ahhh memories...Things about high school I remember fondly

  • 1.Movie Saturdays with my friends Matt W. and Shep
  • 2.Passing out flyers for my friends bands.
  • 3.Hanging out with my friend Helena and her wacky Jamaican Family
  • 4.Dressing up as Blondie for 70's day
  • 5.Shopping with my friend Mike he was so stylish
  • 6.Horrible spanish skits
  • 7.My first kiss with my first boyfriend Brian
  • 8.Saltest fry contests
  • 9.volunteering
  • 10.Talking about life with Holly under the bleachers
  • 11.The GLADD protest I went to with Mike
  • 12.Watching Matt W. re-string his gutairs.
  • 13.Sitting on all the barstools in Bar stool world with Matt W.,Shep and Aaron
  • 14.Graduating
  • 15.Sitting on the steps of a Greek Orthodox Church downtown with my friend Matt W.

When I was in high school, my friend James and I did a skit in Spanish class where he played the role of the irritated profesor and I was la estudiante mala. It was the most god-awful thing we'd ever done, but we got a rise out of the class. We were the youngest students there - the only juniors in the senior class - and were so mindbendingly lazy that we had just barely managed to cobble together the script that morning. Ah, the follies of youth. :D

My Spanish skits made know sense.We did this one about bank robbing nuns and the men who love them.

Great idea btw... I will always fondly remember my high school for all the times I was in detention ( which is most of the time :) )

I was only in detetion once.