10 Movies I Wish More Listologists Would See

  • 1. Sante Sangre
  • 2.Blood Feast
  • 3.Blood Feast 2
  • 4.The Last Temptation of Christ
  • 5.Naked Lunch
  • 6.Russian Ark
  • 7. Bubba Ho-Tep
  • 8.On The Water Front
  • 9.Delicatessan
  • 10.The Elephant Man

This is such an intriguing list. What are you hoping that other listologists will get out of these movies?

I think I've seen three of these, if Blood Feast also goes by the name of Blood Diner. I don't remember a whole lot about the movie, except for the absolutely awesome scene where the family rocks out to the radio while driving their van back and forth over their victims. So very curious.

I'm hope people watch them because they are beautiful, creative pieces of cinema.

What are the first three?

BTW, I've seen all the others except for Naked Lunch and Delicatessan, which are slowly progressing through my Netflix queue... :-)

The first are too bizarre and gorey to describe and that's all I can say with out ruining them for you.

Saw 4, 8, 9, and 10 and liked them all to varying degrees. Delicatessen is a favorite, and The Elephant Man is up there as well. I have a hard time separating the art from the artist where On the Waterfront is concerned though and, much to my shame, I'm not a big Brando fan. Bubba Ho-Tep is in my queue, and I'll add the others to my list after I get a chance to look 'em up.

Seen 4-10.

You'll have to convince me on the Blood Feast. I may have seen it too. They all get varily blurry after awhile.

Good choices, Sante Sangre has peaked my interest.



Whew, Santa Sangre is definitely not for the easily disturbed. I remember seeing it in the eighth grade, pretty much right when it was released in VHS. Fortunately, I was at an age to enjoy disquieting films (my favorite film at the time was Brazil), but I'm not sure I'd appreciate it so much today.

I am glad a few of you are now interested in Sants Sangre!

An interesting list, even though I have only seen 'The Elephant Man'. A great film!

Indeed, it is great.

Woo! Herschell Gordon Lewis! (And for those who were asking, "Blood Diner" is NOT the same as "Blood Feast". Rather, "Blood Diner" is a homage to the original "Blood Feast" and it's an awesome movie in its own right.)

Woo back at ya!