Best Commercials of 2004

  1. "Good news... I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico" - series of hilarious Geico commercials.
  2. "Feeling Good" - for season 4 of Six Feet Under.
  3. "Why can't you be more like Jessica?" on MTV ('not for use by adults').
  4. "The Ongoing Cock Swinging Contest Between Budweiser and Miller Beers"
  5. "Indestructible Pickup Truck" - the comedic timing when the girl screams "Noooooo!!!!" is absolutely perfect (after the truck remains unharmed by the fall from the cliff)
  6. "Karate Explosion" - the Netzero commercial that is pretty typical until the final moments, when it becomes hilarious.
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PLEASE nominate some more by commenting and I'll add them to the list.

Lol, someone who actually watches TV should probably maintain this list instead of ME :-)

I do love the Geico commercial that features a fake soap opera, where the guy says he has good news, the girl says, "What? You're leaving Jessica?", and the guy says, "No! I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!"

Oh, God, how could I forget the "Good News" Geico commercials! You're right, they RULE.

Very good news....

Please keep it clean. You can always say, "pendular motion."

thanks for the links!

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bb well keep up the great posts

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Somehow this small has by far the most reads among all my Listology items. It must be getting a lot of search engine hits or something.

As Jim told me a long time ago... "reads" mean nothing at all when it comes to Listology. Just two of my music lists combined have close to 10,000 reads, but have only produced 2 posts. It's all just search engine connections.

lol, wow. I don't have any items that have more than 1.000 reads, and most have fewer than 100.

I just found it was interesting that that particular list of mine should have, by far, the most reads.

I enjoyed a few commercial so far this year. I love the "Good News" Geico commercials, but I also like Geico's gecko riding in the convertable looking at all the dogs as well as the commercial with the nice guitar picking when all the kids and the gecko are sleeping.

I love the GMC commercial with the car parts falling on the open field and then you see that those are designs on paper being thrown out.

I think there are some more that I liked but can't remember right now.

I like the music in that gecko and dog commercial, but not really the commercial itself. Trust me - it was a real bitch to find the track used in that commercial, but I finally got it! :-)

Yes, any suggestions you have for this list are highly welcome, but it's more a list of what I think is great. So, if I like it, too, I'll add it to the list.

Oh, I don't mind. I was just posting the one's that I've liked this year, not intending to get them put up.

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