Best screen kisses (a work in progress and in no part. order)

  • 1) SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL (when Mary Stuart Masterson is giving Eric Stoltz kissing lessons, and something happens...)
  • 2) GONE WITH THE WIND (Rhett Butler leaves Vivien Leigh on the bridge, but first the passionate kiss)
  • 3) ROMANCING THE STONE (super-cheesy white-suited Michael Douglas whirls Kathleen Turner around and then kisses her. My first impression of screen kissing. Indelible.)
  • 4) EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (Han Solo to Princess Leia - You like scoundrels...)
  • 5) WITNESS (Speaking of Harrison Ford, damn that Amish kiss is hot!)
  • 6) A ROOM WITH A VIEW (Helena Bonham-Carter wanders into a field of poppies, and is ambushed!)
  • 7) INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (This is how we Austrians say goodbye)
  • 8) BASEKETBALL (I won't ruin it, but it's not your typical kiss. I cheered.)
Author Comments: 

Did you learn how to kiss from the movies? I sure did. This is my list of most memorable, romantic, hot, or just interesting screen kisses. It is definitely a work in progress as these are only kisses I remember off the top of my head.