1000 Things to Do Before I Die

  1. Fall in love at first sight
  2. Fall in love at the first glance
  3. Visit all continents.
  4. Visit a pyramid.
  5. Visit Walt Disney World.
  6. Take a Zeppelin ride
  7. Take a hot air balloon ride.
  8. Go to a drive-in movie theater.
  9. Ride a horse on my own.
  10. Tongue kissing a woman I don't know out of the blue
  11. Make a full-length film with complete artistic freedom.
  12. Write a book.
  13. Get a book published.
  14. Record a music album.
  15. Perform my own songs on-stage.
  16. Have my own website.
  17. See at least 10,000 full-length films.
  18. Go on a blind date.
  19. Run nude through a public place.
  20. Test drive a sports car.
  21. Drive a humvee.
  22. Be hypnotized.
  23. Learn a martial art.
  24. Learn to play guitar and piano.
  25. Juggle 5 balls at a time.
  26. Make love on an ocean beach.
  27. Make love in the sea.
  28. Make love in the middle of a street.
  29. Get road head.
  30. Send a message in a bottle.
  31. Shower in a waterfall.
  32. Throw an evening party.
  33. Sleep a night in a snow fort I built.
  34. Fly a kite (again).
  35. Swim across a large lake, unassisted.
  36. Be able to locate 10 constellations in the sky.
  37. Flatten coins on a train track.
  38. Live in my own apartment.
  39. Ride a mechanical bull.
  40. Ride a rollercoaster (again).
  41. Attend a human birth.
  42. Visit an asylum.
  43. Write a letter to the editor.
  44. Write a letter to the editor that hasn't to do with yourself
  45. Sleep with a person I love
  46. Have a kissing marathon with someone I love.
  47. Make my own choreography of a dance.
  48. Dance it on-stage.
  49. Achieve spiritual freedom.
  50. Reach a mountain top (a high mountain).
  51. having sexual intercourse for the first time.
  52. Really love somebody
  53. Fall in love again and again.
  54. have sexual intercourse with a man.
  55. Make somebody fall in love with me.
  56. Have a woman say that she loves me
  57. Be exactly where you want to be, with whom you want to be, how you want it to be, etc. at least once in my life.
  58. Be exactly where you want to be, with whom you want to be, how you want it to be, etc. at least once in my life, and knowing everything is all right.
  59. Feeling one with the universe, and knowing life is great.
  60. Talking to a director I admire
  61. Reciting my own poems before a public audience
  62. Going on a long road trip with friends and enough money, without a specific destination.
  63. Run in competition for at least 10km.
  64. Having sexual intercourse with two women at one time.
  65. Run my own household.
  66. Play tennis in a competition.
  67. Being in love with somebody who actually loves me, and knowing it, and living it.
  68. Spontaneously sing a "personal" song for somebody I love.
  69. Work on a filmset by someone I admire in one of the lowest jobs, without the people knowing it.
  70. Have some of my film-articles published.
  71. Discover the meaning of life.
  72. Watch films I love more often with people I love.
  73. Lose the fear of death.
  74. Look forward to my own death.
  75. Risk my life (more often).
  76. Develop a greater awareness of my body.
  77. Train to get an aethletic figure (with a six pack).
  78. Be more honest.
  79. Shave my head because of a spiritual need.
  80. Tell people I Love them, when I feel like it.
  81. Attend a concert by Prince.
  82. Attend a concert by Aimee Mann.
  83. Attend a concert by Jude.
  84. Attend a concert by Julie Delpy.
  85. Go to a concert of an artist you love, with someone you love.
  86. Work independently in something I love and be able to live from it.
  87. Go hitch-hiking into the unknown with only a backpack, and little money (and maybe a friend).
  88. See my first big love again (and talk to her).
  89. Have my own laptop.
  90. Make my own movie.
  91. Learn to rollerskate.
  92. Learn to skateboard (again).
  93. Watch "Flight of the navigator" again.
  94. Have my own Snes.
  95. Have my own Gameboy.
  96. Play a video game for a whole week, with sleeping as little as possible.
  97. Playthrough of a videogame in one day.
  98. Playthrough of at least 50 videogames.
  99. Having most of my favorite songs on MP3.
  100. Sing a song at karaoke.
  101. Speak French, Spanish and Croatian fluently.
  102. Visit Japan.
  103. Visit the USA.
  104. Meet and talk to a writer I admire (not a friend).
  105. See the book of a friend published.
  106. Read poetry to the person I love.
  107. Having somebody reading his poetry especially for me.
  108. Having a film of mine be shown on a film festival I care for.
  109. Visit a film festival I care for.
  110. Attend the concert of a friend.
  111. Having somebody play music/sing just for me, because they want to.
  112. Seduce somebody with my singing.
  113. Have a driving licence.
  114. Be arrested for doing something I believe in.
  115. Handing out flyers to people in the street.
  116. Go on a really big demonstration, with people who think the same.
  117. Get totally drunk because of being lovesick.
  118. Have an LSD trip (with a friend).
  119. Try several drugs.
  120. Buy and smoke pot legally (on the street, in a restaurant, etc.).
  121. Sleep with someone who loves you
  122. Get totally drunk with a friend, because both of you are lovesick.
  123. Go to a funeral.
  124. Go to a funeral of somebody you love.
  125. Learn to let go of the past more.
  126. See all movies on a "best of" movie list.
  127. Write a book on film.
  128. Get it published.
  129. See all of the films of a year you want to see.
  130. Act in a play/movie once, in a major role.
  131. Visit a sand-desert.
  132. Stop eating meat.
  133. hitchhike.
  134. hop a ride on the back of a truck without asking.
  135. camp out in the wilderness for a part of my life.
  136. Yell "i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore" in a crowded area.
  137. get in a fight with an asshole who deserves it (though he may be bigger than me).
  138. Buy everyone in a bar a drink, on me.
  139. Grow and eat my own vegetables.
  140. Sleep under the stars.
  141. Have a meaningful conversation with a beggar.
  142. Adopt an accent for an entire day.
  143. Steal a sign.
  144. Sing (karaoke) enthusisastically.
  145. Start a business.
  146. Have my picture in a newspaper.
  147. Dye my hair nonsensically.
  148. Build a snowman.
  149. Write a list of the 100 best movies that satisfies me.
  150. Climb a tree all the way to the top.
  151. Throw a weighted paper airplane off a tall building.
  152. Put on and act in a stage performance.
  153. Wade in a public fountain.
  154. Spend the night in a treehouse.
  155. Love somebody and be loved in the same moment
  156. Enjoy calm
  157. Drive a truck
  158. Build a family
  159. Make peace with someone you didn't like in the past
  160. Befriend somebody you didn't like in the past
  161. Crawl in a public space and act crazy
  162. Inhabit/take control of an open public space in a big city with other people, making it for a moment a part of human society again
  163. Save/help an animal
  164. Bury an animal
  165. Free an animal
  166. Save/help a human being
  167. Bury a human being
  168. Plant a tree

  169. 52 completed

I have heard said that having a list of things to do and people to meet of at least a length of 100 items is great way to achieve these goals. It also important to look at your list often.

Also there is a concern with striking them off the list as they are accomplished. It is thought best to leave them add a check mark at the end and put the date of the attainment.

Making the list makes you realize whether or not you are just going through life or if you really know your purpose.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for your input.
I consider the list more of a fun way, for seeing what some of my wishes may be, and if I've completed a "task", I'll just strike it, because it's over. Doesn't mean that I won't do it again (and again...;-)), just that I've done it once, so I'm happy.
And these are not things I absolutely must do in my life. Most of the most important things I've already accomplished (I would die happy on the spot), just a reminder for the future.

I'd like to thank grampa chum for some ideas, though on lukeprog's thread ;-)

"Have a meaningful conversation with a beggar."

I once talked for two hours to a militant black-Muslim street preacher. The conversation ended with him naming me Satan because I wouldn't convert despite being, by all evidence, a reasonable and sympathetic young man. :-)

Wow :-))))
Well, if it's meaningful AND funny, I wouldn't have a problem with it either ;-)

WB, are you male or female?

I'm male.

Wow, you have already accomplished some impressive goals (ok, everyone can go to Disneyland, but losing the fear of death and disvovering the meaning of life is not that easy, I guess).
I used your list to establish my own (not yet published here), if you don't mind.
How did you manage to feel one with the universe, by the way, with no drugs involved?

Thanks for the compliments. I was actually inspired by lukeprog's great list.
Losing the fear of death isn't that hard, because imo actual death is an illusion that doesn't exist. Death means not seeing the beauty of the world, being detached from oneself, etc. so it only exists in your head.
As for the meaning of life, I think it's the same for every human being. It's simply put Love. Love to all beings, love to yourself, love to life. We sometimes forget this as we grow up, but every child knows this already, so you basically have to (re)connect to yourself to feel it.
You maybe know the saying: The essence of salt is its saltiness, the essence of sugar its sweetness, the essence of human beings is to love. That's all we're capable of, and why we came to be in the first place. Experiencing the love in everything that exists.
As for drugs, I have nothing against them in particular, but I believe that you can experience EVERY state a drug puts you in, by yourself without drugs. So drugs just show you what experiences you are capable of.

Wow, you are making faster progress than I am.

Well, that depends on how you look at it ;-)