8 strangest things stooky has ever been told by adults

  • 1. "I didn't know fat people could draw."
  • 2. "Gay people rape straight people and try to turn them gay."
  • 3. "Necrophelia is a horrible disease isn't it."
  • 4. "Why don't they get those Indians out of the reservations and send them back to their own country?"
  • 5. "There's no point in training my dog, she doesn't understand what I'm saying."
  • 6. "I really love (The Beach Boys)Kokamo." This one's fer you, kryce
  • 7. "You can't totally house-train your dog."
  • 8. "You'll have to move, this section of the parking lot is for Asian people. I'll let you go but you better be gone when I come back." Said by a policeman when he went to ticket our pickup which was in Visitor Info parking lot and happened to find someone in the car and signalled his retreat.

Whoa whoa whoa. Fat people can draw? When did this happen?

Ha!. Incredible isn't it, did you know they swim as well. (snicker, snicker).



Stooky is cool ;)

Aw shucks. :%)



Are you seriuos? People have uttered these sentences?

Yes...and what's more I could name names and places that they were said...but I think I'll just leave it at that. Scary to think people grow up with this in their head...isn't it.