The Best Black and White Movies of the Color Era

  • 1.The Last Picture Show
  • 2.Manhatten
  • 3.Lenny
  • 4.Stranger than Paradise
  • 5.Raging Bull
  • 6.Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff?
  • 7.The Elephant Man
  • 8.Ed Wood
  • 9.Schindler's List
  • 10.Clerks
  • 11.Dead Man
  • 12.Paper Moon

I like all these movies. I would have put them in a different order, but thats just me. Good list with good entries.

Thanks. It's amazing how good most black-and-white movies coming out in the last three or so decades have been. Maybe it's just the kind of director attracted to black-and-white film; it adds a certain gravity and focus to a movie.

I figured I might get some minor disagreements, especially regarding my placement of Schindler's List, in my opinion a good, but overrated, film.

Johnny Waco

Well, as far as Schindler's List goes, I disagree. I rank it as the best film of the 90's. As far as black-and-white being used in this modern era. I think it really depends on the subject madder. The Elephant Man could not have worked in color, given the main chatracter's ailments. Plus it was more heartwrenching in b&w, dont you think? Same eith Lenny. That movie grabs me by the sack every time I see it. And of Course,Clerks, which do not have listed, had a good resonance in B&W.

Good call on Clerks. I'm adding it to the list post-haste.

Johnny Waco