_All-Time Favourite TV Characters: A Review_

  • Dr. Cox (Scrubs) - The most cynical, damaged character on TV. Though this provides some of the best comedy you will likely ever see. John C. McGinley plays the character to each and every detail which makes it more believable which is important to a character which is so hyperbolic. His interaction and general tormenting of JD provides so many laughs. he, in scrubs, is given most of the medical speeches...and well..speeches in general, and it's done to the point, just perfect. Dr. Cox has this almost cartoonish aspect however is contrasted with very real underlining pain within his character, which gives it so much more depth.
  • Dr. Lilith Sternin (Cheers) - The best female TV character ever, without a doubt. The pairing of her and frasier in cheers, is one of, if not the, best moves a TV show has ever made. they went so well together. If only she had agreed to do the show "Frasier" which followed. i hear she was offered full time role but turned it down. Luckily she made any guest spots on the show. Each line she says is funny, every tone is funny. The Lilith and Frasier years on cheers were outstanding. episodex like "The Cranemakers" or the brilliant " Abnormal Physcology". Lilith is not only the best female character but up there with the best of the best.
  • Niles Crane (Frasier) - In cheers Frasier was so different, so original and new. There couldn't be two of them? oh, there was. Niles Crane, played brilliantly by David Hyde Pierce, is able to make you laugh with just a movement. A very good physical performer, and one of the best and projecting his voice. The reason it worked so well was that he was so much like Frasier, that was funny in itself. In Cheers, Frasier Crane was the best, and in Frasier, Niles was the best.
  • Eric Cartman (South Park) - I think with the arrival of Family Guy and Other shows his popularity is fading, but let's not forget why he was so popualr, he is so so so funny. Cartman was the star of south park there was no doubt about that, he was bart but with swear words, and it worked like a charm. He likes to think he is wise and clever but he's anything but, he's gullible. What south park did so well was this: sure they were kids who swore, but they were still kids. They got things wrong, they didn't know anything about how the world works but liked to think they did, and cartman was the best at that. I think it's a shame that south park is fading, because cartman is ont only one of the best animated characters, he's got to be up there with flesh and blood characters!
  • Loads More To Come.
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These are in no real order they are just a list of TV characters i love.

Have to agree on these three so far! Dr Cox is just unbelievably awesome. And Niles is definitely my fave Frasier character.

Thank you Wezzo. I was rewatching some frasier's last night, i watched all the ones i have on dvd that feature Lilith. I also bought Cheers: Season 5. thats where lilith and frasier get together, and lilith becomes full cast memeber season 6+. Oh and i rewatched because of the upcomming release of scrubs: Season 2, John C's appearence in Frasier Season 2's "Seat Of Power" as Danny the plumber who picked on niles as a kid

DR cox is the best character on TV excludin family guy characters