America's Definition of "Electronica" (Personal Preference)

  1. "Electronica" was a word invented by the press to sum up this mass music genre "made by machines." It's not a real music genre. It's not really a pet peeve of mine when people use it, because people are naturally stupid. It does get on my nerves when "humungo" companies and websites use it- such as iTunes and the Billboard Top 100.
  2. But to the random person's mind, what does electronica entail? What comes to one's mind when they hear it? I guess there are numerous theories, since everyone has their own opinions on what the musical conspiracy provides us with- such as commercials and movie soundtracks.
  3. This particular list bases itself off of the opinion that "electronica" puts one in the place of action- people jumping out of burning helicopters, spinning through the air with a sword in one hand, a rifle in the other. Guys jumping out of big white vans under a tunnel going 85 mph, running on the walls with some other-worldly power. That power, my friends, is the apocalyptic breakbeat music screaming in the soundtrack... if not for the blaring breaks trudging the hero to go onward... they'd have been mutilated hours ago... and the movie wouldn't have sky-rocketed in theatre sales.
  4. Okay fine, there can be arguments- I'm sure they can trudge through with a blaring anthem trance song, or some electroclash hit telling them to fuck themselves, or even Enya. Right. BUT THIS IS THE ANTHEM-BIGBEAT-CHEMICAL-ACID-BREAKS VERSION!
  5. There are a few exceptions to the breakbeat music genre here, due to the popularity and usage in action sequences, I have them noted.
  6. Overseer - Supermoves
  7. The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
  8. Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
  9. Ron D. - Clubbed to Death [Exception: Ambient Breaks]
  10. Crystal Method - Busy Child
  11. Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup
  12. The Prodigy - Firestarter
  13. N*Trance - The Mind of the Machine [Exception: Darkstep]
  14. (This would be the ultimate fuckin' kick ass song... if it weren't for the guy's UBER-ANNOYING talking breaks... and that lady... ugh...)
  15. DJ Friction & Spice - You Make Me Feel So Good
  16. DJ Voodoo & The Liquid Method - Everyone Thinks I'm High and I Am
  17. New Order - Confusion ("Blade Rave") (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix) [Exception: Hard Acid Trance]
  18. Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank
  19. Propellerheads - Spybreak!
  20. Groove Armada feat. Gramma Funk - I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix)
  21. Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama
  22. Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind
  23. Chemical Brothers - Elektrobank
  24. The Prodigy - Breathe
  25. Banco De Gaia - How Much Reality Can You Take?
  26. Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness
  27. Kingsize - Acid or XTC
  28. Fluke - Zion [Exception: Tribal Tech Trance]
  29. Fatboy Slim - Going out of My Head
  30. Orbital - Halcyon On & On [Exception: Ambient Techno]
  31. Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go
  32. Tatu - Not Gonna Get Us
  33. Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter Skelter
  34. Moby - Bodyrock
  35. Kasabian - Club Foot (Club Mix)
  36. Uberzone - Botz
  37. Death In Vegas - Dirt
  38. Apollo 440 - Charlie's Angels 2000
  39. Junkie XL - Take the Red Pill, Take the Blue Pill
  40. Tech Itch - Real
  41. Linkin Park - Session
  42. Ultraviolet - Kites (Fantasy Flite 1) [Exception: Vocal Breaktrance/Ambient Breaks]
  43. Overseer - Velocity Shift
  44. Paul Oakenfold - Swordfish
  45. Meat Beat Manifesto - Martenot Waves
  46. Apollo 440 - Stop the Rock
  47. Graeme Revell & Mike Einziger - Daredevil Theme (Blind Justice Remix)

Yeah, that is an annoying term.

Interesting concept for a list. I like what you've got here.

Supermoves is definitely an awesome track :)

A few "genre" classics:
Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup
Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness
Junkie XL - Dealing with the Roster
Crystal Method - Name of the Game
Ron D - Clubbed to Death [this is a favorite of people who use the world "electronica," and often featured in "breaks in the action" in action movies]
Orbital - Halcyon On and On [another "breaks in the action" movie favorite]
Roger S - Wrek Tha Discotek
New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix) [aka: "Blade Rave"]
Daft Punk - Around the World
Fatboy Slim - Rockefeller Skank
Chemical Brothers - Elektrobank
DJ Voodoo vs. The Liquid Method - Everybody Thinks I'm High and I Am
The Prodigy - Breathe
Fluke - Zion
Propellerheads - Spybreak!
Uberzone - Botz

I can't believe I forgot some of those!
I might as well just review the entire Matrix/Animatrix Soundtracks... most of those songs are well known anyway.

I'll have to check out quite a few of those though.