100 Books I Plan to read in 2004

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  • Hanan al-Shaykh - Women of Sand and Myrrh
  • Charles Anderson - Puzzles and Essays from "The Exchange"
  • Paul Auster - The Music of Chance
  • Steve Aylett - Slaughtermatic
  • Iain Banks - The Player of Games
  • John Banville - Kepler
  • Neal Barrett, Jr. - Interstate Dreams
  • Anthony Bourdain - Kitchen Confidential
  • Susie Bright - On Sex, Motherhood, Porn & Apple Pie
  • David Brin - Kiln People
  • Bill Bryson - A Walk in the Woods
  • Lois McMaster Bujold - the Curse of Chalion
  • Mikhail Bulgakov - The Master and Margarita
  • Orson Scott Card - Shadow Puppets
  • Peter Carey - My Life as a Fake
  • Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza and Francesco Cavalli-Sforza - The Great Human Diasporas
  • Ted Chiang - Stories of Your Life and Others
  • Nicholas Christopher - Franklin Flyer
  • Douglas Coupland - All Families are Psychotic
  • Roald Dahl - Kiss Kiss
  • Richard Dawkins - River Out of Eden
  • Don DeLillo - Underworld
  • Philip K. Dick - Time out of Joint
  • Paul Di Filippo - Ciphers
  • Neil Gaiman - Adventures in the Dream Trade
  • Amitov Ghosh - In an Antique Land
  • Stella Gibbons - Westwood
  • Barry Glassner - The Culture of Fear
  • James Gleick - Faster
  • Lisa Goldstein - The Red Magician
  • Philip Gourevitch - We wish to Inform you that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families
  • Alasdair Gray - Lanark
  • Graham Greene - The Quiet American
  • Peter F. Hamilton - Fallen Dragon
  • Keith Hartman - Gumshoe Gorilla
  • A. L. Haskett - Duncan Delaney and the Cadillac of Doom
  • Lian Hearn - Grass for His Pillow
  • Mark Helprin - Winter's Tale
  • Oscar Hijuelos - The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
  • Tom Holt - Faust Among Equals
  • John Irving - Setting Free the Bears
  • Graham Joyce - the Tooth Fairy
  • Robert D. Kaplan - The Ends of the Earth
  • Ryszard Kapuscinski - The Emperor
  • Stephen King - On Writing
  • Stephen King - the Wolves of the Kalla
  • Mark Kurlansky - 1968
  • R.A. Lafferty - Nine Hundred Grandmothers
  • Pascale Le Draoulec - American Pie
  • Fred Lerner - The Story of Libraries
  • Jonathan Lethem - Gun, with Occasional Music
  • Alberto Manguel - Into the Looking-Glass Wood
  • Yann Martel - Life of Pi
  • N.I. Matar - Islam for Beginners
  • Alexander McCall Smith - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
  • Ian McDonald - The Broken Land
  • Gita Mehta - Snakes and Ladders
  • Judith Miller - God Has Ninety-Nine Names
  • Richard K. Morgan - Altered Carbon
  • Dow Mossman - The Stones of Summer
  • Roy Moxham - Tea
  • Haruki Murakami - After the Quake
  • Ryu Murakami - 69
  • Inga Muscio - Cunt
  • Vladimir Nabokov - Invitation to a Beheading
  • V.S. Naipul - Among the Believers
  • John Nichols - The Sterile Cuckoo
  • Jeff Noon - Pollen
  • Patrick O'Leary - The Impossible Bird
  • Henry Petroski - The Evolution of Useful Things
  • Chaim Potok - Old Men at Midnight
  • Richard Powers - the Time of Our Singing
  • Tim Powers - Forsake the Sky
  • Terry Pratchett - Jingo
  • Christopher Priest - The Prestige
  • Alastair Reynolds - Revelation Space
  • Philip Roth - Portnoy's Complaint
  • J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Rudy Rucker - As Above, So Below
  • Salman Rushdie - The Satanic Verses
  • Richard Russo - Nobody's Fool
  • Malise Ruthven - Islam in the World
  • Mark Salzman - The Laughing Sutra
  • Jose Saramago - Blindness
  • Dan Savage - Skipping Towards Gomorrah
  • Karl Schroeder - Permanence
  • Randy Shilts - And the Band Played On
  • Lewis Shiner - Glimpses
  • Sharon Shinn - Angelica
  • Dan Simmons - Worlds Enough & Time
  • Iain Sinclair - Lights out for the Territory
  • John Steinbeck - Travels with Charley
  • Jerome Stern - Radios
  • Bruce Sterling - Zeitgeist
  • Donna Tartt - The Secret History
  • Calvin Trillin - The Tummy Trilogy
  • William T. Vollman - You Bright & Risen Angels
  • Connie Willis - Firewatch
  • Robert Charles Wilson - Bios
  • Banana Yoshimoto - Kitchen
Author Comments: 

Books in gray are ones I've finished.


Mambo Kings is a pleasant and smooth read. I enjoyed it.

I've read at least 100 books each of the last 5 years, so that part isn't quite that ambitious. I've never tried reading 100 specific books in a year though (nor started in late January). I got the idea though from seeing a bunch of people's vows to read 50 books this year. (on livejournal, and mentioned on bookslut.com specifically).

1.5 down. 98.5 to go.

28 down 72 to go. Ouch.

This is a fabulous list. How did you pick these particular 100? And are you planning on putting up reviews of them anywhere?

Thanks :) Basically I picked through my bookcases of unread books and grabbed a combination of ones I'd been meaning to read for years, ones I was interested in that day, etc until I had 100. They're not laying in stacks on my bedroom floor. At least the stacks are getting (slowly) smaller.

I've been posting mini-reviews over on my weblog but not necessarily copying them over here.

I've read 3 novels in the last two years. I'm amazing.

Damn, dude. You read like a... really fast reader guy.

Wow. That's impressive. Good job.

I'm waiting for the new detective D'Agusta book. Sounds like a hoot too.



Looks like you're gonna have to make quite a push to finish all those in time! Still, you've already read as many full-length books this year as I have in the last 5.

yeah, I'm a bit behind :(

What a great list! How did you like "A Walk in the Woods" by Bryson?
I loved it....and read it in one sitting. I went out and bought others that he has written, but haven't gotten to them yet....My TBR list keeps growing and my shelves are somehow getting smaller.

I really liked it. I've read quite a few of his and have liked them all.

I understand about the TBR list :) (and shelf space issues)

So if I'm reading this right it looks like you fell 13 short?

I think 25 actually. Ah well.

Still a very valiant effort!