20 Greatest Alternative/Punk/New Wave Albums Ever Made.

  • 1. Frank Black Teenager Of The Year : This album has no weaknesses. It is filled with squeeky punk anthems, melodic and hypnotizing. A masterpiece.
  • 2. Depeche Mode Music For The Masses : Truly a wonderful album. Deeply intricate synth work with the darkness and melancholic mood that makes M.L. Gore a songwriting genius.
  • 3. The Smiths Louder Than Bombs : Twenty four classic new wave songs from the Morrissey/Marr collection. "Panic", "Ask", "Half A Person", and the untouchable "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" are some of the great songs on this delicious work.
  • 4. U2 Achtung Baby : This selection might stir a few debates with my colleagues here at Listolgy, and I welcome that. U2 had many great records, but this one is at the peak of their songwriting. A great album.
  • 5. The Pixies Doolittle : The continuaty of this album is precise, and the raw energy of Black Francis' voice and the hypnotic squeals from Joey Stantiago's guitar, make this an unforgettable album.
  • 6. The Cure Disentegration : This album is to The Cure what Achtung Baby is to U2. They just had it all working here.
  • 7. Guided By Voices Alien Lanes : This album represents to me what songwriting and melodies are supposed to be like. Twent eight non stop alternative classics.
  • 8. Butterglory Downed : I dont know if there is a better album to have been released. The vocals of Matt and Debby are emphasized by the amazing music behind them.
  • 9. The Police Zenyatta Mendatta : This is, no doubt the best thing this trio evr did. I cant tell you how many copies of this I've owned in the past.
  • 10. Guided By Voices Bee Thousand : This twenty four track classic is filled with power pop anthems that sound like modernized Beatles songs. Don't believe me? Go buy it.
  • 11. The Pixies Surfer Rosa and Trompe Le Monde : Two uniquely different recordings that produce the same result. Flight to a new level of understanding and being. Gems.
  • 12. Depeche Mode Black Celebration : This CD is appearing at number twelve when it could be the best one of the lot. That should tell you exactly how hard it is to make a list like this. some of the most hauntingly beautiful songs in the history of sound recordings.
  • 13. The Stone Roses The Stone Roses : This is one of those albums that when you hear it for the first time, it slaps you around like a step child. Brilliant musicians with brilliant music.
  • 14. Morrissey Bona Drag : Everyone of his classic solo radio releases is on here. This is so good.
  • 15. The Smiths The Queen Is Dead : The first song which is the title track, sets us up for what is to follow. A bunch of great songs. "There Is A Light There Never Goes Out" and "Bigmouth Strikes Again" are two of many wonderful songs here.
  • 16. Janes Addiction Nothing Shocking : This album is one that should be put in a time capsule and released 100 years from now, so the new aged youth can be educated on music. Summertime Rolls...need I say more?
  • 17. Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream : They went down hill fast after this one, but this one is solid through and through. Great emotional songs with powerful vocals and guitar riffs.
  • 18. Joy Division Still : here are some of Joy Division's best live performances of their great classic punk songs. This album makes me want to mosh in a pit from hell.
  • 19. X Wild Gift : Filled with punk classics. This one rocks. Twice as good as Los Angeles.
  • 20. R.E.M. Green : My favorite from these guys. Pop Song 89' and Stand are two prime examples of this highly artful and creative work. Songwriting at high on this album.
Author Comments: 

Honorable mentions: Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bullocks, Meat Puppets II, Sonic Youth Goo, Dirty, Experimental Jetset Trash and No Star, REM Life's Rich Pageant and Pixies Come On Pilgrim.

So where are the great punk albums? and U2/the Police punk/alterantive/new wave c'mon.

Yes U2 are new wavw and so are The Police. How old are you, anyway? Sorry, no Social D., or Femmes , or Bad Brains.

Although I disagree with some of the selections on here, as you knew I would, I think every album on the list belongs on the list. Tallus, some people have a broader notion on what this genre is and what's included in it. I personally feel that the punk genre is not limited to minor threat and iggy & the stooges, but includes a much wider spectrum. You have your opinion, we have ours....we just happen to think that you are wrong.

Amen brother..

Odd list, this one. Frank Black ranks higher than the Pixies, Morrissey gets an album above The Queen is Dead, and R.E.M. is represented by the mediocre Green! Depeche Mode at 2 and 12? Still over Unknown Pleasures and Closer? The Smashing Pumpkins even made this list?

Still, you do include Achtung Baby, The Stone Roses, and Wild Gift, so all is not lost. :)

Interesting, but I have to conclude that our tastes are closer in films than in music. Besides, I don't think I'm half the prog rock fan other lists seem to indicate you are.

Fun list.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Have you heard Frank Black's "Teenager of the Year"?

Yes. It's fun, eclectic, and very well done. When I say that I would never put it at the top of a list such as this, I am certainly not saying that it isn't a terrific album. I'm only saying that I can think of more than 20 discs that I like better, including at least 2 Pixies albums.

But to have the term 'new wave' in the title and then not include even a single Elvis Costello album...tsk, tsk...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

elvis had about four good songs..

Elvis had at least 5 albums that are simply masterpieces. And I think Styx, Alan Parsons, and Rush may (just maybe) have four good songs combined. You see? It's a personal thing.

My original comment was mostly pointing out that it was odd to see a Frank Black album above The Pixies, simply because most folks I know who like the former love the latter. But then, on second thought, Black's cult status does seem to generate an attraction that makes most of his die-hard fans quite avid, so perhaps it really isn't all that odd.

Like I said, fun list.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Alan Parsons, Styx and Rush are three of the greatest artists of all time. There was changes, bridges, and more than 4 notes that made up their unforgettable melodies. Opinions are like A holes bro'. Take a deep breath, I'm on your side.

I assumed as much. You didn't think I was upset, did ya'?

You know, when I originally made my top 100 albums list, I had only had the Stone Roses for about a month. As time passes and I listen to it more, I wish I had placed it even higher on my list. A truly addictive album...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

No, I didn' think you were upset Les. I think you're passionate about the arts. That is what makes being a colleague of yours at Listology a treat. You're simply da' bomb homey. Speaking of The Stone Roses album, I agree. There is not a weak cut on that album.

" You're simply da' bomb homey. Speaking of The Stone Roses album, I agree. There is not a weak cut on that album."

I can say the above with utter truth as well. You are da bomb, and The Stone Roses is a fantastic album.

I'm thrilled you're here, jblack!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Thank you Lester. I keep looking forward to more great lists and remarks from the one and only...... L. Bangs!!!!

Good list. I especially applaud the inclusion of The Pixies' Doolittle, Janes Addiction's Nothing's Shocking , and U2's Achtung, which by the way I must agree is U2's pinnacle. Haven't heard the Frank Black or Butterglory, so no comments on those, except, what does Butterglory sound like?

Johnny Waco

Butterglory is like Pavement with male and female vocals. I like them better than Pavement however.