25 Most Overrated Bands of All Time

  • 25. Black Sabbath – I don’t know, their music just sucks.
  • 24. Rolling Stones – Great band, but in no way do they deserve to even be considered the best of all time.
  • 23. The Sex Pistols – This is one band I’ve never understood. They’re music sucked, they were only around for two years, and their bassist was known as Sid Vicious. This band has no redeeming qualities! NONE!
  • 22. Wilco – Jeff Tweedy is in two great side projects: The Minus 5 and Golden Smog, neither of which he has a major role in. That said, Wilco is not that good. Summerteeth had the advantage of coming out in 1999 when all of music was dead. It wasn’t good.
  • 21. The White Stripes - If it weren't for the fact that they're the only band to form in the last 7 years of any major significance that has talent, you wouldn't really know of them. They are pretty good, but the fact that there is nobody to compare them against inflates their value.
  • 20. Sonic Youth - Experimentation does not immune a band from this category. They're hit or miss, and they miss about half the time.
  • 19. Eagles - No band coming off a 12-14 year "vacation" deserves such hoorahs, especially when they had only released 1 1/2 good records previously.
  • 18. Beach Boys - They became unpopular with age. They almost never had the material to back them up.
  • 17. Counting Crows - They had a hit. They forgot to fizzle out. Now forget about them.
  • 16. Neutral Milk Hotel - Lyrically, Jeff Mangum is a genius. Musically, he's not that good and almost every guitar rift is stolen. And considering Aeroplane is considered the ultimate indie album, they must be punished.
  • 15. The Strokes - Living proof that the Brits cannot decipher good music from mediocre music regardless of whether it is an American band or a British band.
  • 14. Guns N' Roses - Axl Rose is an anagram for Oral Sex. Guns N' Roses is a synonym for garbage.
  • 13. Billy Joel - Piano Man and Scenes From an Italian Restaurant are good songs, but that's about it. Piano rock was never cool in my book.
  • 12. Bruce Springsteen - Call me crazy, but why do people like him? What has he ever done? Well, other than writing "Because the Night" which Patti Smith morphed into one of the 20 best songs of the decade.
  • 11. Bob Dylan - He's had some good songs, but come on. He's had only 2 good albums in the last 30-someodd years and he's still idolized by god knows how many people.
  • 10. Any Britpop Band - Coldplay, Oasis, The Verve, etc.. These bands aren't that good, were never that good, and will never be that good.
  • 9. Yo La Tengo - The ultimate critics band my ass. They're good, but in no way do they deserve half the hype they receive. So many indie people call them the best band ever. Yeah right.
  • 8. Green Day - They were never good, releasing one album that was alright (Dookie) before reaching the point that they decided "Let's further destroy music and call it American Idiot at the same time!"
  • 7. Led Zeppelin - They had some good songs, but Zep II and IV were horrible. "Stairway to Heaven" is mediocre at best.
  • 6. Radiohead – The Bends was amazing. Then they tried to not make sense and became another over-sensationalized indie fucktard must-have. Plus, they stole their title from the Talking Heads. You better be good if you do that.
  • 5. U2 - Let me first state that Joshua Tree is one of the worst albums of all time. Secondly, Achtung Baby is worse.
  • 4. The Beatles - Oh come on, they really weren't that good.
  • 3. Pink Floyd - Take away Syd Barrett and the "Wish You Were Here" album and you've got the #1 most overrated band of all time. Add those in and you drop to #3.
  • 2. Pearl Jam - Don't make me defend this. I just really find Eddie Vedder annoying.
  • 1. Nirvana - Yes, they were good, but Jesus would have forgotten them after In Utero had Cobain not committed suicide. They weren't that good.
Author Comments: 

most overrated rock figures of all time

1. Bruce Springsteen- There will be no arguing on this. never has there been a moree inflated figure in rock as the boss. Blue jeans, and American flags all around, and a few more boring patriotic ballads, and a guitar player wearing a jockey suit? and give me a new saxophone for christmas?
2. Phil Collins/Genesis- Peter Gabriel is good, Phil is not. Phil can teach you how to write a giand volume of music, and be sure that not one of the selections rock, or have any feeling at all. Phil feels he is important, and to be taken seriously. He is in his element singing a duet with Barbara Streisand. Why is Genesis even mentioned ever for anything? what did Genesis write?.....Oh yeah, that one song, it was..uuhh well I can't remember.
3. Eric Clapton- Cream was good. Eric is NOT anywhere close to even being on the bottom of the top 1,000,000 guitar players list. Where did he get this distinction. Page, Santana, Satriani, Hendrix, or Rhoades maybe, but Clapton? whaaat? Who makes these decisions? Did you see him play beside Santana? He is predictable, and very tame. Trading licks with him is like trading pokemon cards....BORING!
4. Linkin Park- Does anyone want to hear another song about scars, and teenage bratty whining? How about let's mix it up, and make an album about......Scars, and misunderstood childhood. Want to hear a power ballad about scars? A nice unplugged version about scars? Hey cool, we also feature a lead screamer in case you can't heear us sing about our scars.
5. Peter Frampton- Hey look, I got this mouth harp from Joe Walsh, and he taught me how to run my guitar thru it so it makes cool sounds, and my guitar says "do you feel like I do"......OVER and OVER! Now I will Stand up here on stage and ride my pirated doo-hicky to guitar godhood. Aren't I cool now guys?...NO!
6. Hair metal- rock and roll was doing great into the late seventies, then it seems that disco kind of blended with it, and we had Kiss, then Quiet Riot, Ratt, Cinderella, and all that crap. Suddenly the music didn't matter as much as the image. Tight pants and long girly hair, and femenine sexuality in men, and silk shirts, and gender neutrality, and the sucky ballads, OH GHOD the Ballads! The lighters in the crowd. What does a real rocker do? Thank God GnR came, and punched the monster in the gut. Thank God Metallica came and slayed it for good.
7. Bob Marley- Good music is just good music. If your music is considered good because of the cause it endorses, you are lame. BM never did anything worth listening to. Smoke pot, be happy, sure whatever go away.
8. Bob Dylan/Joe Cocker- it is true that he wrote many songs for others to play. He performed like a 90 year old man with a mouthful of peanut butter. He is heralded as the spokesperson of a generation. Like a rolling stone? a complete unknown? you make me want to moan?
9. U2- They started out as just another band, they were OK, nothing special. Somehow they stayed together, an became a band with a cause. Just because you sing about starving children does not make you rock at all, and they never did. Also would you let Bono babysit your kids? Yeah, just as soon as Kieth Richards will.
10. Rolling Stones- Good band. WWWAAAYYY more crap songs than good ones. The good ones are only that, just OK, not great. I guess they are on the list because they are so heralded, so praised, so mentioned in reverence, but just an OK rock band.

I can prove the guy that came up with this list isn't very smart. First, you call the band that invented heavy metal(Black Sabbath) overrated. Then you say that a band with one of the greatest front men and one of the greatest guitarist's (Guns-n-Roses) is garbage. And then Led Zepplin overrated? How many Rock bands has Zepplin influenced over the years?But most of all I can prove he's not that smart by this; for a band to be "overrated" they have to be liked and well known by a lot of people right? WHO THE MOTHER FUCK IS THE NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL?! I NEVER FUCKING HEARD OF THEM AND I'VE BEEN LISTENING TO MUSIC SINCE I'VE BEEN 10 YEARS OLD AND I'M 40 NOW! Dude get a clue. Listology should have contacted me to make this list.

In all fairness, your list isn't that bad. If you could just take Sabbath, G-n-R's and Zeppelin off the list. I agree with your top 3 choices. Because I despised that grunge/alternative movement of the 90's. U2's music(and their politics) make me want to vomit. I do like the Beatles but I will agree that they are overrated. This list could have made more sense to me if you could have removed one of the 3 aforementioned bands and added Red Hot Chili Peppers and especially Aerosmith. Now that is an extremely overrated band. They would be #3 on my list behind The Stones and Pink Floyd. And I know a lot of people are going to hate me for saying this but, Metallica would be on my list at #25. I like Metallica but I just get sick of people just acting like their the greatest. Like they created Metal or something.