali [AT]
  48. Jupiter Prime - Ocean of Joy (Prime mix) [ET]
  49. Svenson - Sunlight Theory [AT]
  50. ATB - Long Way Home [IT]
  51. Jurgen Vries - The Wilderness [AT]
  52. Electroheadz - No Sleep [ElecT]
  53. The Gift - Love Angel [AT]
  54. PT: Progressive trance - the 1996-born variant
  55. AT: Anthem trance
  56. PT2: "Progressive trance 2" - the post-2000 born variant.
  57. ElecT: Electro trance
  58. ET: Epic trance
  59. IT: Ibiza trance
  60. TribT: Tribal trance
  61. AmbT: Ambient trance
  62. I'm pretty sure all of the songs are 2003, but a 2002 or 2004 track might have slipped in there somewhere. Just let me know if any of them have the wrong date.
  63. Update: cleaned the list up; got rid of weak re-releases and really dumb/cheesy "songs", and removed any pointless/outdated comments I made 2 years ago.
Author Comments: 

Use soulseek to download this stuff (if you're going to), NOT kazaa.
Kazaa won't have very much of it.

Soulseek -

you rock dude! (or dudette!) seriously, ive been looking for a more definitive explanation of "trance" as a genre for some time now. :-) ive also been looking for some recommendations for compilations (or single-artist cds) that i could nab. [bt's R&R is one of the few trance albums i have] so if you have any recommendations for me (or anyone else on listology), please share!

Here's some fantastic albums/mixes:

Tiesto: (check this one out definitely)
In Search of Sunrise (BEST MIX EVER!!!!!!)
In Search of Sunrise 2
In Search of Sunrise 3
Magik 3
Magik 5
Magik 6
Nyana (CD2 - CD1 really sucks - but CD2 is awesome)
(These can be found on Kazaa Lite or Soulseek. Any other artist is hard to find on Kazaa Lite, except maybe Ferry and Oakenfold)

Ferry Corsten:
Trance Nation 2001
Live @ Dance Valley 2001

Paul Oakenfold:
Tranceport (only get this one by him - the rest of the series isn't that great, and Paul Oakenfold sucks on everything else he does)

Sasha and Digweed:

Northern Exposure (a genre mishmash, but is oldskool trance-ish (it has a lot of oldskool trance). I like it, but you might not as much. Doesn't really represent trance per-se.

A few artist recomendations (most are on that list): (get any song on that list BTW)
DJ Tiesto (don't get traffic though)
Ferry Corsten/System F
Solar Stone
Paul Van Dyk
Armin Van Buuren
Mauro Picotto
Cosmic Gate (harder stuff this one is)
Gabriel and Dresden/Motorcycle/Andain

(Most of those artist are on the list anway)

Avoid Paul Oakenfold. He sucks - only good thing he ever did was tranceport.

Also, download soulseek. There's TONS of trance on there. (more clubbers, ravers, and europeans use soulseek, and since trance is popular in Europe, raves, and in clubs, theres lots of trance there). Actually most trance songs can't be downloaded on Kazaa, but soulseek will have them, and often lots of them. However, make sure you click TONS of sources when downloading a file. Otherwise, it will take forever. And wait a while anyway. Also, check the sizes - when downloading you will want radio edits, and original mixes mostly (radio edits are better, but not always possible if it was only a club hit - the original mixes will usually have massive "mixing heads" with just beats, to make it easier to mix). Click the size tab to arrange by size, and once enough files to download appear, download everything under the size you want - either the original mix, or the radio edit. (Unless you want a mix by a certain artist - sometimes the originals suck, and the mixes by good DJs and artists are awesome - ie Skin - Unfaithfulness (Tiesto mix) is great, where the original isn't that good.) I know - it's complex compared to any other genre, but the quality of music is excellent, so it's worth it.

Also, the dance, underground, and electronic sections of Best Buy, HMV, or Future Shop have trance - the mixes I reccomended are probably there (you can also download any mix off of SOulseek - any tiesto mixes can be found on Kazaa Lite)


Also, use Almost every electronic song ever made is filed there (not downloadable, but gives TONS of info) - it has literally millions and millions of songs. I've never not found I song I was looking for there. is good too for reccomendations. has different electronic music stations, including their most popular - trance. (in fact that station is one of the most popular on the whole internet) but not all the trance they play is all that good. Check it out anyway - it's pretty good.

Terrific list; I'll try to locate some of these, especially Paul Van Dyk and Delirium, whom I really like. I'm not too crazy about Telepopmusik's album. It starts out pretty well but it just drags along, repeating itself.

Yeah, but the one song (Breathe) by telepopmusik is good.

Good list, I've heard most of these before but some of these songs I swear I had heard earlier than 2003, like PvD's "Nothing But You." But maybe I'm wrong. I've only heard Lost Tribe's original "Gamemaster," I should look up the new one. There are some trance songs I must commend for a best trance songs of all time list -

Push - "Strange World (2000 remix)"
Ayumi Hamasaki - "M (above and beyond remix)"
4 Strings - "Diving"
Sasha - "Xpander"
Bluchen - (can't remember the name, German trance -- good stuff)
Cosmicman - "I love you (version 1.4)"
Vector 7 - "Air of Love"
NU NRG - "Dreamland (rank1 reedit)"
more like dance, but Deep Forest's "Beauty in your eyes" is fantastic
Future sound of London - "Paupa New Guinea"
Goldenscan - "Sunrise" - any mix is great
Groove Armada - "Lovebox"
Hemstock and Jennings - "Rendezvous" "Crimson Soil" and a remix of Ian van Dahl's "Will I"
Klea - "Tic Toc (PvD rework)"
Agent Orange - "Electronic Vibes"
Tenth Planet - "Ghosts"
Ferry Corsten - "Punk" and his set from Rosenmontags 2000 is phenomenal

I could go on.

I definitely agree with many of the songs on your list. I should make a list like that (when I finally have time). Good suggestion.

Can u go on please i really want some good trance.

Uau...what a awesome, incredible list!!!!
You're the best...nothing else to say.
I'm going to donwload all musics.
Trance 4 ever :)

Alright - I'll make a list of the best trance of all time. I'll start soon...

My list of best trance of all time is now up. Not complete yet though.

Is there any way you can email it to me. The best trance of all time. Thanks so much.

It's in my content. Just click the link in my name on the top of this post, and it'll take you there. Then, click on the list called "The best trance music of all time".

im kinda n00b trance lover but ive come across these songs that rock but r not well known, i'll list them here i think u can only find them on kazaa/kazaalite (ill also list the lengths of those with diff versions etc, make sure u get the right mix aswell):

silvertear - so deep (perfect sphere remix) 6:32
(fifa world cup anthem) - vengalis (tokiyu ishono remix, or somethin like that)
neon genesis evangelion - space dreams eva
anastasia - join me (no, not the blonde artist)

also this ones popish but its ok for those who can stretch their taste
kosaka riyu - true (around 4:00 length)

I've heard the fifa world cup anthem remix - it's Vangelis, not Vengalis

It's a decent song, but not really good enough to make the "best of trance" list.

Also, the anthem is 2002, not 2003. It doesn't qualify.

The kosaka riyu song is a genre called J-trance - a mixture of eurodance, VERY epic trance and J-pop. An okay good genre, extremely popular in anime, but nothing that amazing - often sounds pretty cheesy (that and it's a remix). It's a decent song, but it doesn't quite qualify for the list, and I don't think it's 2003 (although I couldn't find an exact date).

Neon Genesis Evangelion? You've got an anime soundtrack remix there - probably done by some kid, who stuck his track on kazaa. I haven't actually heard the song, but when I tried to download it (off soulseek), it gave me neon genesis evangelion - space dreams eva (techno remix). Anything "techno remix" is unprofessional, and not done by an industry member. Only really poor bedroom producers (unsigned to a label) call anything "techno remix" - real producers won't do it even if the track is actually made into techno (dance remix is sometimes done though - these tend to be really weak though (ie DJ Sammy - Heaven) - although there are exceptions). The song was likely just the original anime tracks, overlayed with an actual trance song, thus making a "remix".

Anastacia - Join me is from 2000, as is Silvertear - So Deep. They don't qualify for the 2003 list (besides, there are FAR better songs from 2000, check out my "best trance of all time" list to see them).

Did you find these tracks on Kazaa? Kazaa is a poor program for downloading trance (Kazaa just doesn't have it!). Use soulseek instead ( A much better program - has loads of trance (as well as house, progressive, techno, hardcore, goa, ambient and any other kind of dance or electronic music), and (woot!) no spyware.

Also, try researching tracks on,,,, and (as well as the radio stations,,,,, and - you can streamrip (use streamripper for this) songs off of them).

You'll be able to get trance more easily using these sites, as well as better quality and more diversity of it.

Anyway, thanks for the help! (although none of the songs qualify...keep trying anyway.)

I don't suppose you'd want to list the songs of these that are most palatable to people who typically listen to (mostly) rock?

Good call. That would be a good list.

and one I certainly would be interested in but don't have the knowledge of that genre to make!

So, whaddya say, darktremor? Please?

Alright! Sounds good actually. I don't have an idea for a list today anyway...

But you have to promise to actually download some of them...

Absolutely! I already got about 10 of the ones on this list, a couple were ok, I guess. It hasn't really grown on me yet.

which ones did you download? There are many different genres of trance - and very few people like all of the kinds.

Another thing - when you download many trance songs, you will find a "mixing head" on them. This is annoying and repetitive to listen to, so I take them out myself, using a mixing program. Others simply listen to DJ sets, which utilizes the boring intros to mix, and therefore you don't hear them. Some people listen to stations like Tranceairwaves, DI and ID-T, which makes "radio edits" of tracks (much like I do with mixing programs), or puts them together in the way you'd hear in a set.

Like all music, trance kinda has to be "processed" by someone, since it isn't a top 40 genre (note that rap and pop very often have records that are released to the DJs with mixing heads of the kind that trance has attached. When the artists get their tracks radioplayed and put on albums, they record another version without the mixing head. Not all trance artists do this - they just want their records played by major DJs. The reason is because radioplay in the trance world is almost an instant loss of credibility. It works the opposite way pop does. When the radio picks up your song, odds are good 500 trance DJs will take it off their playlists. No major DJ would ever play Darude - Sandstorm, Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone, etc (although many radio trance tracks are perfectly good songs - those 2 in particular).. The only 2 trance songs to escape this fate when radioplayed w232 "Telepopmusik - Just Breathe", and that was only because it was the first progressive trance song to become popular in North America, and Robert Miles - Children, for the same reason (with melodic/anthem trance).

Sorry - I went off on a bit of a ramble there - but it explains a few more things about the genre.

Um, I know I downloaded Blue Monday and the 98 version of Cafe Del Mar, among a couple others. I downloaded about 20, kept half of them that I (sorta) liked.

The reason is because radioplay in the trance world is almost an instant loss of credibility. It works the opposite way pop does. When the radio picks up your song, odds are good 500 trance DJs will take it off their playlists. No major DJ would ever play Darude - Sandstorm, Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone, etc

you know, darktremour, you have stated something really significant , and i would really like you to elaborate on this. why dont they paly them? copyright issues, or just ego? you know , i have so many friends who are chronic ravers , and they are like well 'ferry corsten , or ATB are all too commertial" and i am like, wtf? whats wrong in commertial? i just get totally put off be techno, its just garbage anyway, and there is no celebration, no high that i get from listening to techno, it just drains my energy, and leaves me with this sick vibe. its totally unhealthy. but progressive trance is so different.

please elaborate on the quote above. your views ring true, so i am interested to hear more
please explain .

It's pure ego. Generally not on the DJs parts - mainly due to the attitudes of ravers like your friends. For example, if Tiesto played Darude - Sandstorm, he'd lose about 1000000 fans, even though Sandstorm sounds very similar to Gouryella, a track Tiesto produced himself, and still gets massive positive reaction if played at events, despite being a 6 year old song. Of course, if he played Sandstorm the audience would "boo" and the dancefloor would empty. Word would then spread that Tiesto played Sandstorm ("He's a sellout!" "He only plays the popular songs now!"). Clubs would stop booking him, and he'd drop off the Mixmag top 100 DJs list. Therefore, the jockeys simply avoid them to keep their jobs.

Not because I'm doubting you, but I'd love to read an interview with a major DJ where he complained about the situation. Then maybe his fans would read it and things would start to change.

Actually, the DJs themselves don't care very much. If you're a top 500 DJ, you won't play anything more than a month old anyway. Occasionally they'll throw an uber-classic (like the above mentioned Gouryella) into one of their sets (like maybe once every 4 gigs), but there are really only 3 pop trance tracks that could be called uber-classics (Darude - Sandstorm, Robert Miles - Children, and Telepopmusik - Breathe (and Breathe escaped elitist destruction) ). Since there are LITERALLY around 600 new EDM records released a week (I heard this directly from a DJ), and 100s of other classics, often better classics, they can play, the DJs don't care about the situation, when it's only preventing them from rarely playing 2 tracks they MIGHT want to put on, both of which have already been overplayed anyway.

The situation is fine the way it is, and I personally think it would be really unprofessional of a DJ to play one of those tracks, since it's a good DJ's job to both musically educate and entertain an audience. Playing Sandstorm or Children would do neither of those things, as people have heard them way too much already, and therefore a)would not be entertained as it would bore them and b)would not be educated as they're already heard the song too many times for it to bring anything new to them musically.

I do not, however, think a DJ should be condemned for playing one of those tracks. The elitists tend to over-react. Besides that, the tracks aren't BAD, they're just overexposed (as in people are forced to listen to them over and over again on the radio, and at hockey games, and on TV, etc etc etc).

hi darktremor,
yes, the booing part really happens, and there idiots really kill it for the others present who genuinely like progressive trance. its like peer pressure, but this attitude really is like digging your own grave, promoting otherwise shitty music just because it is not like be the mainstream audience{who have better taste in music really} i mean, it is as if its cool to have a song played that isist famous! i mean it is famous for a certain reason, because it does something to the people throughout the world, it kindles a spark in their hearts!

i am wondering , who really dictates the trend of trance music? it is the audience at the major clubs i feel, not the ravers.
i mean, your list is really the heart of what progressive trance is really, but i also feel that the sound has moved on since 1999, .i mean i am a big fan of ATB, and over the years there has been a 'maturity' if you will, in his sound, and for the better i feel.
there is something in the older songs that is easily recognisable to be older songs like from 1999 or 2000, or early 2001. the rythm the peculiar beat , the base, i mean people can recognise this song is modern or maybe 3-4 years old......
what i am saying is that trance is undergoing these mutations, and not really bad, i like the new melodies that are incorporated, and they are progressive trance but more 'mature'! i dont know if you understand what i mean by mature.....but anyway......

you did mention oakenfold, and yes, in the classical way of defining progressive his sound dosent fit in, but i really find some of his songs mind-blowing, for ex. 'zoo york', or 'southern sun', or 'deep south', 'nugen' or 'starry eyed surprise' or 'ready steady go' or 'dirty sticky floor'........
i mean those songs i feel are 'dark progressive', and they are ones that teen wont really give with, like from 18 to 20, but for a more mature audience they are perfect. i am 21 myself, so m\not that old, but i love the vibe of those songs.

the songs dont really go high in terms of feeling 'exilliration' but they are hypnotic, and like perfect to heat at 2 or 3 am in the morning.

like for ex. paul van dykes 'nothing but you' is an awesome song, but it sounds like it was madein 2000, even tough it is from 2003. not that it is in any way i know that people immediately label a sound like this as 'passe' ans they want something new..
anyway i am rambling......

Geez! 600 new EDM records each week? Do you think the entire subgenre of EDM will exhaust itself eventually at that pace? I mean really, how different can 300,000 new EDM tracks ever year actually sound?

ok, so this is what edm means..."I think you can say its Electronic Dance Music, driven by melodies and euphoric elements.....", this quote from an armin van burren interview......

great site recommendations darktremor!

there is this site where i can hear the full songs[although it isint exhaustive} and then i can download the songs from

it is really an amazing site imo.
{sorry if you arent supposed to post site names}

but lukeprog, i agree.i mean really what has happened to hip-jop or rap these days? they have simply run out of new tunes new melodies to go with the beats, everything the rappers spew out sounds stale, and done before.

of those 600edm's, maybe 95% will be trashy, and the remaining 5% will be bearable i guess.....but really i love tracks where everything the vocals and beats and melodies and that undefinable haunting vibe is perfect and smoothly blended into a song....{chicane-'dont give up','american dream'-pete tong-joey negro mix}

they will remain timeless.

That's about right actually - around 95% of the 600 per week are pretty trashy.

There's a reason the ubergenre of electronica hasn't exhausted itself yet - there are several hundred subgenres, and it has a special trait and luxury that no other genre in the past ever had: absolutely any sound you can or cannot imagine, has or has not been made can go into it. Besides this, whenever a certain section exhausts itself, new artists come along to pick up the torch and design entirely new ones to replace them (for example glitch microhouse and electroclash are only around 3 years old. Neurofunk, liquid funk, hardstyle, and trancestep are around 2 years, etc.).

However, I will admit this - there have been basically no recent massive new sounds to enter electronica, not since the idea of adding glitches appeared in the mid-nineties (which is only just starting to be explored recently - excellent music it is too). Everything else has simply been a re-insertion of musical concepts long forgotten (often for good reason, but often it works very well - for example the "porno beats" inserted into house in the mid-nineties never gets tiring). For examples of this: Electroclash is simply a retro trend of 80's synthpop. Hardstyle is simply trance with a guitar distortion pedal. All fo the new jungle genres are simply Jungle + insert genre here.

Electronica WILL exhaust itself. As will every other genre of music. However, since people die, switch to other genres, and move in from other areas of music, the ubergenre will always appear (at least somewhat) original, through the recycling of previous generations' sounds.

darktremor youre a cool person...
youre a music pro... if there is such a thing.

also, im looking for songs like:

serena paris - you
(unknown artist) - music is energy
rollergirl - you make me feel like dancin'
(unknown artist) - damaged

stuff like that...

if you could direct towards some songs like that i would be so grateful!

Also, your list is da bomb diggity! i love it!
i named my cd's "darktremor mix" 1,2, so on.

Well, thank you. you mean Plummet - Damaged?
You mean Sarina Paris, right? not Serena?

Well, I absolutely hate Sarina Paris - You. I consider that the most irritating kind of trance music (if it's even that), and a complete slap in the face to the genre. It's not even really trance music - it's pop, only faster and cheesier, with a bit of trance pasted on to make it nice and club-friendly. You know, it's music like this that forces me to explain to everyone who finds out what I DJ that I don't play (****ing) DJ Sammy and a bunch of sped up Britney Spears records.

OK, my angry rant is finished.

Anyways, moving on...I just really don't like that song. Rollergirl I feel the same way about.

Plummet - Damaged is the same style as the above 2 songs, however, unlike those 2, it's actually a good song. It's basically pop music, but it's really good pop music, and it keeps some of the original aspects of trance without perverting them (which is why it was so hugely popular)

I don't know what song you mean by "Music is Energy".

Anyway, songs in that style - which I'll call "vocal trance." There are a massive number. However, I'm only going to recommend songs I personally like, and stay away from "radio trance". Alright (these will be closest to Plummet - Damaged, and even then much trancier):

Nalin & Kane - Beachball (highly recommended!)
Lange - I believe (DJ Tandu mix)
Ascension - Someone (Slacker's Rolling mix)
Plummet - Cherish the Day (Antillas mix)
Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden mix)
Billie Ray Martin - Honey (Chicane Club Mix)
BT - Mercury And Solace (BT 12" Mastermix)
Oceanlab - Satellite
DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now (Grand Chillas Mix)
Andain - Beautiful things
Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes
Oakenfold - Southern Sun (DJ Tiesto Mix)
Andain - Summer Calling
Coast 2 Coast ft. Discovery - Home
Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water
Chicane - Don't Give Up (contains male vocals, but it's Brian Adams singing)
Grace - Not Over Yet (I don't like this song, but I think you might)
Lio - Rapture (I'm sure you've heard it on the radio)
Delerium - Silence
Oceanlab - Beautiful Together
Chicane - Saltwater
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
Solar Stone - Speak in Sympathy
Tilt - Invisible (although the underground trance version is much better - that version is called Tilt vs. Paul Van Dyk - Rendezvous. It has no lyrics though, besides some indiscernible proggy whisperings (quite cool sounding though))
Lost Witness - Happiness Happening
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
ATB - Fine Night Tonight (AKA Miss Jane - Fine Night Tonight (ATB mix); AKA Jan Johnson - Fine NIght Tonight (Miss Jane mix) (ATB mix), but you'll probably find it under the name ATB - Fine Night Tonight)
Klea - Tic Toc (Magik Musik mix)
Sandra - Secret Land (ultra violet club mix)
The Morrighan - Remember (To The Millennium) (Lange Remix)
Libra Presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling your name) (Ferry Corsten mix)

I have more, but that should hold you for now. I'll post more later on.

(BTW Those aren't all INCREDIBLE trance songs (although some are), but the style you're looking for is really watered down with radio cheese, and is really tricky to create without it being crap).

ouch~ harsh. haha.

anyways, I lose most of the cases to the cd's that I get from places cause people keep borrowing them, hence, I dont really know what the songs are named or artist name. that song "music is energy" is a really ok, good song. I can send it to you through msn or email or watever.

thanks for the list, some of them were already on the "best" list so didnt have to search for that many new songs

lol sorry to be so harsh about it - it's just that radio genre has caused me a great deal of problems over the years.


On forums everywhere there are electronic music elitists bashing trance. As a matter of fact, saying you like trance at many sites is cause for either a)instant loss of credibility - as in inability to post anywhere without being flamed, or b)a complete ban from the site.

Much of the good music is overlooked, because of the mainstream pop parading itself as trance.

Since radio trance took over, listeners ignorant of electronica in general have stopped calling electronica: "techno," and now it's called: "techno crap", "fluffy techno s***", or "faggot techno".

Many trance producers short on cash will start making "radio trance" for a quick buck, which
waters the genre down further.

I've even had it personally affect my life - for example:

I had a class once, in which I was talking to some new acquantances about our "musical affiliations" (ie they were in a few bands, etc), and I brought up that I was a trance DJ. They stopped speaking to me for the entire year, and refused to have anything to do with me, even if it was work-related. Upon trying to explain, their reaction was "How can you possibly play the genre that brought us Aqua and DJ Sammy, and think that you do anything remotely musical??? You've been banned from speaking for the rest of the year." Not that I'd want to know people so shallow, but it still made the class torturous.

Anyway, the above issues are what I have against radio trance. Otherwise I wouldn't be so harsh about it.

BTW, about sending the song - I can't really post my e-mail address here (I'd be flooded with thousands of requests like: "I love your list! Can you please send me all of your songs?", or "I hate trance, and in case you didn't get it, I've sent you a little package that breaks your internet, wipes your hard drive, makes it so you can never put on OS on your machine again, then comes out of the screen to personally whoop your pansy ass all the way to ****ing China", etc etc etc)...try a file sending server, like Also, can you post some of the song's lyrics on the site? I may recognize the song that way.

the lyrics:

music is, music is, music is, music is, music is

music is energy~ pulsing through you body~
only you and me~ flowing through the night~

you always take me~ to a place thats higher~
spiritual ecsatcy~ bringing you to life~

do you feel what music is?~ do you let it take you over?~
no feeling can compare~ to the love thats in the air~

thats about it for the lyrics. ill try to get a link up on my friends site to it.
ill give you the link once its up.

sorry - I've never heard it. Google didn't have anything on it either.

I'm not really a fan of that lyrical style - but I'll give it a listen.

Hello darktremor, your list is awesome and I agree with much of what you list as the best of 2003. Although you hit most of my picks, I have a couple of songs I thought I'd tell you about that I definately would say topped 2003 for me, my friends and DJ friends:

Nalin & Kane - Beachball 2003 (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) (also on your list)
Klubbingman - No Limit On The Beach (Cosmic Culture Remix)
Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) (also on your list)
A.T.B. - Long Way Home (also on your list)
Voodoo & Serano - Overload
C.J. Stone - Don't Look Back
Three Drives - Air Traffic (also on your list)
Blank & Jones - Summer Sun
Kyau Vs. Albert - Velvet Morning (DJ Digress Remix)
Annie Lennox - Pavement Cracks (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)
Cosmic Gate - The Wave

Velvet morning is a great suggestion - I honestly have no idea what the track isn't on the list.

Cosmic Gate - The Wave I wasn't a big fan of, for some reason.

Besides that, I haven't actually listened to any of the others (although I've heard of a few). I'll be sure to check those out - thanks!

wow i found out the song~ it's:
dj special K - spiritual ecxtacy
(however you spell "ecxtacy", i forget)

Doubt it's 2003, but have you heard Transmutator's remix of Metallica's 'Orion'? That track RULES.

Haven't heard it - I tend to avoid remixes of popular songs (had a LOT of bad experiences with those - maybe I'll make a "worst trance of all time" list), but I'll check it out.

Ever plan to bless us with a 'best of 2004' list?

Anyway, this question is especially directed at you (and AAA).

Direct your attention to, and enlighten yourself with their community.

Thanks, I shall.

I may do a best of 2004 list. Actually, I have time now...

It won't be as long - 2004 was quite a (conparatively) weak year.

Okay, I finished the list: here, I take back my previous statement. 2004 was a pretty decent year.

I fell upon this site as I was seacrchin for a top 100 trance list. I must say, that I am very impressed with your knowledge of ths genre.

As a 35 year old former radio personality back in the early 90's, when techno/trance was just starting and groups like "the movement"...."snap" and "the KLF" were considered a new sound in music, I must admit that what you say is real and fact. I was always confused why trance did not make it here in the sates(I am from San Jose California) like it did in Europe and Canada. MTV and MTV2 here play no trance whatsoever. I always pisses me off that I have to keep hearing about another rapper buying a hummer or escalade and how many bitches and hoes he can pull. The U.S. need to give trance another try.

A few of my all time favorite trance hits..


Do you consider these all epic Trance? I always gravitate to tracks like these, I wondered what type of trance this was.

Anyway, don't mean to be so long winded. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to compile these lists. I really appreciate it.

Best Regards,


Well, those are all epic/anthem trance. The two genres are closely connected, and that's mostly where I sit as a DJ too (that, and progressive trance).

You might like my "top 250 trance songs of all time, in order of best to...least best." I update that one all the time

You'll find that here:

Well, I'm sure you've already seen it, but that one is the strongest list.

For anyone starting into trance/dance try a few of these.....
modulation - spirits(cosmic man mix)
mansun - wide open space
bt - remember(escm mix) or sasha mix
nu nrg - dreamland
bt - mercury and solace
duncan sheik - on a high(gabriel&dresden)
david morales - how would you feel
agneli and nelson - holding on to nothing(pvd mix)
sun decade - follow me (kyau and albert mix)
motorcycle - as the rush comes
kamaya painters - endless wave(albion)
damaged plummet
ppk - resurrection (space floor
first - private taste
vincent demoor feat emerald - fly away
jan johnson - love will come
jan johnson - flesh
solid sleep - club attack
electric boutique - revelation(f corsten mix)
delerium - silence(tiesto mix)
cygnus x - superstring(positron mix)
salt tank - eugina( pacific / or anything else
desert storm - desert storm
dj spy - go to your heart
djs rule - get into the music
dream lover - secret weapon
bbg - snappiness
lost witness - happiness happening
tilt - invisible
orion - eternity
velvet - velvet girl
art of trance - gloria
solar stone - seven cities
amber - sexual
veracocha - carte blanche
dominic plaza - sounds rushing(dave westmix)
pvd - time of our lives
pvd - nothing but you
pvd - crush
pvd - love from above
paul oakenfold - southern sun(tiesto mix)
pvd &tiesto - rendezvous
tiesto - obsession
tiesto - open your eyes(insigma mix)
armin van buerin feat gaia - 4 elements
flash - the day after
house of orange - stardust
cosmic baby - fantasia
last rhythm - last rhythm(jimmy gomez)
qattara -come with me
y traxx - mystery land
y traxx - trance piano
mothers pride - floribunda
symmetry - brainchild
slacker - scared
vincent de moor - floatation
volcano - let your body be free
sunscream - perfect motion
orbital - belfast
mrs wood - joanna
moonman - galaxia
johnny l - ohh i like it
westbam - wizards of sonic(westbam mix)
mark et claude - la(taucher mix)
alex whitcombe &big c - ice rain(heliotropic epic)
energy 52 - cafe del mar(dj Kid Paul Mix)
jam and spoon - follow me

james holden - horizons
james holden - nothing
alena - turn it around(space brothers)
planet perfecto - bullet in the gun
solar stone - solar coaster
ferry corsten - its time
4 strings - day time
slusnic luna - the sun
oceanlab - satelite
accadia - into the dawn(james holden )
surreal - you take my breath away
underworld - two months off(john ciafone mix)
miro - by your side
tilt feat maria naylor - angry skies
dune - who wants to live forever(trance mix)
ben watt - pop a cap in your ass
anything from filo & perry

hello summer88 ive been lukin for a song for 3 years now an i cant get it anywer i seen it on ur music list wud u be able te tell me were to get it please

i txt u already but i forgot to tell u the name of the song im lukin for its called y traxx trance piano thanx

stuck on a song:

Ok i'm new to this whole entire trance scene, but I recently got into it and I have liked some of it so far. But there is so much more to discover for me. I may be at the rookie level of trance now but that will change once somebody gives me some good tips on what to look for. so far from what i've read I was delightfully impressed with what i've discovered. But there is actually a couple of songs I've been trying to get a hold of. Now I have winmx which has a lot more than kazaa does and I can pretty much find anything through that or bearshare. But since bearshare's hardware and spyware were unsafe my computer has viruses now, yeah that sucked but anyway this one song I heard in a bar/club from my area and to some it may have sounded a bit sleazy but I could care less it sounded great. It was a girl singing this was the summer of 2004 I heard this, so i'm figuring the song's from either 2003 or 2004 maybe before I don't know. It's very trancy and has a twilight sound to it. The bad part is i don't know of the words to this song. Yes i know I should have paid more attention but i didn't. I do rememmber how it sounded though. If any of you remember kate bush's running up that hill from the mid 80's recall the little keyboard sound at the beginning of the song and at the end of the choruses. think that concept but there was a lot of moaning in this song too. As a matter of fact most of it was towards the middle and the end. Do you know that little piece from vh1's insomnia, when it advertises insomnia, that little piece of music comes on, well it sounds like that but think with the sound like the kate bush song. That insomnia sound sounds like this song actually. think after the choruses she sings then that kind of a sound. that's what it was, I have no idea who it is. But i'm more than sure it was strictly trance. They would not air it on the radio just in the clubs for sure. Sorry but that is about the only clues I can give you because that's really all i can remember from it. If any of you know this song and what i'm talking about let me know, I know those are some crappy clues but that's all i could think of right off hand. But it is a very sexy song I don't care what anyone thinks. Yes it has moaning in it but a lot of songs do. But if you know this song pease reply back,

thank you.

I've been trying to put together a CD of good Trance songs for the past few days and I must say that this list has helped a lot. I've liked trance for a while and I've noticed that many artists will make a few great songs and the rest will be crap. After the few good ones, they all begin to sound exactly the same. I was wondering if you could help me out with my CD? I've put together songs like Obsession by ATB, Offshore by Chicane, and Ready Steady Go by Paul Okaenfold. You notice that these trance songs are different than most other trance songs and have their own unique beat. I'm looking for more "unique" songs such as these. Can you help me

I highly recommend using my "top *** trance songs, in order of best to...least best" insstead though - you can find it by clicking my name, then clicking on the name of the list. Now, I don't see how those songs are different from other trance songs, any more than any trance song is different from other trance for that matter, I'll give you a few recommendations of a random assortment of my personal favorites. Most of these have beats that stray from continuous 4/4, if that's what you're looking for:

Nalin & Kane - Beachball
PQM - You Are Sleeping (PQM Vs. Luke Chable Vocal mix)
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Banco De Gaia - Heliopolis
Yahel - Voyage
Petter - These Days
Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (Humate mix)
Sasha - Xpander
Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink [or Outhouse, both are very good]
James Holden - The Wheel
Underworld - Dark Train (or Born Slippy)
Humate - Love Simulation (Paul Van Dyk's Love mix)
The MFA - The Difference it Makes
DJ Hooligan - Hear You Now (Grand Chillas mix)
Dominic Plaza - Sounds Rushing
Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar '98
Ascension - Someone (Slacker's Rolling mix)
Cygnus X - Superstring
Quench - Dreams
Push - Strange World (2001)

That should do it, but if you want any more recommendations, I have something like 8000000 of them...

Hey Darktremor

I'm just beginning to like trance, however I like Serenity - Armin van Buuren and Jan Vayne, could you suggest any other songs wich are comparable with Serenity.....

I was sitting there thinking... The theme? No way that was 2003... was it? Then I saw your disclaimer about dates at the end, and double checked. Yep, it's 2002.

Do you have/plan on making a list of best trance tracks of 2002? It was the year I got really big into real Trance (past the DJ sammy bullshit of kazaa, etc. thank god), and it might just be nostalgia but it feels like there were a ton of great tracks from '02.

I really want to thank you for the lists, you've revitalized my trance listening of late, I've been starving for some good new tracks (the trance in my circle of friends has all been played to death). Thanks a ton, and keep up the great work.

Also, just to note, I LOVE "The theme" and would hate to see it taken down and lose exposure to your list-viewers... so really the only option is a best of 2002 list...


The Theme is probably going to stay up, I've given up caring about the date (and I think it was a 2002-2003 hit anyway)

Glad you enjoy the lists :)

I probably won't make a best of 2002 list though, I've dropped that listmaking format, mostly. it's just too hard to say when a track REALLY came out, and all most people are doing is looking for some good trance songs: most don't care about the date too much beyond upfront tracks, which I deal with in my "Darktremor's current top 10 tracks" list.

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if any one of you could help me in finding a song. It is not entirely trance but more a relaxing song (which still falls under electronical music).

Unfortunately I do not remember in which year the song was released but the only info I can give regards the video clip. I know its commercial but I just have to (re)find it. I more or less forgot about the song until I reheard it during a commercial break :-) (Garnier)

The video clip is quite simple, in which you see a sunny relaxing area where some people tend to relax (lay down in the nature on a simple mat). Looking at the clip it is supposed to be a bit of science fiction in the sense that the people (men)laying down are human beings while the women taking care of them are supposed to be androids ( effectively nice looking women :-) ). At one point one of those men takes a butterfly in its hand killing or hurting it, which angers a small girl that in the end poisons the man (puts something in its glass of water).

Anyone? If you remember I'd be more than grateful if you could tell me the name of the song. Any thanks.

Would you be able to describe what the song sounds like?

Hi thanx for your response. I'll try to give some sort of a description. It is a somewhat slow song, with (as happens often with trance/dance songs) a simple text sang by a woman (normally in trance songs you hear a young voice. Instead in this song the voice seems to be somewhat older). The text is as I said quite simple although I do not remember the exact words. I remember words like 'just breathe', 'another day' (I could be wrong since it is quite some time ago). So as I said the song is quite slow whereby the music is relatively simple. No striking melodies nor change in the speed of the song.

I remember also that the song has been used in a commercial. Maybe you have seen those commercials of Laboratoires Garnier (i.e. health products for women). Those commercials are always accompanied by slow songs. It is exactly the same style as the song I am looking for. In those melodies you hear in the commercials you also hear almost exactly the same voice.

It is a bit difficoult to give an exact indication of what the song is about since we're dealing with electronical music but I hope you've been able to understand a bit the type of song.

Anyway thanx a lot for your help.

I know exactly the one!

Telepopmusik - Breathe

Hi Darktremor,

Thanx a lot. It is exactly the one I was looking for.

Since you are such an expert maybe you could help me in finding another one, although I think this one is too difficult. Even for you ;-).

I do not know where you are from but in the Netherlands on Radio538 ( there is a programma called Dance Department (you can listen to it every saturday night, which is presented by Van Diepen). In this programma every saturday night a (famous) DJ will play its composed set (e.g. DJ's like Tiesto, Armin van Buren, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold). On the site you can find afterwards the playlist of the songs played by the DJ. However the problem is that the playlist is only a recent idea whereas I heard that particular song around 2000, 2001. A bit old I know but it is great.

I will try to describe it a bit. The song begins relatively slowly and has a quite simple intro for about a minute. During the intro period you hear the voice of a woman that just as in the other song (Telepopmusik) seems to be of a somewhat older woman. The voices seem to be quite similar so my initial guess was they might be the same and therefore of the same group. Unfortunately I have not been able to find the song under this group. So recapitalizing, the voice is maybe a bit more deeper than the one of Telepopmusik. Normally such a voice makes a trance song less interesting, however in this case it makes it just better. During the intro you hear the voice say only 'Feel' (if I correctly recall) which the voice repeats a couple of times.

After the intro the song accelerates a bit. The song does not contain high vocals nor high sounds. During the after intro-part you hear the voice, that is a mix between simply talking and singing, repeat a couple of simple small phrases such as 'feel the music....soul'...feel the rhythm.

In the middle of the song there is a part, for about 15 seconds, that is a bit slower. A part that is a bit different from the rest of the song and which you normally do not hear in a trance song. During the interval you hear the woman's voice repeat again the same simple phrases: feel the music...feel the rhythm...and something else I have not been able to decipher.

Afterwards the song continues in exactly the same way before the interval. And ends after about a minute.

I hope you have been able to understand a bit my explanation. Sorry that I cannot provide you more info.

Anyway I thank you again for your kind response and hopefully you are able to find this one for me too :-).

Thanx again and nice holidays to you.

Greetz's my 1st post here...well...i've never listened that kind of music.. but few weeks ago...i've heard one great album...tribal house-pacha club ibiza 04 decided to search for familiar songs...i've downloaded most of songs on your lists here... there are lot of great stuff... have one question... few years ago..i have one album...and there were written :trance connection.... there were 8 amazing songs...about 6 minutes...the 1st one have one of greatests parts i've ever heard.... an instrument like flute... well...if you like this genre... i suppose that you have met already with this album... if anyone have some idea...what band is involved....i know that i know shitty informations...but...that's something special... so..please....any idea...
...thanks a lot...

For the love of god and all that is holy, please stop typing like that. It's really annoying to read, and it makes you sound like a drug-addled William Shatner.

I'll read what you have to say, I just can't get through it like that: please re-type!

Call 911 someone! This guy is suffocating. Aasthama attack! HELP!

Lol, I think it's too late bro....he's gone .... there's nothing we can do now, lets move on to someone we can save...

Notice to everyone:
I won't really be here for a while. Until about early May (2006), I'm pretty much entirely tied down to the rest of my life: I'm going to have almost no time at all to respond or update here. I may make an occasional post, but don't expect anything regular (and don't take offense if I don't answer you for a very very long time).

Sorry to anyone who has posted and I can't respond to: I'm juggling university (a SCIENCE degree, in others words the nightmare of university existence - this is a complete time filler as it is), a (very serious - not in nature, in depth of relationship) girlfriend, two entirely seperate groups of friends, several plays, several clubs, and possibly soon a job. There really isn't time left to handle answering comments...

Goodbye for now everyone! (I'll be back again, eventually). It's been fun.

Hey! Your list is amazing and I wish there was a way to contact you via email...

Nevertheless I have to ask... I was looking for two songs for the last 3 years. A friend let me borrow them on a cd, then we lost touch.

The first song is very melodic, by DJ Kenbo (korean DJ) and was remixed by DJ Pulse (It's a dream)

The second song is what I am really looking for... It is very, VERY progressive, with DEEP base, very fast and appears going up the entire song! I love it, but cannot find it ANYWHERE.

If you can help me I will be indebted to you for my life... as that song I still remember vividly after 3 years of hearing it.

Try: "Feelings" by Mike Shiver featuring Xan - a sure classic.

Was double checking to see if anyone posted anything about the song I mentioned... I tried feeling but that song is softcore compared to the hard progressive base I mentioned earlier

The reason no one knows it, is because that description fits thousands of EDM tracks.

oi i like wat u do here man...sure its 4 years later but i just found this place and its broadened my horizens...i was wondering if uve heard of this world is watching me - armin van burren

I'd say check out the top 400 list, this one isn't being edited at all anymore...

I've given up on Armin Van Buuren lately. Same cheesy crap all the time now.