10 things I don't want to take with me on a lonely island

  1. Matches: sooner or later I would run out of them, so I would eventually have to make fire without them. If Tom Hanks can do it, I can do it. :)
  2. Twister (game): the island is lonely. I could only play with myself.
  3. Hairdryer: i asume there is no power station on the island, so taking anything power consuming is pointless.
  4. Cigarettes: being on a lonely island is a perfect opportunity to give up smoking.
  5. Alarm clock: i guess nobody would be angry if I didn't show up on time.
  6. Bathing suit: again, the island is lonely. There is no need for having a wet pice of clothes on me when coming out of the water.
  7. Bananas: I would kind of hope to get them there.
  8. Rubick's cube: despite the fact I'd have a lot of time to solve it, it would drive me crazy all the time before solving it.
  9. Madame Bovary: it would be really scary to be left alone somewhere with that book. I might even read it again and I will never allow myself doing something like that.
  10. GPS navigation system: it destroys the whole point of the lonely island.