4 Bands/Artists That I DESPISE (Even Though many friends and loved ones whose opinions I respect happen to like them)

  • 1. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers--amazingly, if you take a virtuoso bassist, a fine guitarist with exquisite taste and skill, a charismatic lead vocalist, and a funky energetic drummer, you get . . . really crappy music!
  • 2. Dave Matthews Band--I am the only one who thinks it's weird that this group consists of two white guys who look like my junior high math teachers and three gigantic black men. weird.
  • 3. The Police--This is Elevator music. (some great singles, though)
  • 4. Nine Inch Nails--They were so scary and angst-ridden and dangerous and crappy. Until Marilyn Manson came around and became a scarier and crappier version of them. Marilyn should have called himself "Twelve Inch Nails" because he is about three inches crappier than NIN.

Flea is no where near virtuoso. I agree with you on the Nine Inch Nails, very funny point. However I disagree with you on the other three and yu made no strong point for your argument (not like you really have to, if you don't like them then you don't) Dave is really amazing live, and his earlier albums are wonderful. Chili's are always pretty good too. Police I liked, until I had to watch this video on sting about 30 times in jazz band and so I'm sort of burnt out on Sting.

Wait a minute. The Police produce "elevator music," but some of their singles are great? Huh? Does that mean that their singles aren't elevator music or just much better elevator music?

The rest of their stuff: ELEVATOR MUSIC

Absolutely, 100% in agreement with your placement of Dave Matthews Band. How the heck did these guys become famous? Frat boys unite!!!

The Peppers rule, man. Otherwise, I'm very strongly 'meh' about those others.

I depise the Chili Peppers too. Can't stand Anthony's voice.
I don't really like the Police either.
the other 2 I disagree with though.