Actors Who Have Directed At Least One Film

  1. Alan Alda
  2. Asia Argento
  3. Richard Attenborough
  4. Antonio Banderas
  5. Warren Beatty
  6. Stephen Berra
  7. Kenneth Branagh
  8. Marlon Brando
  9. Albert Brooks
  10. Steve Buscemi
  11. Nicolas Cage
  12. John Cassavetes
  13. Nick Cassavetes
  14. Zoe R. Cassavetes
  15. Lon Chaney
  16. Charles Chaplin
  17. Don Cheadle
  18. Thomas Haden Church
  19. George Clooney
  20. Jackie Coogan
  21. Maurice Costello
  22. Kevin Costner
  23. Billy Crystal
  24. Jeff Daniels
  25. Robert De Niro
  26. Johnny Depp
  27. Kirk Douglas
  28. Robert Duvall
  29. Clint Eastwood
  30. Emilio Estevez
  31. Peter Fonda
  32. Jodie Foster
  33. Mel Gibson
  34. Lillian Gish
  35. James Gleason
  36. Tom Hanks
  37. Ethan Hawke
  38. Charlton Heston
  39. Anthony Hopkins
  40. Dennis Hopper
  41. Ron Howard
  42. Tommy Lee Jones
  43. Buster Keaton
  44. Burt Lancaster
  45. Charles Laughton
  46. Jack Lemmon
  47. Geoffrey Lewis
  48. Lightfield Lewis
  49. Jet Li
  50. Peter Lorre
  51. Ida Lupino
  52. Joe Mantegna
  53. Penny Marshall
  54. Walter Matthau
  55. Burgess Meredith
  56. Ray Milland
  57. Don Most
  58. Eddie Murphy
  59. Bill Murray
  60. Paul Newman
  61. Jack Nicholson
  62. Leonard Nimoy
  63. Edward Norton
  64. Bob Odenkirk
  65. Gary Oldman
  66. Laurence Olivier
  67. Tarquin Olivier
  68. Al Pacino
  69. Anthony Perkins
  70. Sydney Poitier
  71. Dick Powell
  72. Anthony Quinn
  73. Robert Redford
  74. Christopher Reeve
  75. Rob Reiner
  76. Burt Reynolds
  77. Tim Robbins
  78. Campbell Scott
  79. William Shatner
  80. Martin Sheen
  81. Kevin Spacey
  82. Sylvester Stallone
  83. Ben Stiller
  84. Kiefer Sutherland
  85. Billy Bob Thornton
  86. Rip Torn
  87. Susan Traylor
  88. Stanley Tucci
  89. John Turturro
  90. Denzel Washington
  91. Damon Wayans
  92. Keenen Ivory Wayans
  93. John Wayne
  94. Forest Whitaker
  95. Gene Wilder
  96. Luke Wilson
  97. Henry Winkler

I can't believe you forgot Sly directed the immortal sequel "Stayin' Alive"

Actually, I did forget about Sly but I'll correct that.

Jodie Foster!!! Unless, of course, you mean for it to be males only.

No, it's definitely not just men but I made this list off the top of my head and at the time I just couldn't think of any women to add but I will add Jodie Foster.

Wow, I can't believe you forgot Ron Howard. Unless, of course, you think of him as more of a director and forget his ancient acting, which would be understandable.

How about Penny Marshall, who is in roughly the same boat as Howard?

And what about harkening way way back to the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton?

Yes I think Ron Howard and Penny Marshall are usually thought of more as directors than actors now but they started off as actors so I'll add them.

How about Robert Redford? He directed a handful of films and even won a Best Director Oscar for Ordinary People.

Yes, I added him.

It wasn't too hard to come up with some others.
Alan Alda, Richard Attenborough, Robert Duvall, Anthony Hopkins, Charlton Heston, Burt Lancaster, Ida Lupino (another woman for you), Leonard Nimoy, Anthony Quinn, Burt Reynolds, William Shatner, Gene Wilder


Charles Laughton directed, in his only time out, "The Night of the Hunter". Pretty good for a one-shot, I'd say.

I believe that Denzel Washington, Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh should be added to the list.

Thanks, I added Denzel Washington and Kenneth Branagh but what movie did Emma Thompson direct? I checked on imdb and it doesn't show her as directing anything.

I guess I got mixed up with the fact she has written many scripts for movies..but you are correct she has yet to direct something.

Gary Oldman won a BAFTA for directorial debut of Nil By Mouth. I think that deserves some credit, eh?

Yes, it does.

Pianoshootis made me aware of a movie, called 'Der Verlorene' (1951), directed by Peter Lorre.

Ray Milland did a good job with "Panic in the Year Zero"


Thanks for making me aware of it. I had never heard of that movie before.