best of cartoon series

  1. the simpsons (89- )
  2. animaniacs (93-98)
  3. cartoon planet (95- )
  4. powerpuff girls (98- )
  5. king of the hill (97- )
  6. futurama (99-03)
  7. smurfs (81-90)
  8. voltron (84)
  9. thundercats (85-87)
  10. kidd video (84-87)
  11. jem! (85-88)
Author Comments: 

in order of fondness...

Nice list. :) Some that I would add would include classic Scooby Doo, Dexter's Laboratory, the Transformers, and classic Super Friends.

I'm glad to see another fan of Animaniacs! I think it is the only inheritor of the grand tradition of Warner Bros. cartoons. They appeal to young children while making pop culture references only an older audience would understand.

On that note, I would recommend classic Warner Bros. cartoons, esp. Bugs Bunny. I recommend the old ones, though. The new ones cut out all the good stuff (like smoking cigars & gambling).

I agree with you on the classic Warner Bros. cartoons. The new ones are so tame these days!

I would also add that great classic cartoon "The Flintstones." (with the original cast), "Rocky and Bullwinkle," and "Underdog." Some of the new cartoons that I predict will be classics are: Spongebob Squarepants," "The Fairly Odd Parents," and "Sheep in the Big City," Frankly, I'm getting tired of "The Rugrats."

Wow. I didn't think anybody remembered Kidd Video.

That said, I would have to say old Bugs Bunny is my favorite.

May I recommend The Family Guy in there somewhere.

yeah, i liked baby stewie and the dog, brian, was amusing but i didn't think the rest of the family was that endearing... not bad though.

Where the heck is Ren and Stimpy? You ideeot!!!

I need my Hologram earrings.