AlacritMusic's Ten Intriguing Tunes of the Moment; Volume 1

  1. This List was established July 7th, 2007
  2. Shiny Toy Guns - Stripped (2006)
  3. How can anyone simply NOT love and adore this song? Oh, I see. You're a Depeche Mode fan. Well I am too, but one has to admit the song needed a bit of help. "Stripped" was originally done by Depeche Mode in 1986 off of their album "Black Celebration." I first heard the remake on 2006's "Goth Electro: A Tribute to Depeche Mode." In my opinion, every single song Shiny Toy Guns has ever done is extremely epic sounding (Check out "You are the One" and "Don't Cry Out"!!!) The difference here is they put on an incredibly new atmosphere reminiscent of a gothic cyberpunk metropolis feel, and they concure it with a pure euphoric smoothness at the same time. And the vocals are like candy to the ear, both male and female.
  4. Bjork - Declare Independence (2007)
  5. Wow. Quite possibly the most emotionally angry and chaotic electronic composition I've ever heard. You're probably thinking "Umm... everything Bjork does is chaotic..." but you haven't heard anything like this. Bjork puts on a political standpoint where her emotions are beared so obvious, that you can actually UNDERSTAND what she's SAYING!! Okay, enough fun poking, because I'm actually an immense Bjork fan. The song starts out awkward- with the bass being both calm and somewhat disturbing. As if you can sense something's wrong. The song in itself is quite progressive. The disturbing bass/melodies/vocals are soon joined by harsh angry tribal beats and the voice soon becomes a scream. The song is actually extremely catchy and I found myself playing it over and over again. Either you love it or you hate it. I don't care if you hate it. Go listen to Britney Spears ya puss.
  6. The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health (2006)
  7. Hahaha!!! I love this song. In a word, unique. Exteremly catchy. You'll find yourself humming along to it at work, in the car, in the shower. Tribal electro I presume. The lead singer has a Bjork-esque voice, but the music is a bit more on the house/minimal side than Bjork's rough electronic world beat atmosphere. The original version too slow for you? Try the Trentemoller remix. It seems not to have been altered much, but transforms into an Electro-ketaminimal anthem.
  8. Bjork - Earth Intruders (2007)
  9. The very song that introduces you to the world of Bjork's "Volta." Unlike "Declare Independence," one feels they can actually dance to this song. And that's exactly what I did in my car while driving (not safe, I know) the first time I put "Volta" in the cd drive. You're brought into a completely separate dimension with jungle noises and superb sound effects (although I can't describe the wet splurting noise... rather disgruntles me...). Too foreign sounding to put onto an electric compilation, yet too disturbing to put on a Pure Moods cd. This is where my music tastes lie. Hahahaha.
  10. Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky (1977)
  11. Oh yes. Everyone knows this song. It's one damn happy song. It has to make the top ten in the world's happiest song list. Along with Katrina and the Wave's "Walking on Sunshine" and Wham's "Wake me Up Before you Go Go." The only difference is THIS SONG doesn't make me want to SHOOT myself. :) I recently bought ELO's Greatest Hits and I tend to put this song on repeat. One of those pot smoking songs I tell ya...
  12. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) (2003)
  13. Yeah, how original of me. This song tops half of my lists here on listology. If I'd have been doing this list for quite some time this song would probably have been in the top ten for most of it. It's the smoothest, coolest, most relaxing piece of trance candy I've ever set my ears upon. It's like silk. It's nothing extravagantly magnificent, and the only spectacular aspects of the song are when you're listening CLOSELY. And the vocal distortions, who can't mention those. Completely haunting.
  14. IT'S A TIE.
  15. The Sounds - Queen of Apology (Album Version)
  16. The Sounds - Queen of Apology (Patrick Stump Remix) (2006)
  17. Everything in the 90's was all about house remixes. Diva everything up. Presently it seems its all about the electro remixes and the krunk remixes. The "Snakes on a Plane" soundtrack has a remix of The Sounds' "Queen of Apology," tranforming it from a post evolved new wave rocker, into a soul corrupted R&B jam. The first time I heard it I was absolutely appalled. But hearing it a second time put me into a state of awe. The format in which she sings makes both versions fit perfectly into completely separate music realms. It's a beautiful thing man.
  18. Bjork - Innocence (2007)
  19. Sick of Bjork's "Volta" yet? What a coincidence! Me neither! Track 4's "Innocence" displays a competely new beat to my ears. It reminds me of a minimal version of a man getting his nuts kicked. Who wouldn't wanna hear that for five minutes!? Add a bit of acid, and Bjork's intriguing vocals- and you have a hit.
  20. Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks (2006)
  21. I can't say too much about this one, because it's the only track on the list I don't own on my playlist. But it's in my head. All. The. Time. That manipulative whistling. The indie sound of high fashion in the air. I'll get the album in due time my dear friends.
  22. I purchased this track as of 9/22/07 off of I-tunes... like the geek I am...
  23. Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah (The ORIGINAL Version on their ALBUM) (2006)
  24. This rubs me the wrong way. "Hey There Delilah." Fourth on the Billboards for Rock music. Chart topper on every single radio station. But what the hell IS that shit with the backround singers and the synth strings making it all epic sounding so all the scene kids can slit their wrists to it... The song I'm talking about is the version I acquired LAST summer. Simple. Very simple. Like strolling through the woods. Like the exact definition of EMO to darktremor. But that doesn't stop ME from loving it. Nor alters my utter respect for DT's music knowledge. :) It's a beautiful love song. A simple one about moving away.