25 Movies I Wish More Listologists Would See

  • 1. The Bicycle Thief -1949
  • 2. Umberto D -1952
  • 3. Vanilla Sky-2001
  • 4. My Favorite Wife-1940
  • 5. The Ox-Bow Incident – 1943
  • 6. Lantana – 2001
  • 7. Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead-1995
  • 8. Once Upon A Time in America-1984
  • 9. Homicide – 1991
  • 10. The Devil’s Backbone – 2001
  • 11. Aberdeen –2000
  • 12. Limbo-1999
  • 13. Black Narcissus –1947
  • 14. The Princess and The Warrior –2000
  • 15. In The Company of Men –1997
  • 16. The Sunshine State –2002
  • 17. Thirteen Conversations about One Thing –2001
  • 18. Character –1997
  • 19. Cure-1997
  • 20. Sleepy Time Gal –2001
  • 21. Elling –2001
  • 22. All The Real Girls-2003
  • 23. The Grey Zone -2001
  • 24. Maelstrom -2000
  • 25. Lovely and Amazing - 2001
Author Comments: 

I really liked this idea for a list but neither had the time nor the inclination to wrack my addled brain for all the movies I have seen in my life. So I took the easy way out and looked at my Damn lists to see the movies I have seen in the past couple of years. these 25 stood out. They are not all masterpieces but they have all stuck in my head as either something good and/or something off the beaten path of Listology's most discussed movies. These are not the best 25 movies I have seen in that time frame but just ones I thought needed a little extra love.

I see a there's a fondness for John Sayles films here. Did you also like Lone Star?

Yup Loved Lone Star though that did too much critical and Listology acclaim for this list. Somewhere on this site I proposed a Hal Hartley Lbangs relationship for my love of Sayles movies but alas I have never been able to follow through like the estimable Mr. Bangs.

Hmm. I just realized I've never seen a John Sayles movie. I'll have to amend that one.

I've seen seven of these, which is actually not too bad for me. The influence of your "damn" list is definitely reflected in my Netflix queue. Several others are already in the queue, and I hope to see all these over the course of my movie-watching career. Well, except maybe the Mamet... :-)

Oh, and I've been trying to convince Netflix to get a copy of The Ow-Bow Incident now that it's out on DVD, but so far they haven't obliged me. Hey, maybe everybody could help me out. Hope on over to their request form and ask them to stock The Ox-Bow Incident. Thanks!

Impressive! I've only seen 3 from this list.

BTW, Jim, have you seen "The Verdict"? The reason I ask is because it was written by David Mamet and stars Paul Newman.

Yup, JohnnyWaco recommended that one to me and I liked it. I tend to like his direction less than his writing.

Jim I put in a request for Ox Bow at Netflix. You should get to see this movie. One of Fonda's least appreciated great roles.

Cool, thanks. I think I've been wanting that one to appear on DVD for at least a year or two, probably since I read about it on one of your lists.

OK, I've seen all but two. And most of them were good. Did you understand the ending of the Cure? I got an idea but...

Anyway, why Vanilla Sky? I couldn't have liked that movie any less if there were two of me. I had alread seen the great Open Your Eyes before I saw VS, which might explain the dislike but I doubt it.

Cure is a good movie. The ending I believe is one of its strengths but I think it's meaning is meant to leave the viewer to come up with his or her own conclusion. I have my thoughts but I dont think any reasonable thought would be wrong.

Vanilla Sky is one of those polarizing movies. I think the fact Tom Cruise starred in actually hurt it with many. I did see Vanilla Sky before Open Your Eyes so that may have something to do with it.

So which 2 havent you seen? As a canuck, you hopefully saw Maelstrom...a really bizarre but good movie..

OK. Cure was definately amazing, right now I'm waiting anxiously for Ringu to come from Cinemaflow the Canadian Netflix. :)

I haven't seen Umberto D or Aberdeen(never heard of that one). Maelstrom definately interested me. I'll have to write more on it after I get back from "the big meeting."

I'll be back...

I'm back.

Maelstrom, kinda reminded me of Amelie, or the other way round. I liked it I guess, but Quebec cinema always feels very pretencious and bombastic to me. The scaley narrator's a hoot. Otherwise, I'm wishy washy about the whole thing.

I do love Leolo however and for much the same reasons. go figure.

Oh ya and I just noticed Elling I haven't seen that either. hmmm, that's 3, I should get busy.

I've seen Vanilla Sky, My Favorite Wife, Lantana, The Devil's Backbone, In the Company of Men, and Cure. Many of the others are already on my 'to see' list, and I'll add the others now!