bands/artists i'd love to see live but haven't or can't

  • still hoping to
  • john mayer
  • david gray
  • nickel creek
  • alanis morissette
  • ours
  • remy zero
  • travis
  • lenny kravitz
  • our lady peace
  • radiohead
  • eurythmics
  • james taylor
  • not sure - i'm out of the loop--are they still around?
  • sisters of mercy
  • innocence mission
  • folk implosion - haven't heard "the new folk implosion" but i guess it didn't stick cuz according to their label dropped em--we'll see what they come up with next
  • no longer can
  • the doors - well thanks to sophist, i now know about the new doors supergroup, featuring ian astbury of the cult on vocals and stewart copeland (of the police) on drums. needless to say, john densmore is NOT happy about it.
  • the police - could see sting but it just wouldn't be the same
  • the smiths - i've seen morrissey plenty but would've killed to see these guys
  • soul coughing - could possibly see m. doughty... anybody know what happened to the rest?
  • jeff buckley - i met his mother, but there is no regret like not having had the chance to see him
  • corey hart - if only i'd heard about that 98 comeback!
Author Comments: 

note: reasons for the haven't or can't may be obvious (like a dead band member or they're just plain defunct)...otherwise, it's probably due to geography, rare touring, or ticket prices.

I agree with many of your choices, and I would also like to add The Grateful Dead. I had just "come of age" when Jerry died, so I missed out on what I feel may have been a common cultural element of the era....Boo Hoo.

Corey Hart actually made a bit of a comeback in 1998. Pro: He actually played a show in my city that got good publicity. Con: 95% of the audience probably showed up for "Sunglasses At Night".

did you actually GO?! (yeah, that's too bad--and i don't even like "Sunglasses..." IMO, Boy in the Box was the ultimate in the Hart collection.)

grrrrrr! harry connick, jr. was in rochester last night and when i called (yesterday afternoon) the only tickets that were left were $45... (that's it--i think i'm gonna have to plan my trip to New Orleans around when he's playing!)

yippee! i'm going to see BECK in Toronto this weekend and i'm totally psyched... just thought i'd share.

Actually the Doors have become a possibility again. I am afraid to find out how much tickets are going to cost.