1951: Movies Sorted By Tier

  • Great

  • The African Queen
  • A Christmas Carol
  • The Day The Earth Stood Still
  • The Lavender Hill Mob
  • **Before the words Help me Obi-Wan you're my only hope forever typified Alec Guiness he made a series of wonderful, snide Ealing Studios comedies (yes I do love them very much). This film is the masterpiece among that fine group. A quiet, honest gold transporter finds his job has no future rewards and decides to pull a daring gold bullion heist. He conspires with a paperweight manufacturer and a couple of thieves. As the film progresses circumstances fly further and further out of control. A film that is fun, outrageous entertainment from the first scene to the very last. The director made another great caper film 35 years later, that film is A Fish Called Wanda and it shares much the same manic energy.
  • The Man In The White Suit
  • People Will Talk
  • The River
  • Strangers On A Train
  • A Streetcar Named Desire
  • Very Good

  • An American In Paris
  • Cry, The Beloved Country
  • Detective Story
  • The Thing From Another World
  • Good

  • Angels In The Outfield
  • The Penny Princess
  • A Place In The Sun
  • The Red Badge Of Courage
  • Guilty Pleasures

  • The Fat Man
  • Average

  • Father’s Little Dividend
  • When Worlds Collide
  • Dreck

  • Show Boat
  • The Big Stink

  • Unfortunately Haven’t Seen

  • Ace In The Hole (half)
  • The Browning Version
  • Death Of A Salesman
  • Early Summer
  • The Idiot
  • Kon-Tiki
  • Los Olvidados
  • The Magic Box
  • Miracle In Milan
  • Royal Wedding
  • The Steel Helmet
  • Summer Interlude
  • Teresa
  • Tom Brown’s Schooldays

In honor of you listing The Lavender Hill Mob (which I have not seen yet, but will soon) as your favorite, I've done a meager 1949 list, which includes Kind Hearts and Coronets, my first (and only) Ealing comedy.

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