Best Film of Every Year (according to me): 1915-2006

  • 1915- The Birth of a Nation (Griffith)
  • 1920- The Golem (Wegener)
  • 1921- The Kid (Chaplin)
  • 1922- Nosferatu (Murnau)
  • 1923- Our Hospitality (Keaton, Blystone)
  • 1924- Sherlock, Jr. (Keaton, Arbuckle)
  • 1925- Bronenosets Potyomkin (Eisenstein)
  • 1926- Battling Butler (Keaton)
  • 1927- The General (Keaton, Bruckman)
  • 1928- Steamboat Bill, Jr. (Keaton, Reisner)
  • 1930- All Quiet on the Western Front (Milestone)
  • 1931- Dracula (Browning)
  • 1932- Freaks (Browning)
  • 1933- King Kong (Cooper, Schoedsack)
  • 1936- Modern Times (Chaplin)
  • 1937- Way Out West (Horne)
  • 1938- Bringing Up Baby (Hawks)
  • 1939- Stagecoach (Ford)
  • 1940- Rebecca (Hitchcock)
  • 1941- Citizen Kane (Welles)
  • 1942- Casablanca (Curtiz)
  • 1943- Shadow of a Doubt (Hitchcock)
  • 1944- none
  • 1945- Roma, città aperta (Rossellini)
  • 1946- It's a Wonderful Life (Capra)
  • 1947- Out of the Past (Tourneur)
  • 1948- The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (Huston)
  • 1949- The Third Man (Reed)
  • 1950- Rashômon (Kurosawa)
  • 1951- The African Queen (Huston)
  • 1952- Singin' in the Rain (Donen, Kelly)
  • 1953- Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (Tati)
  • 1954- Rear Window (Hitchcock)
  • 1955- East of Eden (Kazan)
  • 1956- The Searchers (Ford)
  • 1957- 12 Angry Men (Lumet)
  • 1958- Mon Oncle (Tati)
  • 1959- Les 400 Coups (Truffaut)
  • 1960- Psycho (Hitchcock)
  • 1961- West Side Story (Robbins, Wise)
  • 1962- Lawrence of Arabia (Lean)
  • 1963- 8 ½ (Fellini)
  • 1964- Goldfinger (Hamilton)
  • 1965- The War Game (Watkins)
  • 1966- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Leone)
  • 1967- The Graduate (Nichols)
  • 1968- Once Upon a Time in the West (Leone)
  • 1969- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Hill)
  • 1970- Little Big Man (Penn)
  • 1971- Dirty Harry (Siegel)
  • 1972- The Godfather (Coppola)
  • 1973- Don't Look Now (Roeg)
  • 1974- A Woman Under the Influence (Cassavetes)
  • 1975- Love and Death (Allen)
  • 1976- Taxi Driver (Scorsese)
  • 1977- Star Wars (Lucas)
  • 1978- Halloween (Carpenter)
  • 1979- Alien (Scott)
  • 1980- Raging Bull (Scorsese)
  • 1981- Raiders of the Lost Ark (Spielberg)
  • 1982- Fanny och Alexander (Bergman)
  • 1983- The King of Comedy (Scorsese)
  • 1984- Once Upon a Time in America (Leone)
  • 1985- After Hours (Scorsese)
  • 1986- Stand By Me (Reiner)
  • 1987- The Color of Money (Scorsese)
  • 1988- A Fish Called Wanda (Crichton)
  • 1989- Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (Tornatore)
  • 1990- Goodfellas (Scorsese)
  • 1991- Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Cameron)
  • 1992- Unforgiven (Eastwood)
  • 1993- The Age of Innocence (Scorsese)
  • 1994- Trois couleurs: Rouge (Kieslowski)
  • 1995- The Usual Suspects (Singer)
  • 1996- Fargo (Coen)
  • 1997- As Good As It Gets (Brooks)
  • 1998- Festen (Vinterberg)
  • 1999- American Beauty (Mendes)
  • 2000- Requiem for a Dream (Aronofsky)
  • 2001- The Fellowship of the Ring (Jackson)
  • 2002- Bowling for Columbine (Moore)
  • 2003- The Return of the King (Jackson)
  • 2004- Million Dollar Baby (Eastwood)
  • 2005- C.R.A.Z.Y. (Vallée)
  • 2006- United 93 (Greengrass)
Author Comments: 

Comments and suggestions welcome...

The Score:

Scorsese: 7
Keaton: 5
Hitchcock: 4
Leone: 3
Chaplin: 3
Tati: 2
Ford: 2
Stevens: 2
Huston: 2
Browning: 2
Eastwood: 2
Jackson: 2
Kazan: 2

For 1950, I'd consider Rashomon, Sunset Boulevard, or All About Eve.

Thanks for the suggestions, Penny.
The problem is that (for which reasons ever) I have seen none of the three films you have mentioned. They are definetly on my to-see-list though.
The 'best' film I have seen in 1950 would be Rio Grande, and, frankly, that's really not a great movie.

1996- Bottle rocket? lol (wes anderson strikes again!)

Thanks very much for the suggestion, Rushmore.
I'll have a look at that, as soon as possible.

whats Run Lola Run, going by my taste in films..would i like it? its at my college to rent, is it worth it?

I'm quite sure you'll like it. Actually the story is very simple, but the formal aspect of the film is extremely complex. It's difficult now to sum up the film without telling too much. It is just an film experience of 90 minutes, and the best German movie I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot!).
P.S.: I can't tell you whether the English synchronisation is good or not, as I have only seen the original version.

well there is an edition called "Lola Rennt" is that the better one? is that the one you saw?

Hmm... Lola Rennt is the original (German) title of the film. I don't know how good your knowlegdes in German are... I mean... do you speak German? If not, it would be quite 'risky' to watch such a film in that language...

no, think i''ll stick with Run Lola Run.

OK, do that and let me know what you think about it.

Have you seen Coppola's 'The Conversation'? I like it better than either of the Godfathers, and I really love the Godfathers.

No, unfortunately not. It is definetly on my to-see list.
However 1974 is a tough and above all close race. Even Chinatown was beaten by The Godfather, Part II.

Excellent, thank you for awarding Raiders of the Lost Ark, Shane, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Not many critics then appreciated the spaghetti western as much people do today.

You're absolutely right with what you say. I think there are still many people who ridiculize the spaghetti westerns.

The Battle of Algiers is a truly powerful film, so ahead of its time. Have you seen the Criterion edition that came out just a few months ago. Some great documentaries, including one on what it can teach us about terrorism today.

Johnny Waco

Hmmm... no, I don't think that I have seen the Criterion edition. I only watched it a few weeks ago, and it really impressed me. Well, I'll keep my eyes open for the documentaries. Thx!

For 44 I'd suggest Double Indemnity. For 47, ever seen Odd Man Out? A Carol Reed film that's almost as great as The Third Man.

Sorry, I haven't seen none of these, but soon I'll have the opportunity to get Double Indemnity. In fact, it is a potential candidate for this list.

I really hope you enjoy Double Indemnity. If you ever get chance to see Odd Man Out be sure to take it. It really is one of the greatest films I've ever seen.

Nice list, though The Birth of a Nation is actually 1915.

Oops. Thanks for the correction.