5 Tom Hanks Movies the World would be better off without

  • 5. Turner and Hooch. Its is pretty Bad when the Slobbering dog out acts everyone
  • 4. Dragnet. I think that slobbering dog has outacted Dan Ackroyd in every movie he has ever made. Maybe my next list should be 5 decent Dan Ackroyd movies. Might be a tough List. What the heck was Hanks doing in this? It seemed like Ackroyd and Hanks were in 2 different movies.
  • 3. Bonfire of the Vanities. Truly a great book, truly an awful movie. Bruce Willis at his worst. Why did anyone think Tom Hanks could play preppy?
  • 2. Philadelphia. Aids and Homosexuality as a contrived plot device. How demeaning for the the makers of this movie, how embarrassing for Oscars to reward it.
  • 1. Forrest Gump. I can not tell you how much I loathe this movie. I saw this movie with my future wife who like most people in the Theater cheered and cried. I cried too for other reasons. What a paint by numbers movie. There is no story. it is simply a bunch of scenes spliced together. Tom in the War cue Ant-war song, Tom as a hippie cue Jefferson Airplane song. It is a movie of sets, hairstyles and music. If you need to subject yourself, read the book, it too has flaws but at least it has some bite to it.
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I was bored today at my new job and thought I would look to see if any of the best ofs for the past year had been written yet on the net. Searched and came up with this really cool Web site. This site rocks.

Despite my virgin entry, I love most movies. I adore most Music and have too many books that I can't live without.

I do like Tom Hanks. he was the best thing about "A league of their Own", I might be one of the only few who liked "Punchline" and "Joe versus the Volcano". "Big" and "Apollo 13" though somewhat trite are made enjoyable by Hanks.

Final note I have not been hearing good things about "Castaway". I know it is receiving critical praise but someone who's opinion I trust said "I didn't know which was longer his 4 years on the Island or The movie itself."

i cant even believe your views in forrest gump and philadelphia. these are 2 of the best films of the 90's.

Must be why they call them opinions. What is it about Gump you find so rewarding? I will expound on my opinion, I found it predictable and even more sinful a blatant attempt to ring a tear or two whatever the cost. Damn it is just a horrible Movie. I know I am in the distict minority but I can not tell you how much I loathed the movie. and this is many years later. You should have seen me the night I saw it. I am still surprised my wife married me.

BTW, I did see Castaway and was somewhat pleasantly surprised. I guess diminished expectations help. In a wierd way it reminded me of a dramatic Seinfeld. A whole movie about Nothing...just the minutia of trying to survive.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for hating Forrest Gump. Just for that I'm endorsing you. Yes! The first time I saw it I was like, eh, it's okay. Then as the hype grew my hatred for it grew, until finally the horrible experience of watching Forrest Gump beat out Pulp Fiction AND The Shawshank Redemption for the Oscar. So thank you for being sane.

Jen, Welcome to the unofficial "Gump Sucks Club"..GSC for short. You are the third Member, a friend of mine is number 2. I think the membership can only grow once people realize there are others out there who have good taste and are not afraid to say what a horrid flick it really is...I always think of it like the Emporor has No Clothes.

I have had some of my most memorable fights about this movie.

I was just browsing the web for any Pulp Fiction vs. Forrest Gump opinions because I just couldn't stand my wife telling me "If Gump won, it's because it is a better movie" anymore. I encourage everyone to type "Pulp Fiction versus Forrest Gump" in Google and see the facts. It's been almost 10 years since both movies came out, and we can clearly see which one has proven itself worthy of recognition.

--Thus Spake The NightSpirit--
Emperor Samoth

3 Cheers in the Anti-Gump section. I disliked Gump mostly cause The Shawshank Redemption, a much better film, was denied the Oscar. Pulp Fiction is great too, I just knew the Academy wouldn't recognize it for anything more than the script. Film wise Q is a hack. Entertaining, but still a hack.

I've grown to accept that Tom Hanks is a good actor, even if Bachelor Party and Bosom Buddies was not his best work, but I could never get over my distaste for Gump. Gump made America feel comfortable with it's familar settings and soundtrack but that didn't make it well made film. It was commerical crap. Which is fine, but not at the Oscars.

If a bear shat in the woods he would take a "Forest Dump". That's pretty much what I think of that movie. It's widespread acceptance by mainstream America is repulsive. That film is like a box of chocolates: fattening, too sweet and pretty bad for you if you digest the entire thing. And I'd personally like to shove that @#%&ing feather up Zemekis's ass.
However, as an aside, since that movie; me and a few friends have taken to blaming "This war and that lying son-of-a-bitch Johnson!" for anything bad that happens to us