Avoid if You're Pregnant

  • Alien - Original and Sequels (Not a nice depiction of birth).
  • The Hand that Rocks The Cradle
  • Rosemary's Baby
  • Father of the Bride II
  • Hush
  • Micki & Maude
  • The Omen
Author Comments: 

Something I have absolutely NO experience on. But I can imagine!
P.S. Father of the Bride II is on there because I can't imagine the horror of trying to share the news to be one upped by the last person you would ever expect, your own mother!

Alien Resurrection is even worse; my wife and I made the mistake of seeing it when she was quite pregnant. Trust me. BIG mistake.

My nominee for this one would be The Omen. Though I know many parents who think their children are devil spawned

I was trying to think of the name of that one! All I could remember was Damien. Thank you!

Alright, it isn't a film, but the instant-classic episode of ER, Love's Labor Lost, is certainly one to stay away from. Perhaps it is even more because it certainly COULD happen.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I thought about that episode as well and it's classic. That's the one about the woman with pre-eclampsia, right? One of my best friends was actually pregnant when that episode aired. You can imagine the phone call I got (especially because my boyfriend at the time was a paramedic). Anyway since it is television...I'll have to leave it off for now.

Species and Species II should be on this list. I actually saw Species II while I was pregnant. It irritated me more than anything. The "father" putting all his "children" in a shed.

I, fortunately, have not seen Species or Species II. Also, I think "The Astronaut's Wife" hinted at something scary with pregnancy as well, but I haven't seen that either.