10 Reasons Episode III will be the Best Star Wars Prequel

  1. 'Best Star Wars Prequel' isn't saying much anyway.
  2. Kashyyyk
  3. It looks to be darker than the first two.
  4. The final battle atop a volcano.
  5. Tons of major characters die.
  6. Chewbacca is back.
  7. There's a chance Jar Jar will be killed.
  8. Keisha Castle-Hughes is the Queen of Naboo.
  9. The opening space battle is said to be gigantic.
  10. Revenge of the Sith is the best subtitle among the prequels.
  • And, just to round it out:

  • 5 Reasons Episode III will still suck

    1. The first two sucked.
    2. George Lucas sucks.
    3. Harrison Ford still isn't in it.
    4. It's all spectacle, no story or character.
    5. The first two sucked.
  • Actually, I'm of the opinion that the third will be the worst. Why? Because, since it's all setting up "A New Hope", it's essentially one giant anticlimax. So I don't care how dark it gets or how many people die... it's not like I care about any of these characters anyway.

    I'm actually so mad at most of the characters (at least, how they've been presented in the prequels, for those also in the original trilogy), that I WANT them all to die, and will gain satisfaction in that way.

    I can't wait till the official release date, even though I am not quite sure if this episode will finally be as good as the first three episodes (1977-1983). At least, Christopher Lee is in it, and that's a BIG point in its favour. I just hope George Lucas will not destroy the myth of Darth Vader as he has done with Yoda and Obi-Wan.
    But there is something else that makes me nervous: an official release has not yet been announced for Luxembourg. That remembers me of 'Episode 1': the US-release was in March 1999 (?), but the film wasn't released in Luxembourg till October (!) 1999. I waited such a long time, and why? To see what Lucas has done out of the legendary 'Star Wars'? A sort of cheap video game!
    P.S.: And yes, I also hope that Jar Jar will be killed. ;-)

    No, it won't be as good as the first three episodes (see the '5 reasons it will still suck'

    Don't know anything about Luxembourg release dates.