Another Lyric Challenge (Or how I learned to stop worrying and make my own list!)

  1. "She'd rather be alone than pretend" - solved!
  2. "I'd like to tell her that I love her a lot, but I gotta get a belly full of wine" - solved!
  3. "The sheep seem to shower, off this office tower" - solved!
  4. "She spent her money on a loaf of wonderbread and a can of beefaroni italian food today, what does she think when she pours herself a drink and she looks at me that way"
  5. "Blue canary in outlet by the light switch, who watches over you" - solved!
  6. "Singing songs about what I feel like inside, keeps me coming back for more"
  7. "Quietly turning her back door key, stepping outside she is free" - solved!
  8. "I always knew you'd leave me, let you string me along, I pretended to believe you so that I could write this song"
  9. "Please stay awhile, I know at first I seemed to busy, but now I'll take the time, stay and tell me one more story"
  10. "I'll see myself reflected in someone one I used to know, and I may look away and keep going home"
  11. "Oh can't you see, It's not for me, eating bean sprouts all day long and smoking pot out of a bong"
  12. "I can tell by the way you're looking at me, we'll be together tonight"
  13. "I never thought I could be happy, without you by my side"
  14. "10,000 miles from you, I'm sinking all alone, treading new waters, where is my buoy"
  15. "We wrote this song, it's not too short, not too long, It's got back-up voc's in just the right places"
  16. "Tried to share my world with you, you could not seem to tolerate"
  17. "Life is the crummiest book I ever read, there isn't a hook, just a lot of cheap shots, pictures to shock and characters an amateur would never dream up"
  18. "I really don't know much of anything at all, but I'll admit were all the same"
  19. "I meant to write it on the plane, high above my earthly pain, but I slept right through the flight and that was all"
  20. "I took a drive to a rich and wealthy country, Saw everything I wanted and everything I need, Went right up and tried to join their party, You oughta seen the look when they saw me"
  21. "Well I will hold this coin that, reminds me of the time when, you nearly kissed me blind on bathurst street, it's true"
Author Comments: 

Some are dead easy, some are a little more obscure, but all of them are my favourite songs of the moment.
Same old game - one point for song, one point for artist, one point for album, and 2 points for the next line in the song!
I'll post scores as you post answers. Good luck!

drtyhalo - 16 points
AAA - 2 points
Buddy - 3 Points

Well, i suppose i'll get the easy ones out of the way ; )
1 is "Confetti" by the Lemondheads, from It's A Shame About Ray.
2 is The Beatles with"Her Majesty" from Abbey Road, and the next line goes "Her majesty's a pretty nice girl/someday i'm gonna make her mine"
5 is from the album Flood by They Might Be Giants with the song "Birdhouse in You Soul". The next line is appropriately "Make a little birdhouse in your soul"
and number 7 is another Beatles song, from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, "She's Leaving Home"

Nicely done! All of the above is perfect, which means, umm, carry the four, 16 points! And yeah, Those are the easy ones...but the points still count!

3. is "when i fall" by BNL, I think.

Yes, it is - 2 points!

This is from the album "Born on a Pirate Ship" and I believe the next line is "It's 9.8 straight down, I can't stop my knees."

Yep! Good work.