AlacritMusic's Ten Intriguing Tunes of the Moment; Volume 2

  1. This list was established October 3rd, 2007
  2. DnTel - (This is the) Dream of Evan & Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt Mix) (2002)
  3. I searched for this song, at the time, due to the fact that I was in a bit of a neo-trance frenzy, wanting to listen to as much as I could get my hands on. Silly me, always wanting a song for the fact that it's under a music genre I'm crazy about. Well, that isn't all that silly when you think about it. But what I got in result was a breathtaking epic experience brought to my ears in a period of seven minutes. If I came across this song with no knowledge of music genres at all I still would have fallen crazy for it. Convinced at this point that the lead singer is also that of the band Death Cab for Cutie and the project The Postal Service (two of my favorite artists), the lyrics are gripping and alluring. The steady progressive and curious backround music isn't intended to be for the backround at all. Everything included in this song intertwines to be equal and exists to satisfy the ears, and does a perfect job of doing so. Strongly recommended to both tranceheads and concert junkees. Could be heard on both dancefloors and in Latte cafes. (You'd think the song would drive me crazy because when I'm at work the phrase "Ringing ringing ringing ringing ringing off..." pulsates through my brain. Actually it just makes me want to get in my car after clocking out and skip to that song on my cd...)
  4. Feist - 1234 (2007)
  5. You all know this song. It's the latest installment to the other billion songs that are/have been featured on the I-pod commercials seering into living rooms across the globe. The song is simple, happy, and addicting. The music video is quite simple as well, but describes the mood of the tune quite justice. Much more catchy than Feist's first single "My Moon My Man," which I still enjoy very much... but would much rather prefer blasting "1234" in my car with the windows open... it all comes down to personal preference... this whole list actually...
  6. L.S.G. - Hearts (1994)
  7. MUCH MUCH thanks to Blind for recommending this song for my trance list. Classic trance. Old school. You know, with that trippy space feeling. Makes your pulse increase as the minutes pass by. Question. What is that noise/instrument/electrical sound/synth called that produces that incredibly enchanting melody with the rhythm cease? It's not the first time I've heard it... it's also featured in L.S.G.'s "Fragile" and I think it's also in Cygnus X's "Orange Theme"... and if I'm not mistaken... it's also used in Tiesto's version of "Adagio for Strings." I'm absolutely taken by it. If anyone knows any other songs that feature that instrument/tool I'd love recommendations!
  8. Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life (2007)
  9. I don't care if anyone disagrees with me here but I'm convinced this is a perfect hybrid combining indie-alternative with neo-trance. I can imagine this kind of music pulsating through a beautiful loft with the sun shining through the vast area of windows. One can only dream that I'll exist in that atmosphere... someday...
  10. Shiny Toy Guns - Stripped (2006)
  11. Yeah, that's right. This song STILL intrigues me more than most! I'm a huge Shiny Toy Guns fan, and in exactly thirteen days I'll be attending a concert they're opening. I won't stay long though... because they're opening for Blue October... who suck... another personal opinion. For a detailed description of this song check out my former top ten (which this song tops).
  12. L.S.G. - Netherworld (Vinyl Cut) (1997)
  13. I just acquired this song. LOVE it. Have no clue as to why I didn't acquire it earlier! I've always heard it looped on Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music... but it never stuck out to me, as most of the songs don't- but are still good use for examples. The rhythm is what lures me in. It's hard and heavy, and not as robotic as alot of older trance, not as pop infused like most epic trance. I find progressive trance has alot of experimental rhythms (i.e. Andy Ling's "Fixation" and alot of pieces by DJ Sasha).
  14. Copeland - Control Freak (2006)
  15. Nothing strikes clearly significant about this piece when first listened to, but I love it dearly. Copeland are masters at making cool down alternative songs. Catchy lyrics (30 bits of glass had become my teeth, they were breaking each and every time I tried to speak, it's freaking me out...). Inlove with the guitar sound and solos.
  16. Petter - These Days (2004)
  17. Umm... I was an idiot that owned the edit of this piece for a very long time. I just purchased the 8 minute version; the full version; the original version; the RIGHTFUL version. The only version that does it JUSTICE. It's BEAUTIFUL I tell ya. You don't have to be patient to listen to this. Although I'm begrudged against anyone that's impatient but still loves trance. It's like a walking contradiction. This song is soothing ambient breaktrance, but could pass of as neo-trance as well in my mind. Also very progressive. Do all these descriptions sound the same? I feel I'm repeating alot of info... I just like listening to this on my I-pod on the go... it's like I'm walking in some cinematic film scene...
  18. Rasputina - Rose K. (1998)
  19. Ahhh Rasputina. Lovely gothic. No- not "Hey I'm goth cuz I have tons of mascara on and am wearing a black spaghetti strap and fishnets to contrast my pasty chalk skin" goth. Ewww. I'm talking Transylvania goth. Castlevania goth. Classy goth. "I'll happily interview a vampire" goth. A string trio. Ballad music to die for. Music you'd hear in an introduction to an old world vampire film. Although the lyrics are quite the contrary. Makes you feel for whoever the person on medication is. Or pity the rose... I guess... The lead singer has a very unique vibrato...
  20. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (1997)
  21. Another progressive trance legend I just acquired. I listen to it quite frequently. One of those trance songs that you're proud of sharing, that can easily get other people into trance. I'd recommend sharing this song over the Ian Van Dahl-Lasgo-Fragma direction... it'll only go downhill if you make them believe that's what trance is.

Thanks for the thanks man! I think it's just a regular synthesizer with loads of cutoff, reverb and echo which gives it that heart-breaking spacey sound. Nice tunes of the moment, and well done for getting hold of nertherworld, what a track!

Your welcome for the thanx! And thanx for the thanx for the thanx!

....haha anyway

Good to see you're getting into the "neo-trance"/minimal trance thing too.

I also love 1,2,3,4...and I (embarassingly) think "so sorry" is a really pretty song. It's a good album, generally.