5 Movies I would take with me to a lonely island...

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  • 1. Once Upon A Time In The West: I can't live without it.
  • 2. The Quiet Man: If I found a female and for some reason I would have to create a new human race i'd want John Wayne as the prototype and to a lesser extent maureen o'hara in this movie.
  • 3. Roller Boogie: If there are any pirates or cannibals, I'll show them one of these films, and they will flee... on top of that would help me remember how little I missed civilization anyhow.
  • 4. Batman: Makes me laugh and gives hope. Never gets boring. The 1966 original that is.
  • 5. Flash Gordon: Is so boring and stupid that I won't have any problems to sleep.
  • If i could take a sixth...
  • 6. High Noon: same reason for quiet man only gary cooper.
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All 1922 on this one.