10 Movies I Wish More Listologists Would See

  • A Simple Plan (what would you do?)
  • Map of the Human Heart (amazingly beautiful)
  • Rope (underrated Hitchcock)
  • Blazing Saddles (still laugh at this one)
  • Richochet (revenge at it's most chilling)
  • Fargo (love William Macy's performance)
  • Taxi Driver (early DeNiro)
  • House of Cards (very different, but cool)
  • Wild at Heart (David Lynch at his best)
  • Deer Hunter (haunting and unforgettable)

Well, I've seen six of these, excepting A Simple Plan, Map of the Human Heart, Ricochet and House of Cards. Which do you most highly recommend?

Of these...I would highly recommend A Simple Plan. Billy Bob Thornton gives one of his best performances. Also, in Ricochet, John Lithgow is easily one of the creepiest bad guys put on film.