3 Artists Who Are Beyond Great

  • Brian Wilson - Although Brian did have a very bad period in his life after failing to finish the legendary unreleased "smile" album. He did however finish after 6 months of production Good Vibrations which is the best record ever made. The fantastic chorus with 3-4(can't be sure) layers played over the top of each other and the many great different melodies make it a timeless piece of music. His fantastic Pet Sounds album stands alone as one of the greatest albums ever. Other albums worthy of praise are Today!, Summer Days (And Summer Nights), Shut Down Volume 2, Wild Honey. Even though he still made great songs after the Smile project he was distant from the Beach Boys and he missed photo shoots for album covers, stoped putting his name as the Producer and so on. But you cannot dismiss this mans talent, he is clearly one of the best songwriters of all time.
  • John Lennon - IMO the main force behind the Beatles and a true artist Lennon made great music untill his tradgic death. He also has claim to one of the greatest songs ever imagine.
  • Kurt Cobain - His simple yet catchy guitar playing and sometimes weird lyrics changed the face of music forever. Songs like Rape Me, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Heart Shaped Box were true classics that only a man of Cobains musical genius could have created. More popular now than ever Cobain is still influencing kids on how music should be made.