AlacritMusic's Ten Intriguing Tunes of the Moment; Volume 3

  1. This list was established November 8th, 2007.
  2. BT - The Antikythera Mechanism (2007)
  3. This song was recommended to me about a month ago by both Blind and Merlin. I hadn't purchased this song until yesterday, and am finally convinced after numerous listening sessions of "Good Morning Kaia" and (ESPECIALLY) "The Antikythera Mechanism," I'm going to have to buy this album. BT has overdone himself a million times over with the work, This Binary Universe. This particular composition (yes, it deserves to be called a composition more than any other EDM piece I've heard in a LONG time) starts out very calm, almost tear jerking. The drawn out synths seem directionless, yet sketch a pattern of their own in time. Guitars are eventually added, transforming the musical essence into ballad form, and then is joined with a glitchy rhythm, putting on a completely different vibe, but not taking away from any of the built up emotion. The entire song seems to progress in movements, dancing between instrumental and glitchy electro trance. And when that climactic symphony bursts into the picture, it'll suck the breath right out from your wind pipe. One of the ultimate songs to have in any EDM collection.
  4. UPDATE: I purchased the CD/DVD edition of This Binary Universe the other day. The songs are absolutely epic (having NOTHING to do with "epic" music genres, ew.) and never fail to move you, sending chills down your spine. But I was slightly disappointed with the music videos. They don't do the songs justice in the slightest, and the animation effects could use alot of work. Also, if you notice, the songs tended lack a repetitive nature, but the videos brought the repetitive effect way more to life than the songs ever could. I found myself yawning. If you can, get the edition without the DVD. I found the DVD a waste of my money.
  5. The Field - Over the Ice (2007)
  6. I think it's extremely safe to say this song is quite different from any other trance song I've ever listened to. You know the phrase "broken record?" It's as if someone conquered this action perfectly, creating a glitch that envelopes itself keeping a 4/4 steady pace and a melody unlike any other. A woman's voice is also present, but its as if the glitch caught a few notes from a vocal warmup, and it blends right in with the synths intertwined in chaos. And acid. Yes, there is ACID in there. You'll hear it. This song may take some getting used to, but it will, without a doubt, get stuck in your head. In a good way. It's beautiful.
  7. Sasha - Wavy Gravy (2002)
  8. Another completely astounding album is Sasha's Airdrawndagger. I already own this one, and have listened to the entire thing numerous times (no I'm not trying to brag!). "Wavy Gravy" ends the collection, with some of the most hypnotic melodies I've heard. The mood this song puts on is as if you took a huge chunk of acid (you have to keep an open mind about this... you obviously can't touch musical acid and if you were you grab a huge chunk of actual acid you wouldn't have hands left...) and shoved it deep underwater, and listened to the result. In this context, you can't use the phrase "watered down" because that would be entirely inappropriate. It's something new, something smooth, like chocolate. Musical chocolate.
  9. Kate Havnevik - Unlike Me (Ost & Kjex Re-Mix) (2006)
  10. The original version of this song was made big due to it being featured on Grey's Anatomy. It's a very good ballad with strong lyrics, and Kate Havnevik has a beautiful voice. She's featured on multiple Royksopp tracks (another one of my favorite artists). The Ost & Kjex Re-Mix competely dissects the song and glitches it into an ambient-pop/neo-trance masterpiece. I suddenly find myself including alot of glitchy songs in this top ten. Hmm. Anyway, the entire song is very progressive, and the fact that the original had an eerie strings break works perfectly with the style of music the Re-Mix transformed it into.
  11. Underworld - Cowgirl (1994)
  12. An oldie, and a goodie. This song is off the Hackers Soundtrack, and don't ask me anything about that movie, because I have yet to see it. But this song starts out with a man's voice repeating the word "Everything," and then is accompanied by the same man chanting "I'm invisible," and it evolves from there with more voices and ends up forming a verse. The part that I love is when the vibraphone kicks in after he chants "An Erazer of Love." The melody is absolutely insane. If the entire song just consisted of that melody by itself with no beat or anything and only lasted even 15 seconds I'd STILL put it in my top 50 of my trance list (okay I stole the idea for that phrase from Darktremor in his description of Efdemin...).
  13. Shiny Toy Guns - Nothing Compares to You (2006)
  14. Okay, this is my favorite band, but why are the only pieces I ever put in my intriguing top ten remakes from other stars? I'm a sad person. The Shiny Toy Guns have some of my all time personal favorite synthtron, electro, and rock songs. This song starts out horrible. I'm not going to lie. It's like musical death. Karah Faye practically sounds like she's stabbing herself in the throat when she bounces back between singing and whispering. It's like electroclash brought the omen of death. And I love it. It's a treasure. The song has two completely separate halves. The first half sounds reminiscent to a snake writhing in agony, slithering through a burning field of synthesizers. It then transitions into something danceable and climactic- and the revitalization of the synthesizers. And I LOVE her voice. It's powerful.
  15. Lily Allen - Knock 'Em Out (2006)
  16. Lily Allen- one of those artists who's lyrics simply make one smile. No pun intended. This is one of those songs you just naturally agree with, explaining the pig minds of men at the bar. And you simply MUST sing along. Lily makes herself out to be one of those artists you want to relate with REALLY bad in certain situations. And that's why everyone loves her. She could kick anyone's ass.
  17. Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own (2006)
  18. Like Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse is another artist you find it easy to sing along with. Well, or complicating, because her voice is exceptionally unique. Perhaps that's why I find it so fun to sing along with her cd Back In Black. It was hard to pick out a song that best described this whole mood. Another favorite of mine to pathetically attempt to sing along with is "Me and Mr. Jones." Amy mixes modern hip hop with classic jazz, conjuring up a completely experimental result that dominates. "Tears Dry On Their Own" takes the music from "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and adds a completely different line up- different lyrics and a different singing melody altogether. It's a shocking listening experience I tell ya.
  19. BT - Good Morning Kaia (2007)
  20. Another jem off of This Binary Universe. Ingeniously put at 5/4 time, this song is just as soothing as "The Antikythera Mechanism," although perhaps just a tad less powerful. Still, just as beautiful and moving. One can either clear their mind or get to thinking with this sort of lovely music.
  21. Daft Punk - Human After All (2005)
  22. I recently just acquired Daft Punk's greatest hits (Musique Volume 1: 1993-2005). This song is like what a rock band of robots would sound like (excluding the fact that Daft Punk also has a song on their greatest hits called "Robot Rock," and I'm sure most of Daft Punk's existence revolved around a robot rock band image). Thomas Baltanger is a genius with vocodors. I'd like to go to a Daft Punk concert someday, the mosh pit's gotta be kick ass.

Cowgirl is my pick for one of the best electronic tunes ever. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Underworld live set "Everything, Everything". The entire album is great, but the final track, Rez/Cowgirl, is completely epic and fascinating, you know, the kind of track that leaves you in silence for a few minutes.