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  • Touch of Evil

    ... I can't imagine what possessed me to turn this off when I tried it some years ago. I'm sure not being a Charlton Heston fan contributed, and while Orson Welles does pretty much mop the floor with him many actors would have been similarly eclipsed. Would make for a great double-bill with LA Confidential.
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  • The Hidden Fortress

  • Guilty Pleasures

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  • El Sucko Grande

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  • The Blob

  • Dracula

  • The Fly

  • Vertigo

Yay! I'm glad you tried Touch of Evil again. The good news? I find it gets better on each viewing...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

I gotta give you and other Listologists credit for the rewatch, and I'm sure glad I finally did!

Years ago, how on earth did I avoid being hooked by that great opening scene?! Live and learn...