Actresses I've been told I look like

  • Jennifer Anniston (Said by a friend that, from a spitting distance, I looked like Anniston during my "blonde phase;" also, as discussed, had the 'great Anniston shag' in 1995, which prompted strangers to point at me and say, "Friends").
  • Claire Danes, as Angela Chase from My So Called Life (Once said to act like Chase. Danes and I also share the same birthday).
  • Bridget Fonda (I wish--a complete overshot).
  • Sara Gilbert (As Darlene Conner on Roseanne).
  • Holly Hunter (I've only heard from one person, but I hate this one).
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Juliette Lewis ("You look like that actress who was in Who's Eating Gilbert Grape and Natural Born Killers, but just the eyes).
  • Sabrina Lloyd, as character Wade Wells in seasons 1-3 of the TV show, Sliders (Eerie resemblence).
  • Elisabeth Shue (I quote: "You look like the girl who nailed the 'Karate Kid").
  • Mary Stuart Masterson, especially from Heaven Help Us.
  • Frances McDormand (For the fatty bottom lip thing that she shares with Holly Hunter, probably prompting the unwelcome reference).
  • Ally Sheedy, from The Breakfast Club.
  • Jennifer Tilly in Bride of Chucky (I really don't know what to say about this one).
Author Comments: 

For the record, only one of these references, the Elisabeth Shue one, was unsolicited (although a few years back a friend claimed that a very blurry picture of me looked like Shue, but that's like seeing a plane in the sky and calling it a UFO).

Besides the anonymous many who heckled my hair-do, only one person, my nutter English chum, has said that I look like Anniston, and I believe he was taking the 'piss' out of me!

My ex-boyfriend and my step-mother and half-sister likened me to Danes' Chase. Said my sister, "She [Chase] is always saying things, like you, that most people just say in their head...wait, that's just the voice-over, that really is in her head."

Bridget Fonda reference by over-complimentary ex-boyfriend.

Sara Gilbert not really for the way she looks, but during Roseanne's heyday, given to me by my mother because of Conner's depressive sarcasm.

Holly Hunter given to me by ex-ex-boyfriend. I really dislike Holly Hunter! Sometimes, I have nightmares about her sex scenes in Crash and Jesus's Son. Yeeech! (Note: the fact I was given the reference and that I am forever haunted by Holly Hunter naked does not correspond in any way).

I started to believe that I look like Leigh myself--although the only attributes I believe we share are brown hair and eyes--after ex-boyfriend said I looked like the actress from Single White Female and I thought he referred to Leigh and not Fonda (see Bridget Fonda). But, dang, Leigh is such a great actor, and always going for those edgy roles! Don't burst my bubble!

Sabrina Lloyd is easily my closest match, but unfortunately, the guy friend I heard it from is the only one I've heard it from because he was the only one ever to watch Sliders.

Mary Stuart Masterson from Heaven Help Us, given by childhood girl friend and ex-boyfriend, better than Masterson from Benny and Joon.

Frances McDormand given by Coen brother fan and voracious movie-watcher ex-boyfriend.

Ally Sheedy is by far the most prevalant reference that I've received since fifth grade (The Breakfast Club to the present. At a bar many years ago, a guy swore I was Sheedy (but then again, there's that drunk thing again).

Jennifer Tilly, from Bride of Chucky, one of the last remarks made by boyfriend before he became ex. Not really, but I, to this day, still have the suspicion he was being underhanded...

You know of a course that a list like this demands a photo to be posted on your profile! :-) How else can we add to the list?

Hmm...I think I'll spare everyone.

My So Called Life is the best ever teen serial and Claire Daines is the most beautiful person I will never meet...

you forgot to include Jennifer Anniston in your list. If the rumours are true that is!
Peace out

Besides the bad Jennifer Anniston-esque shag hairdo an overzealous Friends fan and Supercuts hairdresser shamed on me in 1995, the rumors are false that I look anything like Anniston. (Supercuts and I are still in litigation).

:) I have several friends who have been victims of a Super-tendy-Cut. I had a friend a couple decades back who left the shop looking like a member of Flock of Seagulls. I don't think he ever went back (for his sake, I hope not)...

I confess, though, it hasn't scared me. The last time I had my hair cut (granted, it was three years ago for this dirty long-haired hippie), it was at Supercuts. Darn it, they are just so cheap (and open at night)!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I go to Supercuts for the 'Michael Jackson', they dip my hair in ethanol, and set fire to it, putting it out just before it gets to the roots. only $5, and you get to drink the overflow ethanol that runs down your face, bargain!

well i was thinking along the lines that Jennifer is very attractive, like yourself. Obviously Jennifer doesn't have a wooden leg like yourself, but then that's just a minor detail.

Well, P, you haven't seen me since the accident. And, since this list only covers the face, the wooden leg shouldn't be an issue.

That used to be one of my favorite moves: " know, you look a lot like insert actress name here."

Interesting...did it work?

Maybe you unknowingly hit on Amie, giving her more material for this list. Hey, it's possible.

It wasn't a bad conversation starter. It could easily backfire: " know you look just like Linda Hunt!"

Linda Hunt in what character, the male Indonesian dwarf or other? Actually, does it matter? You're right...I'd rather some drunk say I look like the woman who sexed up Ralph Macchio (especially since the inebriated are said to see others as being more attractive than they are) than to have someone say, "Hey, did you know you look just like that man-child who got Mel Gibson through Indonesia?"

Drunk!?!? I'll try not to be offended by that. The funny thing is, once or twice I completely made up names. "Hey...You know, you look just like Jaimie Bechard? Oh yes...she's a French-Canadian actress. I saw her in a play in Montreal. She's fabulous..."

Not you, but the guy who said this to me (actually, the wanna-be thug younger brother of the guy I dig).

That must be great, being hit on by the kid brother!

A friend of mine used to say I looked like Bruce McCullough from The Kids In the Hall. (By the way, not McCullough in drag).

Has anyone ever told you that you're unique?

I've been told that I have a "unique" personality, but when it comes to what I look like, I'm just a conglomerate of everyone's favorite characters.