AJ's Words of Wisdom

  • You probably hear a lot of advice in your day-to-day life, and I imagine some of it works for you and most of it doesn't. Here are a few things that I've concluded work for me, from being on God's green earth for the past 18.5 years. Maybe they'll work for you too.
  • Public Speaking - Know your material. Even if you're using notecards or an outline, make sure you know the full text of the speech really well. If you've got that down, you'll probably sound conversational, and all those other public speaking tips will just flow.
  • Eating at Social Events - At weddings, bar mitzvahs, you name it - the hors d'oeuvres are almost always better than the main course. If it's on a plate and being carried around the room, fill up on it before it's too late.
  • College Classes - Always, always go to class, as tempting as it is not to. Pay attention. Take notes. Ask questions. If you do that, you'll be able to skim the reading and still be fine.
  • Being Offended - Life is just too short to take offense at anything that is intended as humor. Most jokes are really making fun of stereotypes about groups of people, rather than the people themselves.
  • Clothing - Keeping up with the latest styles just isn't worth the money and effort. Instead, pick a style for yourself and stick with it.
  • Screen Names - Putting a long string of numbers on the end of your screen name or e-mail address just makes it hard to remember. One or two digits is okay, but more than three is really pushing it.
  • Parking - Even if it's a little farther away, try to find a place where you can pull through to the opposite space, so you don't have to back out of the space when you leave. Backing out sucks.
  • Lying - Well first of all, let me say that I recommend lying as little as possible. But if you have to lie convincingly, my advice is to think about what you would say if your lie were true, and say exactly that. That may seem obvious, but most people don't do that; instead, they try to convince you that they are telling the truth. They explain to you why they must not be lying when they actually are. An actual truth-teller wouldn't do that. The best advice is to just act like you naturally would, as obvious as that sounds. One of the best things you can do while lying is make sarcastic jokes about the truth - assuming you would normally be sarcastic in situations like this, of course. For example, let's say you made out with your office's janitor last night. "Did you make out with the janitor last night?" / "Oh yeah, and then we made love right in the trash can. It was amazing."
  • More if I think of anything...

Great advice! Most of it is stuff I subscribe to already, but I'll definitely bear that hors d'oeuvres tip in mind.

I still regret not eating more of the lamb chops that were being carried around at my cousin's bat mitzvah. Probably the most delicious lamb chops I've ever eaten, but the main course started in no time at all. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone...

As a college instructor, I'm glad you think students should go to class, pay attention, and take notes, but it makes me sad to think students might skim the reading. I mean, I know many of them do, but let me hold on to my fantasy that some students see classes as more than just another obstacle to overcome on the way to a degree!

Johnny Waco

I'm taking one class this summer, and it has been the best experience I've had with a college class so far. I have time to do all of the readings--like, really read, not just skim--and I'm not stressing about having enough time to go to class and finish a paper and maybe find time to sleep for 4 or 5 hours. I wish I could always focus this much time and attention to one class, but it's just not possible when I'm taking 4 other classes.

When I'm taking a class that I have at least moderate interest in, I love going to class, and honestly, I wish I had the time to take more than five classes per semester. I do, however, agree with geek about not wanting to spend ridiculous amounts of time on reading each night. I don't see classes as obstacles, but reading - perhaps.

All this only applies to textbooks or articles, however. When taking an English class and studying great works of literature, I do try my best to get all that reading done.

Lying: I've tried the sarcastic thing a dozen times and it never seems to work. Maybe I'm just a poor liar.

The thing about a good liar is that everyone will think he/she is a bad liar, so when they ask really minor stuff or stuff they don't really care about, they'll lie really unconvincingly and everyone will think you are a terrible liar - and so when they truly are lying no-one will realise. (:

"Being Offended - Life is just too short to take offense at anything that is intended as humor."

The irony, ... it hurts.

You're twisting my words as usual. Stop posting on my lists.

it's a direct quote. no twist required

But I wasn't offended by your humor, just annoyed and bored by it. I was offended by you insulting lbangs.

Now. Please. Stop posting on my lists.

i didn't insult him

you insulted *me* and swore at me, several times.

an apology wouldn't go astray either.

Lorem Ipsum it's a real shame all this has happened as Listology isn't a site for personal insults, even when debates get quite heated, members don't directly insult each other as you have done to AJ.
Saying that he had 'issues' and he would benefit from leaving the site for a bit, that is just too far.

From an external viewpoint you do seem in some ways to be deliberately trying to provoke lbangs and AJ, making comments designed to mock others without actually giving reasons, and this is no debate about lists or anything remotely to do with this site, just leave it for another internet forum.

good point blind, damn this place is turning into the IMDB boards!

Hear hear. I've stayed out of these debates thus far, but enough is enough.

I think (hope?) everyone involved is intelligent enough to end this never-ending argument now before it spirals out of control. Surely? Listology should be about discussing lists (the clue is in the name), not personal insults.

LOL! To be fair, there's no way Listology could ever be as bad as those, where everyone's first reaction is a barrage of hostility and insults. Listology also has way more good content than the IMDB boards, to balance out the occasional fight. But I apologize to Rushmore, Blind, and Wezzo for anything I did to make Listology a less friendly environment.